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Bowery trousers moved here: NWT Epaulet Walt Grey Flannel Staple Trousers -- & J Crew
All items ship via USPS Priority Mail free within CONUS. International shipping or expedited shipping available at cost. All payments via PayPal.     1. Quite a deal here on a pair of Epaulet Walt Grey Flannel Trousers. They're tailor-NWT, meaning they've been hemmed and the waist has been taken in slightly to a 33 (tag size 34), but the tag is still attached, and they haven't been worn at all.   Waist: 16.8" (with just under 1" to let out) Inseam: 30.5"...
^ I'm also between a 36 and 38 in most suits, and a 15 shirt, and I wear an Epaulet Medium and an Ashland Small. There are OCBDs in both lines, I think. Epaulet Medium fits me very well. Ashland Small fits me like a glove.
  Pebble grain has a much more pronounced, three-dimensional, pebbly texture. Scotch grain is more subdued. I believe they're produced using the same process.
Thanks streetlight. Does this mean you polish them with a neutral polish? Just confused on what you mean by "clear."
^ Thought it was. It's aged so well, and darkened very nicely.   streetlight, what's your care/polishing regimen?
^ Aren't those Spoo's G&G stingrays?   I've seen the Thompson in person, and the pebblegrain is pretty pronounced! Not trying to sell you on it, just my impression. I'm a scotch grain kind of person myself, anyway.
Caramel or brown calf?
^^ tchoy which paisley is that?
^ It wasn't my intention to imply that one was better than another. Rubinacci and Cappelli are known for their handmade, hand-rolled, unlined six- and seven-fold ties. Vanda has similar aesthetics and construction. They're all absolutely in the same league in terms of quality, details, and fabric used.   Foo has a great blog post on Cappelli that contains a lot of comparisons with Rubinacci and Marinella. You may find it useful! The article was written before Vanda...
New Posts  All Forums: