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^ Looked like an Everlane I have. It fits you well.
^ "Courtesy of the Red White and Blue!" etc.   Nice shirt. ID?
  I do cold wash/hang dry my rivets, but never thought to steam them. Once I wear them for a couple of hours any wrinkles come right out.     I always hear about these gems from C21 but have never found said gems myself... Will have to look harder. Thanks!
NYR from up the thread -- like your security guard fit. Deets on the tie?
^ Cramerton cargos, which are basically a Walt service pant, do exist:   http://www.epauletshop.com/servlet/the-1206/Slim-Walt-Cargo-Trouser/Detail
  There is nothing like trying it to make you realize you can't (the living in Jersey part, I mean).
  Yeah but do you think they'd reduce the tolls? If so, worth it.   (Only joking. Nice pic!)
  New Epaulet ish. Cigar Brixton.
Beat me to it Keith. Correct.
Very nice. Are the shoes the brown calf Carmina shortwings?
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