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  I think it could easily. The DB as SC look is very popular. Someone did it with the racing green walts a while back in this thread, and it looked terrific (a different navy DB SC, but same idea).
NYR those "crappy" pics are adorable.     Voted! Let's get some more votes in guys!
This previous pic of mine was for the shirt contest: http://www.styleforum.net/t/111211/epaulet-shop-official-affiliate-thread/13140#post_5513720   Just making sure that was clear! Not at KG/SVB/NYR level, but at least for the random drawing.   And re the Neapolitan breakfast -- it's like a Jewish breakfast, which is guilt with a side of gefilte fish and an overdue phone call to your mother for desert.
  There's enough extra fabric in the thighs/legs/waistband to let out a pair of Walts considerably. Mike apparently had a pair of Walts let out to an exact Rudy fit.
  The Target on SI is great (by the Outerbridge). It's just the rest of SI is a giant parking lot.   Oh man everyone, the distressed mint chinos. So terrific.
  That fabric is amazing -- the suit is legit 4-season. I was sitting outside in direct, sweltering California sun wearing that for 3 hours, and barely broke a sweat. It breathes so well with the 3/8 liner.     NYR, was just there (at Target though). The worst. It's like Beyond Thunderdome: The Mall.
In praise of the Ashland spread collar. Also part of me dislikes this picture because of the caught, and therefore absent, left shirt cuff (along with my perpetually odd posture).   Not quite Smith Street:   Ray-Ban RB4140 Southwick navy tonal glen plaid Loro Piana suit Ashland pink gingham shirt (an ultimate suit shirt) Vanda silk tweed houndstooth tie Vanda cobalt blue paisley square Epaulet x Alden ravello shell Brixton boots Rosa Tineke
  It was convenient
Photo came out bizarre -- makes me look about a foot shorter than I actually am. Regardless, for the shirt contest, a few Epaulet oldies, from Mike's first FW shirting collection and first run of rivets I believe.     Trying to deal with this cold early summer in New York.   Ray-Ban RB4140 Epaulet Japanese multi-color gingham shirt Unlucky natural horsehide belt Epaulet Japanese gunmetal cotton twill chinos Gentrification bag Keds
^ Looked like an Everlane I have. It fits you well.
New Posts  All Forums: