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Beat me to it Keith. Correct.
Very nice. Are the shoes the brown calf Carmina shortwings?
^ They look great, man. Wear them in good health. Also, nice house.     Now I wish I could change my name to that.
^ Alden and McNairy have been known to make them.
^ Or a patch chest pocket?
  Agreed -- they're just too short, that's all. (The leg opening looks fine, width-wise.)
^ You can't return the custom brisket, just FYI all.
I also like the fit, but do you usually have that much of a break on your trousers? Seem like they could stand to be taken up a half inch or more.   Still, a great example of how to wear that awning stripe. I think any darker bold trouser pattern could work well in that fit.
My chest measures exactly 38", honest to goodness. My ideal shirt P2P is 19.5". 19" is too snug. 20" is fine.
^ NYR, baller. Incredible.   ^^ neutrino I'm a true 38 chest, Epaulet Medium, and Ashland Small. It's the perfect slim fit on me.
New Posts  All Forums: