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 Looking great tricky! Those Walts go very nicely with the duck Napoli.
Love my brown cashmere glen plaid tie. Makes a great knot, and the pattern is pitch perfect.
Crappy indoor iPhone photos you say? Sure!       This is before I apply the initial coat of Saphir Invulner, which darkens the suede slightly.   But I really can't be happier with these shoes. Carmina suede is such an incredible leather, and I'm a fan of the makeup -- maybe obviously, considering I was the person who initially suggested it!
 Game changer bar raiser. Well done!
 I just picked up my snuff suede chukkas and the Carmina shoe trees came with them. The initial deposit I believe covered the upcharge. The snuff suede chukkas, by the way, are incredible. Soller last is a great shape for them. Props to James on that idea.
Like the sound of the Driggs, although I would rather the pant have a regular coin pocket. Might be a deal breaker for me.   I'll second the call for a slightly higher rise than the rivets.
 Incredible news. Let me know what the available fabrics are and I will put in several Size Small cutaway collar orders immediately.
 For some reason I'm really jonesing after this item. You know, we all dogpiled on to the decision to do a sweatshirt-style X detail, but the more I think about it, the more this crewneck would look great with it. Way more casual than what I usually wear, but I think that's part of the appeal. Mike are you guys doing a zip hoodie as part of EPLA?
^^ Bottom is the Woodhouse denim tweed?
 Shirt looks great on you! Nice look overall.
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