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^ I also would probably vote against the X, but whatever. I can see the appeal.
Mike, love the crewneck fleece sample, especially the contrast cuffs/bottom.   Re the garment dyed chinos -- sounds like a great concept, especially for cotton-linen blends. I picked up the bone cotton-linen FF rivet chino in time for this past summer, and loved having a cotton-linen chino in my closet. Would be even better if the fabric were lighter weight, and offered on the regular.   This being said, on balance, it sounds like I'd rather buy the existing rivet...
^ Yes, and I'd say you can treat it as a sportcoat for layering purposes. You could wear a lighter sweater underneath it, and then wear an overcoat over it.   BTW Matt is completely right -- the new brown color is so boss. I love the graphite houndstooth detailing on the interior, too.
 What I'd really love to see for next winter is a deep navy 6x4 double-breasted overcoat (peak lapel obviously).
^ Definitely. I put 2" cuffs on all my heavier fabrics.
^ You can definitely have flaps taken off. I've had it done before at my tailor's (if you're sure of your skills you can probably do it yourself). On a cotton or linen fabric, that might leave stitch marks, but on wool it should be fine.
Great Reddit convo Mike, and -- more importantly -- congrats to you and Adele!! You're going to have one well-dressed kid over there!
 Grabbed the navy speckle in small. Gorgeous, and so soft. Such a deal.
 You know it, man. Thanks for the reply.
 Saw this in store the other day and immediately thought of you. NYR your Giants cap brings a smile to my face. Well I guess I'll be checking out those fisherman sweaters... The speckle blue looks amazing. If I'm between a Small and Medium in Epaulet shirting, would sizing down to a Small be reasonable with these sweaters?
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