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Very nice! Measurements?
If only these shirts were size 38.
  Those Sunspel polos that Epaulet sells are already very nice. Will be interesting as always to see what Mike comes up with!
+1. Regional Rate Boxes are great, and generally the way to go with Priority if you aren't using the small flat rate envelope or small flat rate box.   The only thing I'd say to you all is this: All you ballers who thrift and flip regularly and are shipping many pieces a week could potentially save a great deal of money on postage by negotiating a reduced rate FedEx account. If you have a corporation set up around your operation (Spoo I'm looking at you) you could be...
You're surprised? Many would pay full price for something like this. I'd probably only pay sale or thrift prices, but still.   Actually, I see they're Orvis -- was thinking more Bottega Veneta. Anyway you get my idea.     They actually do mark the interior of some of their boxes. Watch out.
I don't endorse dressing casually to the opera. It's just a common practice.   Dress well, whatever that means to you -- unless of course there is an occasion with required dress, in which case you should follow those guidelines.
Tons of people wear jeans to the Met. If it's an opening night gala, those are generally black tie. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in, and what the associated social engagements call for. This is, in most cases, a good rule of thumb for the rest of your life as well.
Nice looking trousers! What are the condition of the trousers? (Areas of wear, how much they've been worn, etc.)   Also I'd be interested to know the width of the thigh and the leg opening.
Jesus this is awesome. Someone buy this. Would buy it myself if it were my size.   Great seller with great stuff!
PM'ed on the jacket
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