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 Incredible news. Let me know what the available fabrics are and I will put in several Size Small cutaway collar orders immediately.
 For some reason I'm really jonesing after this item. You know, we all dogpiled on to the decision to do a sweatshirt-style X detail, but the more I think about it, the more this crewneck would look great with it. Way more casual than what I usually wear, but I think that's part of the appeal. Mike are you guys doing a zip hoodie as part of EPLA?
^^ Bottom is the Woodhouse denim tweed?
 Shirt looks great on you! Nice look overall.
Rob, great to meet you and Courtney yesterday!   FYI for everyone, all the ties on the right are cashmere. Rob was calling it his "cashmere ladder." We could all use one of those.
 Can Rivet Chino MTOs be done in the five-pocket jean configuration?
^ I also would probably vote against the X, but whatever. I can see the appeal.
Mike, love the crewneck fleece sample, especially the contrast cuffs/bottom.   Re the garment dyed chinos -- sounds like a great concept, especially for cotton-linen blends. I picked up the bone cotton-linen FF rivet chino in time for this past summer, and loved having a cotton-linen chino in my closet. Would be even better if the fabric were lighter weight, and offered on the regular.   This being said, on balance, it sounds like I'd rather buy the existing rivet...
^ Yes, and I'd say you can treat it as a sportcoat for layering purposes. You could wear a lighter sweater underneath it, and then wear an overcoat over it.   BTW Matt is completely right -- the new brown color is so boss. I love the graphite houndstooth detailing on the interior, too.
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