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 I have a very similar shoe -- on a York sole though -- and it's lovely. The scotch is surprisingly supple, especially against your ankles as you break the boot in.
Up for sale is a pair of Epaulet Walt UK Ironwood Tweed trousers in size 32. They're the single most beautiful pair of trousers I've ever seen -- perfect for fall and winter. (The only reason I'm selling them is because I need a longer inseam, and have already purchased a replacement pair.) Even though they're tweed, they drape gorgeously and are surprisingly soft for tweed. They're a variegated brown tone, and extremely versatile.       Stock photos, but better...
Fabric on that SC looks very nice. Details? Is that just hopsack really close up?
I think Mike and Matt put in a restock request right after it dropped.I take my regular Carmina size in their boots -- no sizing down needed.
The geelong birdseye is calling to me... May not be able to resist.
FWIW I wear an LBM 46 and an Epaulet 38R or 37R, so I'd think an LBM 46 might be too big for you althanis. Mike's rec for a Duck Canvas MTO seems like a great option if you want something cotton.
^ Some regret on not picking that up. Still, the Greycast Cocoa I purchased is amazing. Hope others in the thread grabbed that. It's gorgeous.
 JezeC you may be thinking of the tailors across the street, who do hems while you wait. I would use Pablo or Eduardo, though, for getting a jacket taken in, as that's a more complex operation that shouldn't really be done on an "express" basis. I'd swing by Stanton and ask Pablo what the wait on jacket work is. He does amazing work and his prices can't be beat. If the wait's lengthy, then head over to Allen Tailoring and see Eduardo. I've had jackets taken in by both...
For sale is a gorgeous Epaulet Cadet Grey suit -- the first suit made by Epaulet. The jacket and Walt trousers are of a beautiful worsted merino wool -- gray with a slight blueish cast. Breathable and substantial, the fabric is perfect for a four-season suit. The jacket has incredibly soft tailoring and hacking pockets. Non-functioning buttonholes for easy sleeve alterations. Light gray tonal paisley lining in the body and sleeves.           For color-accurate...
Up for sale is a gorgeous pair of Epaulet Shetland Tweed Walt trousers -- perfect for fall and winter. The fabric is a violet-brown herringbone Shetland Tweed. It's a beautiful fabric that reads as on the brownish side from a distance -- amazing with a navy jacket or sweater. The detail photograph below shows the interlocking of violet, brown, and blue/navy yarns. This fabric is permanently sold out and was deadstock I believe.             Stock photo -- a bit...
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