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Q. When will my Alden special order come in? A. Waiting for Alden special orders is like waiting for Godot.
 As I recall, Mike got a crazy one-off deal on the fabric, so if it's not all gone it's probably pricey.
Sigh, no love for the small-shouldered (or people already got to it). The hunt continues...   But great stuff here!
  if only
 Is that because your name is budapest12?  I've never seen the Goyser stitch in person, and am looking forward to the fall stock makeups so I can see for myself.
^ Acquired taste, aesthetically, though.
Would love to see a brown (esp dark brown) cotton corduroy option for the Rivet Chino MTO. Mike, you mentioned this was possible earlier. Hope it still is!
  They are outrageously amazing. Definitely a dark green in person with some great color variegation that you can see in the close up.   I sound like a broken record, but people have been asking about basically my three favorite Walts in quick succession (navy lambswool, ironwood tweed, and charred forrest flannel) so I'm bound to be enthusiastic.
There were some people wondering a while back what my experience was like getting pleats taken out of a pair of trousers at Stanton Street Tailors in NYC. Their work was flawless -- highly recommended. I paid $40 or $45 for it, but this was several years ago, and their prices have come up slightly since then, so I'd expect to pay more than that now.
^ I've only used them for hems, and they've been fine for that; I don't have a sense of how they are for other work. I personally prefer to give Pablo or Eduardo my business because I've been going to them for years.
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