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  Would also like details on this -- maker and country of origin.
^^ Only 8 months, Rob?
^ Yeah that was my thought before you even mentioned it -- it's almost certainly the double stitch.   Additionally, I've had Walts tapered before, which works brilliantly. Any well constructed garment should be able to be deconstructed, as it were, and then put back together again (the major exception being shirt and jacket shoulders). In my experience, Epaulet garments are made so well that tailors are very pleased to work on them.
  Nope. People here get them hemmed all the time, and I believe several have been tapered. You can just ask your tailor to do the tapering from the inseam side there there's no herringbone taping.
  If anything, the taped seams would make it easier for a tailor to do so.   Or are you talking about the herringbone taping down the outside leg? Even if so, you'll still be able to do both.
^^^ NYR nice fit.     The wine chinos will probably sell out faster, but the Brown Houndstooth trousers are impossibly incredible. I have the Brown Houndstooth suit (there's a matching Southwick jacket) and wear it all the time; always get compliments, if that's important.   A friend needed some help finding dress trousers, and the Walt I showed him was the Brown Houndstooths. The first words out of his mouth were literally, "Holy shit, those are nice." The suit...
  Uncle, I always love your Aldens, but these don't look like they fit all that well. Look like you could stand to go up a width.     This is all awesome, especially the Santonis. That Hickey cloth is gorgeous. I'd say that the argyles were a bit much if it weren't Saturday.     DC Lewis custom I believe.
  Let me know if you need to compare sizes to J Crew or something.     Thank you sir! Finally got the oxford chinos I was looking for (wine and grey).
^ Love that Verrazano bridge. (The fit is nice too! )
^ Great texture to that wool, then. And the shoes are terrific.
New Posts  All Forums: