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  I have been waiting for a restock on that particular striped grenadine for quite a while! Looking forward to ordering and receiving one of my own.     Thank you for the details. I default to lightly-lined or unlined six-fold construction with hand rolled edges. I have a feeling that these would look great unlined, if casual.
Fantastic!Details on construction? Hand-rolled edges?
By which I meant, yes you are the only one.
As mentioned, machine washing is fine with Mike's cotton trousers, but I would recommend against using fabric softener on any fine garment (softeners are surfactants that degrade fabrics). After a wear or two, the fabric will soften right up.   Make sure to hang them dry -- don't tumble dry.
^ Yes.
Just too big. Thanks for the measurements though!
^ All of the work he's done for me has been excellent, although this is the (seemingly) most complicated thing he's done. Overall I've been nothing but pleased with their work and with their prices, which are very reasonable.
It's a great deal. Most good tailors I talked to were looking at charging $100+ just for the pleat operation. We'll see how it turns out -- obviously if you don't get bang for your buck, it's not worth paying less, but I trust the guys I use to do a good job.   I look terrible in pleated pants! I'm fairly slim and these were cut quite large. Removing the pleats was a decision about proportion, if anything.   Stanton Street Tailors -- my go to for everything. I hear...
  In my experience, if you have the shipment sent to your work -- a commercial address, presumably -- they'll track you down and make you pay the bill.
Believe it or not, I'm actually still waiting on them. I dropped the trousers off with the jacket, and my tailor said he had a six week wait for suits. Wedding season, I assume.   Suffice it to say he said he'd be able to do it easily by recutting the trousers, and charged me $40 (!!!) for it. One of the many reasons why I love the Lower East Side. (That lower price may have been because he already had me for another $100 with all the alterations to the jacket and a few...
New Posts  All Forums: