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^ Walt 32.
Anyone on the fence about whether Maker's Edition ties are "worth it" shouldn't be. Here's my Loro Piana Brown Donegal cashmere six-fold tie:         Worth it.   Tweed always looks best when photographed on other tweed.
^ Have you tried masking tape?
^ What?   You can also just ask David for his advice. He is very sharp.
All sold -- thanks!
^ NYR you unwittingly just won the best before and after transformation 
  This post is so full of win
Some serious new Walts and new Gitman Vintage just went up.
^ They always stock the dub monk (Salinger) in snuff.
Wisith, entry 2 is an instawin. Incredible.   EDIT: Saw a dude on the subway the other day wearing the Harris Tweed Multi Tattersall Daltrey with some raw-ish denim and a burgundy scarf and was really struck by how insanely awesome the SC looked with denim. I'm usually not a SC-with-denim guy, but it gave me serious sportcoat envy.
New Posts  All Forums: