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Believe it or not, I'm actually still waiting on them. I dropped the trousers off with the jacket, and my tailor said he had a six week wait for suits. Wedding season, I assume.   Suffice it to say he said he'd be able to do it easily by recutting the trousers, and charged me $40 (!!!) for it. One of the many reasons why I love the Lower East Side. (That lower price may have been because he already had me for another $100 with all the alterations to the jacket and a few...
You and edubs should hang out.   Seriously -- as others have said the Walts are just about the easiest trousers to alter you can find. Tailors and dry cleaners love working with them. Most dry cleaners will hem pants for you, and they're also easy to alter in the waist if you gain or lose a lot of weight.
^ That would be ideal.
  +1 on both counts. Gorgeous and just a tad too big for me.
  They probably got out just in time. 2nd highest payroll in baseball -- clearly the money is coming from somewhere.   Excited for the oxford cloth chinos!
Damn, that shoulder.   (Brianpore?)
  This is why nearly all my ties are lightly lined or unlined. Heavier interlinings adulterate the expression of the construction and the fabric.
  As others have said, an Epaulet Medium is probably great for you. I have the same measurements as you, and an Epaulet Medium and Ashland/Gitman Small fit me perfectly.     Just to highlight something -- for a lot of us, the extra few inches of rise is really a key difference. And having Walt-like construction at the $150 price point is an awesome deal.
In my experience with numerous Walts of all different types and weights of fabrics, Epaulet's trousers don't stretch.
Nice shirts and great prices! Wish you had some size 15/38. GLWS!
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