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Congrats Mike and Adele! That's fantastic to hear. We'll miss you in Brooklyn, though!   Looking forward to new product coming out of the LA home base, too.
@dupedd (quote function on the SF website isn't working):   For the Cotton/Cashmere FF rivets, which I also have, I'd dry clean them as the tag suggests. They have a fair amount of cashmere in them and probably shouldn't be washed. Matt alerted me to this a while back -- thanks Matt!
^ Yeah, I think the 3-eyelet Soller config will make the chukka easy to dress up and down.
  Thanks -- also thinman helped me narrow down details via PM. The goal was the ultimate fall shoe.   A huge thanks is owed to James, who suggested the Soller-3-eyelet configuration and nudged the makeup along. Thanks man!
^ In addition to that query above, do the Napoli factory finds come with a patch breast pocket, or barchetta breast pocket?
Snuff Suede Chukka ordered!   Went for the Carmina shoe trees.
So much good stuff.
Very excited that Epaulet is becoming a regular Vass stockist and that we'll be able to do group and individual MTOs! Looking forward to seeing the first delivery in September.
WHY are Finamore's shoulders so tiny? I have very narrow shoulders but on a size 38 still need at least 44.5 cm in shoulder width (preferably 45-46).   Rant over. Lovely, lovely items as usual, Ich.
Nah, it doesn't read as pink. I've tried it on, and it's pretty fantastic. I only didn't get it because they didn't have my size.
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