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^ Looks like the burgundy Stark I have, also from two years ago.     It doesn't work if you click "Measurements" at the bottom of the product page? It's all text, I think -- no images.
  Or my laptop screen! Color looks more correct on my iPhone.    Good call on the lizard. Looks excellent either way.
From the SF front page, Carmina at Pitti:     http://www.styleforum.net/t/330739/lightbox/post/6035141/id/632450   Of note: Aligator (?) dub monk and captoe bal down toward the right look incredible and incredibly wearable. Midnight/dark blue tassel loafer looks very handsome middle right; looks shell-ish. Nice specs in the middle, too. Also, I'd take that suede chukka in a sleeker last over the Alden equivalent any day... Maybe snuff suede for spring?
^ I think one of the Fitzgerald wingtip models is a little more versatile, but that's due to my preference for a full brogue over a semi-brogue. Regardless, any wingtip -- either the Fitzgerald or the Alt Wien is going to nicely walk the line between dressy and casual.   Actually, a wingtip boot is probably the most versatile shoe you can have. Plenty of Steinbecks/Sinclairs to choose from, too.
^^ All kindsa blue NYR! Nice.
^ Not really rolling -- more folding. But in any case not sewn for rivet chinos.   And, of course, the real thing for Walts.
^ Kabbaz and Kelley always seem to have them. HY has better prices, of course, and is a forum guy, but his selection isn't quite as encyclopedic. HY does have a bunch of birdseyes right now, though, which are fantastic. Some just came today for me, in fact:      
  Marcoliani makes amazing tan and brown herringbone socks (the merino ones). Uncle Mac would know if he has any non-argyle socks, which seems dubious.
  Pics of this are of course mandatory.
  You can just treat them like grey pants. Blue or white OCBD, gingham shirts, they'll work.
New Posts  All Forums: