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 My Loro Piana Brown Donegal cashmere from last fall is one of my most worn ties. At $150, not quite vicuna level, but incredibly gorgeous. Do not sleep on these fabrics if you can help it! The SF discount is such a crazy bonus, too. Always happy to support Rob!
^ Justin how tall are your cuffs? Those look higher than 2"...   (I ask because I'm experimenting with 2.5")
It didn't last long! Thanks all for your interest.
The venerable Edwin Jagger DE89BL safety razor -- completely new and unused in original packaging. This is a workhorse razor made in England of steel and chrome that will literally last for decades. Suitable for both novice wet shavers and pros alike.       This razor retails for between $36 and $42. Yours for SOLD.   All prices include U.S. shipping via USPS Priority Mail. International shipping available at cost. All payments via PayPal please!
 Can't speak to that product, but I can tell you that Shout Advanced Gel gets rid of ring around the collar brilliantly -- no oxy anything required, and therefore retaining the luster on your MOP buttons. You have to use the fabric brush at the top of the bottle to really work the stuff into the stain. (I do use the Spray N Wash spray for non-ring-around-the-collar stains and it's great.)
 Ah, the Southeast. I'll be in the second city in January, so I'll share that regret.  They are, but not insanely so. I've handled all of the current flannel shirts, and they're a good medium weight. If you remember the cream or multi check shirts from last fall, which were a very heavy flannel, the current shirts are a shade lighter. They're substantial, but I never feel overheated in them (whereas sometimes I do overheat in my cream flannel shirt with a sweater indoors)....
^ Deets on apple -- where can kop?   JK what I really want to know is where it's warm enough that you can still dress like that!
Frank, you're killing it. Two great fits.   Murlsquirl is that the Loro Piana Cashmere from last fall?
^ ?   Pretty sure that fabric doesn't exist anymore. (If it does, Mike, please withdraw funds directly from bank account.)
Grabbed the geelong lambswool cardigan. It's something fierce, let me tell you.
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