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^ So the internet has reached Vermont, finally.   As I said in the other thread, very much looking forward to next Friday, Ed.
You're fine, man. Don't worry.   Wish I knew what Canali was when I was in college -- most likely would have thought it was an overrated Italian pastry.
Fantastic! Looking forward to the 23rd.
Snagged that burgundy birdseye. Brianpore, as always, is a wonderful seller to work with! And the goods are incredible, especially at these prices.
+1!   lol
Chill out man.
Whoever bought the 40R suit -- if you're willing to sell the 33W pants, you have a willing buyer here. PM me.   Thanks!
PM'ed, obviously.
Payment sent for:   3c.   10x 32L (20mm) 12x 24L (15mm) Thanks!   EDIT: More buttons ordered, per our PMs. Order total revised up. Thanks!
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