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  I have one as well in that same colorway. It's very nice! You wear it well here. I like that you can get KW's knit ties with pointed ends.
^ I have had a few 34s taken in to a 32 in the waist, and they look great (not your precise sizes, but also 2" difference). I'm wearing one pair now, as it happens.
Wore my Loro Piana navy glen plaid suit the other day at an event with the pink Ashland shirt and Ravello brixton boots (tie/square/socks non-Epaulet). Will post a photo if one surfaces.   In addition to the fabric being terrific, it's great having a suit option with a 3/8 lined jacket. Very, very pleased with this. A perfect four-season suit, IMO.
  I think they call that the hipster tuxedo.
This is your Neapolitan ice cream look.
This was my question, too.
^ You and Spoo with those Carminas.   May have to join the club.  
^ Wait, I don't understand. You're saying you want a return policy that allows you to return a custom suit?
I hate sizing threads, but this is really useful. Thanks Spoo for starting this and to everyone else for posting their info.   FWIW I'm a U.S. 10.5D TTS, and a full size down (9.5 UK/Carmina) has worked for me in every last.   (For Alden people: Yes that means I wear a 10D Barrie and Trubalance.)
  +1. Thank you!     Was just in the store today. The newer stock, not on the website yet, is even better, if that's possible.   Also the new women's stuff is pretty awesome, have to say.
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