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Excellent thread. Subscribed.   I hope the trend toward lighter roasting continues. Dark-roasted coffee tastes like carburetor juice.
  +1000 to everything in this post, even your jorts, Rob.   I pretty much exclusively go to Queens for the airport and the beach, and think it'll stay that way for some time! (One thing Robert Moses did inadvertently give us is The Power Broker, which is maybe the best non-fiction book I've ever read.)
  Insane turnaround time.     Yes. The materials and finishing on Carminas are superior, and I much prefer continental European lasts like Carmina's lasts. (This being said, I still love my Indys.)
^^ Seems like a great move. Congrats!
  This is absolutely true, and for me the wait is worth it. I ebayed a suit with pleated pants and they converted them to flat-front pants for $40 and did flawless work (this operation usually costs $100+). It did take four weeks, though. In my experience they'll do hems in 24-48 hours. Not as fast as the guys across the street, but I like giving them the business.     One pair of chinos and one pair of regiment twill walts. Colors/fabrics of your choosing (probably one...
^^ NYR don't know if it's too late but I'd highly recommend Stanton Street Tailors (around the corner from the Orchard St store). Pablo and his crew do exceptional, reasonably-priced work. You will have to come back though if it's more than just a hem or two. Also I've heard Rene up Orchard is good.
  These two (except the Navy Donegal, not grey). I remember seeing the charcoal/cranberry windowpane Walts back in late 2009, I believe, and thinking they were so baller but I couldn't pull them off. Glad I have a second chance.     That would be me. We should post dueling fit pics when they come.
  I think it could easily. The DB as SC look is very popular. Someone did it with the racing green walts a while back in this thread, and it looked terrific (a different navy DB SC, but same idea).
NYR those "crappy" pics are adorable.     Voted! Let's get some more votes in guys!
New Posts  All Forums: