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  Want this too. Mine are almost ready for retirement.
Factory Finds allows you to purchase one-off MTO Walt or Rudy trousers, or Walt shorts, at slightly discounted prices from limited-run/deadstock fabrics. Shirting and sportcoat Factory Finds have also happened before. Factory Finds are announced in this thread and on the newsletter. Mike/Matt put up swatch photos and descriptions of fabrics as regular products on the website (see the "Special Order" section, although none are up right now). You select your...
^ Looks like Shoe Goo can buy him a couple of extra months. It'd be a shame to have to wait for resoling over the summer, which is prime dub-monks-sans-socks season.
Mike, do you think I could remove one or both of the pockets on the Eggshell Linen Shirt? Or would the stitching outline show?
Tweed CPO! Could be the ultimate early fall jacket...
  I'm in as well.   These are Walt shorts right?
^ What the duck said.
So awesome that the pinpoint oxford looks to be part of the Epaulet shirt MTO program.   Would be terrific if the sleeve length adjustments could be made in half-inch increments, too...   Among the barrage of questions: If you change the collar size, is that going to impact the rest of the measurements? For instance, is a size medium with a 15" collar (1" smaller than normal) going to fit differently elsewhere, like the shoulders or the sleeves?
^ Looking good NYR!   Would be great if the Epaulet MTO oxfords could be done in the dressier pinpoint cloth.
  That's only Gitman Vintage. They wash and tumble dry each shirt after it's been cut, I believe. Ashland shirts are also made by Gitman, but the washing is left to you.
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