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 Definitely, but for me it's the hand-burnished scotch grain that's the stunner. That hand burnishing...!
180s-style earmuffs are fairly professional looking and keep your ears and head very warm -- that is, as long as you don't mind the top of your head getting cold. The ears are really the most important, though.   On the hat front -- a while back, Mike's mom hand knit a few hats that the store sold. I don't know if they ever made it online, but they were awesome. If I were a hat-wearing sort, I definitely would have picked one up.
 A special order then? My understanding is that all stock shoes are regular width.
 Love this as an overshirt. Well done.  Yep, it begins in earnest. Epaulet always has tweed outwear in the fall/winter. I think there are a few on sale, too.
 By "11 wide" do you mean "10UK/11US" as indicated on the Epaulet site?
 I've had upwards of half an inch of shrinkage in length in sanforized denim after the first soak (including on my older RTs), which I don't consider negligible. A ten minute gentle soak with barely any Woolite Dark is a great way to treat a new pair of denim, and to get rid of and minimize any shrinkage that might occur before hemming/cuffing.
Depends on the exact leather, but the answer to most questions like this is Saphir Renovateur.
 Definitely good for office attire, even a fairly CBD office.
Hey Mike, is there an ETA for the sweatshirt? And will it launch in NY too?
^ Putting the gent in iGent.
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