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 Oh hey! That came in? Let me know when/where I can pick it up. Also that's navy blue/white, right? That's what the swatch said and what it looks like on my monitor. And last, re the EPLA washed oxfords, it's pretty amazing to see a quality, made-in-the-USA shirt of Japanese oxford for under $100.
Same as this jacket. Shots courtesy of StanleyVanBuren:         Size Euro 48/US 38. Yours for SOLD.
^ Fairly sure that was the one thing that's definitely not adjustable.   Great to see the MTO program off the ground!
^ Wow @Gerry Nelson you may have just convinced me to buy it. How light or heavy is the fabric?
Hmm never experienced shrinkage of any kind on my tweed Walts. Whatever works for you, though. I obviously agree that the tweed Walts are fantastic for cold weather! If I lived in a windy/foggy place like SF I'd wear them there too.Which tweeds, tricky?
 Impressive that that shirt's OTR and Suitsupply. May have to check them out.  In my experience, thick wools are best done untipped/hand-rolled edges/three- or four-fold. A good expression of the wool without too much bulk. I like mine with a very, very light lining as well.
 While your tailor does sound expensive for regular stuff, I'd expect to pay $150+ to take a jacket down two sizes (shoulders, sleeves, taking in the chest, etc), so that doesn't sound unreasonable, especially if the shoulder work was good. The tailors I've used will sometimes refuse to do shoulder work even if they can because it's a pain. @leftofthedial Matt those trainers look great. Did you oil/polish/condition them?
^^ Yes, it's the Ring Jacket I'm interested in. Thanks for that.
@venividivicibj Technically yes they're slightly less formal, but it's really about the cut of the suit and/or the type/use of jacket. @katabatic is right that dinner jackets traditionally have either peaked or shawl lapels, but honestly it's not a huge deal (especially with a casual/novelty fabric). Peaked lapels are only traditional/mandatory these days on double-breasted jackets, where they look absolutely great -- and they look better on a DB overcoat than an Ulster...
The notch lapels make it easier to wear casually. If it were a 38/37, especially in a short length, I'd get the lining taken out and wear it with shorts all summer.
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