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  FYI I also wear the same size in WvG before dinner and Epaulet shirting -- a Medium in both.
^ He pulls it off really well. Maybe it's that particular fit pic.
^ Over the years the Westpoint has gotten less skinny and has moved toward a slim-ish fit that's closer to the Rivet Chino. The Westpoint still has a slightly lower rise than the Rivet and narrower leg -- and a much shorter inseam (though not as short as FW10, which was I think 31" or something crazy like that). I haven't found it as comfortable to wear or as well constructed as the Rivets, so I've never kept a pair I've ordered, and haven't found it to be worth the...
^ Please do post pics. Sounds excellent.
^ Midnight calfskin jodphur with a grey suede strap. Silver buckle. Single or double leather sole. Flat welt.   NAMOR?
This New Yorker article (subscriber only, unfortunately) about Aida Batlle is really interesting for anyone looking to learn more about "new wave" or "third wave" coffee from a production perspective.
^ I was about to be very impressed. But mid-November is still pretty great.   Finally got my first pair of Carminas -- the last pair of caramel double monks before the restock -- and am thrilled with them. Tongue pads, no socks, good to go.
Excellent thread. Subscribed.   I hope the trend toward lighter roasting continues. Dark-roasted coffee tastes like carburetor juice.
  +1000 to everything in this post, even your jorts, Rob.   I pretty much exclusively go to Queens for the airport and the beach, and think it'll stay that way for some time! (One thing Robert Moses did inadvertently give us is The Power Broker, which is maybe the best non-fiction book I've ever read.)
  Insane turnaround time.     Yes. The materials and finishing on Carminas are superior, and I much prefer continental European lasts like Carmina's lasts. (This being said, I still love my Indys.)
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