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Awesome. Have also been wearing my washed reds this summer. Is Alinea everything everyone says it is?Mike those wool rivet colors look great, and those tweeds for the Southwick jackets -- beautiful.
The burgundy shell dub monks.   Just incredible.
^ I have heard that the Technivorm is the best drip coffee maker that money can buy -- it just takes a lot of money (for a drip machine).   N.B. that grinding your own beans fresh will improve the results from any brew or extraction method dramatically.   Also re dark/light roasts -- sure, you can do a dark or light roast well or poorly. The most interesting coffee I've had over the past five years or so has been on the medium or light end of things. A good dark...
  Those are some of my favorite pants of all time. If you all missed that fabric the first time around, do not miss it this time.
^ That also seems pretty reasonable.
^ Because Epaulet doesn't make size 35 pants. El Argentino, FWIW I also think that the pants look great on you, even if they are a tad tight in the seat. Letting the seat out might be a good option. Do they feel tight elsewhere? From your photos the seat appears to be the only issue. Letting out the waist and the seat would be simple for a good tailor.
  I got an early WvG before-dinner shirt and they have long since adjusted the fit, so I don't think I could compare the two fits in detail that accurately. Taking the same size in both is still the best bet, taking a quick look at the measurements. In general my impression is that WvG is going more for a skinny BoO fit and Epaulet's is more athletic. I enjoy wearing my Epaulet and Ashland shirts more. They sit much better on your shoulders.
  FYI I also wear the same size in WvG before dinner and Epaulet shirting -- a Medium in both.
^ He pulls it off really well. Maybe it's that particular fit pic.
^ Over the years the Westpoint has gotten less skinny and has moved toward a slim-ish fit that's closer to the Rivet Chino. The Westpoint still has a slightly lower rise than the Rivet and narrower leg -- and a much shorter inseam (though not as short as FW10, which was I think 31" or something crazy like that). I haven't found it as comfortable to wear or as well constructed as the Rivets, so I've never kept a pair I've ordered, and haven't found it to be worth the...
New Posts  All Forums: