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In my experience with numerous Walts of all different types and weights of fabrics, Epaulet's trousers don't stretch.
Nice shirts and great prices! Wish you had some size 15/38. GLWS!
I would also like to know how they turned out. Are sunken toe plates loud as everyone says? I thought the idea of the sunken plates (flush with the sole) was that they wouldn't be so loud. Is this not the case?   I imagine it must depend on the individual shoe's last shape...
^ Some cobbler in DC is famed for doing sunken metal toe plates at a reasonable price, but the name of the establishment escapes me.   In any case, B. Nelson will do this as well. Testimonials here.   EDIT: I believe the DC place I'm thinking of is either Sky Valet or a place recommended by Sky Valet. Regardless, B. Nelson is well thought of, and at $30-$35, reasonably priced.
^ I only have the swatch -- or rather had. It's gone now. But I think it's a common tie -- some other SF member will have one.
Those are so awesome. They're beautiful and fully lined -- like a wearable furnace.   I'm a true 31, and after flirting with buying 31s for a couple of years, I'm back on the 32 bandwagon. I just like having a tad bit of additional room for tucking in shirts, and always wear a belt with my chinos, jeans, and trousers. (Although with denim I size down because of The Dreaded Stretch.)   With the Walts, I'd encourage sizing up to a 32. Cotton trousers, when taken out, can...
  Seriously that looks great -- perfect for the Sunday after St. Patrick's Day! Although I wonder if the trou and socks aren't just a tad dark for those shoes. Perhaps it's the photo, though.
^ For the reddish one, I'd recommend the burgundy. It has a touch of purple in it, which is wonderful.
^ So the internet has reached Vermont, finally.   As I said in the other thread, very much looking forward to next Friday, Ed.
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