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  Wasn't that the Ashland Pink Gingham with the spread collar? Incredible shirt. This one: http://www.epauletshop.com/servlet/the-1528/'Ashland-Cutaway-Collar-Pink/Detail    
^ Always appreciate some leaf-on-leaf action.
  As others have said, you look great. White chinos look terrific and the suede dub monks are A+.     +1K   I have feet that I say are TTS 10.5D, but they're really 10.25D. No one makes 10.25, obviously, so sometimes I have to use tongue pads and insoles on lasts that fit my feet not perfectly, but well. They're additional items that can turn a shoe from a mediocre fit to a great fit.
  This is one of my favorite SF posts ever. Like poetry.     All good looks I think. Also I think most people who are built and who buy the rivets size up and do it that way. Really feasible now that you can get the waist taken in if necessary.
  This is also why I like Ashland shirts -- you get the Gitman craftsmanship and fabrics with a consistent fit. (Obviously Epaulet shirts are made really well, but Gitman is Gitman.) And the Ashland fit personally works really well for me.
^^ I've used the standard Meltonian suede protector spray, which I like very much. Others, though, swear by the Allen Edmonds-branded equivalent. Haven't used it myself, but it gets very good reviews around here.
^ http://www.epauletshop.com/servlet/the-1543/Ellison-Medallion-Captoe-Brown/Detail   Solid brown dress shoe. I've handled it in person -- really elegant.
^ LOL the flowchart.
  Epaulet's clothes are a bargain at full price. For the quality of fabrics and construction, and considering that nearly all of their items are made in the USA, these are some of the best prices and best pieces you'll see.   Looking great guys! Let's hope the 15th anniversary showcase is in NYC.
SVB you look like you're in a Michael Mann movie. Approved.     Autobahn-level skills. The Belt Parkway ain't nuthin' ta f' wit.     NYR this is my personal favorite fit I've seen from you. Fantastic.
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