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  It was convenient
Photo came out bizarre -- makes me look about a foot shorter than I actually am. Regardless, for the shirt contest, a few Epaulet oldies, from Mike's first FW shirting collection and first run of rivets I believe.     Trying to deal with this cold early summer in New York.   Ray-Ban RB4140 Epaulet Japanese multi-color gingham shirt Unlucky natural horsehide belt Epaulet Japanese gunmetal cotton twill chinos Gentrification bag Keds
^ Looked like an Everlane I have. It fits you well.
^ "Courtesy of the Red White and Blue!" etc.   Nice shirt. ID?
  I do cold wash/hang dry my rivets, but never thought to steam them. Once I wear them for a couple of hours any wrinkles come right out.     I always hear about these gems from C21 but have never found said gems myself... Will have to look harder. Thanks!
NYR from up the thread -- like your security guard fit. Deets on the tie?
^ Cramerton cargos, which are basically a Walt service pant, do exist:   http://www.epauletshop.com/servlet/the-1206/Slim-Walt-Cargo-Trouser/Detail
  There is nothing like trying it to make you realize you can't (the living in Jersey part, I mean).
  Yeah but do you think they'd reduce the tolls? If so, worth it.   (Only joking. Nice pic!)
  New Epaulet ish. Cigar Brixton.
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