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  The LES is the place for inexpensive, high-quality tailoring. The two tailors I'd recommend are Stanton Street Tailors and Allen Tailoring. Pablo & co at Stanton do the best work I've ever seen at relatively inexpensive prices (e.g. imperceptibly taking a forward-pleated trouser to flat front for $40), but sometimes there can be a wait on work done on jackets -- though I've never seen a "line" as was mentioned previously. If there's a wait, my very close second choice...
  Want.   Also those Harris Tweeds 
  Not an answer to your question but I was just thinking the other day how much I'm looking forward to wearing these once the weather gets cooler.   Got the Nightshade Flannels hemmed with 2" cuffs. Not usually on board with the megacuff but the scale of the pattern lends itself well to it.   Vass look amazing! -- especially the finishing, which is stunning. Love that scotch. Looking forward to many more styles.
^^ Thanks Mike! BTW it was Happy Cleaners on Hoyt. Figured they'd know what was what, but apparently not.
My otherwise wonderful dry cleaner pressed my LBM 3-roll-2 navy linen jacket as if it were a true 3-button jacket, erasing most of the jacket's roll. Since the jacket is just linen -- unstructured, and uncanvassed, if I'm not mistaken -- it should be easy to restore the jacket to its original roll, right? Any tips on how to do this with a steamer and/or iron?
Great to see pics of the new shop. It looks great!!     Either of the Carmina monks will do you well. The single monk is slightly dressier, but both are fine for casual wear. The Alden chukkas are classic, of course, but Carmina's suede is vastly nicer than Alden's. The ~$50 extra cost buys you a whole lot more shoe. This is why I organized the Carmina Suede Chukka MTO -- best of both worlds. Also Carmina uses J R Redenbach leather soles I believe (can the Epaulet guys...
Congrats on the opening!! Would love to see some pics whenever you all have a chance. Have a blast!
^ Specs = spectators, in this instance, I believe.  
  Hmm, you mean the Ironwood? Kopped that last year. Easily among my top 2 or 3 favorite Walts. Similar to the Salt & Pepper in terms of variegation and contrast -- in a different color tone, of course.
^ Yeah, sorry, just to back up -- what is dark cognac? Is it just cognac shell with antiquing, or a totally separate shade? I haven't heard of it either. Sounds intriguing though.   The flat welt is just really versatile. Carmina's lasts, in the grand scheme of shoes, are fairly sleek, and especially with shell I think the flat welt is the way to go.   +1 for York sole.
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