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^ As convenient as customizing fit might be, I think when you change measurements on shirting patterns, you have to basically redesign the entire pattern, which would be incredibly difficult and no doubt expensive -- which is part of the reason why MTM is pricey/outsourcing-prone in the first place.   I don't view Epaulet like I view MTM outfits. Forum feedback is obviously very important for them, but part of the appeal of Epaulet is that Mike and Adele have...
There's a rip the size of a quarter in the leg of my wine oxford chinos. Anyone have any services or NYC-area tailors/shops they'd recommend that would be able to darn them or otherwise repair them without using a patch? (Tried French American and Alice Zotta in midtown and they both said they wouldn't recommend reweavers.)   I thought of contacting a denim repair service since oxford cloth and denim are reasonably similar in construction (though obviously not...
  Yes, definitely -- especially given the places you live in (based on your "location" by your screen name).
    Are we talking about three different navy trousers? I think so: The navy shetland, navy donegal, and navy marl lambswool. The shetland is the heaviest, and I'd say the donegal and marl lambswool are equivalent, with perhaps marl lambswool being slightly heavier. The lambswool trouser wears differently, though, than a tweed. The colors on all three are variegated, but in different ways -- the donegal and shetland are both similar in their woven contrast patterns,...
  Los Paisanos is one of the absolute best. No experience with their very exotic meats, but they're actually semi-famous for their venison (as famous as you can be for venison at all). Go for it.
I wear boots with suits and more formal clothing all the time. Carmina lasts are perfect for them. They should be versatile. Refer to NAMOR's post: http://yolowastaken.tumblr.com/post/26180542031/what-to-wear-with-navy-colored-shoes
^ It's what Alden is good at.   Neutrino, I'm also looking forward to receiving the Cigar LWB -- in 2014, or so. (You also did the Leydon last special order earlier this year? That's what I mean.)
^ Mike are the cavalry twills in the current Factory Finds the same/similar to the grey cavalry twill that you offered a couple of falls ago? I seem to remember those being cotton. Are the current ones (the gunmetal cavalry twill, for instance) going to have much sheen and/or contrast in the weave?
^ That welt is not to be trifled with.
^ Rivet chino size 31.
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