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^ Alden and McNairy have been known to make them.
^ Or a patch chest pocket?
  Agreed -- they're just too short, that's all. (The leg opening looks fine, width-wise.)
^ You can't return the custom brisket, just FYI all.
I also like the fit, but do you usually have that much of a break on your trousers? Seem like they could stand to be taken up a half inch or more.   Still, a great example of how to wear that awning stripe. I think any darker bold trouser pattern could work well in that fit.
My chest measures exactly 38", honest to goodness. My ideal shirt P2P is 19.5". 19" is too snug. 20" is fine.
^ NYR, baller. Incredible.   ^^ neutrino I'm a true 38 chest, Epaulet Medium, and Ashland Small. It's the perfect slim fit on me.
^ That fit looks terrific. Like the shirt pairing as well. Sleeves could be shortened half an inch or so. Chest and torso fit look fine to me -- the slight pulling across the button is how slim SCs are supposed to fit. Mine looks similar, as do the fit pics on the web.
^ Venetian cream will definitely impart a shine, in my experience (its main use is to bring a high shine to shell cordovan). Your boots might wind up looking like this:     Which is my thing (these are 403s from Epaulet, by the way), but evidently not yours, neutrino.   Mike sold me some Alden neutral boot cream when he sold me these 403s -- don't know if he still carries it, but it feeds and moisturizes CXL well. The shine it imparts is minimal unless you...
^ Mike can correct if this is wrong, but they were being discussed in the Epaulet x Carmina MTO thread (which is where the snuff suede austerity brogues came from). If that's still the case, then the last is probably up for debate, but I remember the Forest last being the most popular choice. It's a fantastic boot last.
New Posts  All Forums: