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^ What kind of leather are your Salingers? Wondering about protecting my calf vs. suede.
 I have the Nightshade and Navy Flannel, and I'd say that the two navy trousers are more versatile, but the Nightshade is more unique (and still very wearable). Don't know what your trouser rotation is like, but if you have basics covered, I'd definitely go for the Nightshade. Also this could of course change, but I think the two navy trousers come back each fall and can be restocked, whereas the Nightshade is a one-off with limited stock.
 Marcoliani from Kabbaz-Kelly. Also according to Mac, Ben Silver makes great argyles but I've never tried theirs.
 Nice. And is the fabric some kind of tweed? Or a textured wool? Looks tweedy.
The Samuelsohns. Oh my.
 Very nice. Details on the jacket?
 Excess use of polish can actually lead to more scuffing (builds up a film of color on top of the leather that scuffs more easily than the leather itself). Doesn't sound like you polish enough to have this happen, but just FYI. Renovateur: http://www.hangerproject.com/saphir-renovateur.html or http://epauletnewyork.com/products/saphir-renovateur-cleaner-conditioner-75-ml-1
Weird, I do almost the opposite. I barely use polish on my shoes and mostly use reno. The polish I do use (both wax and cream) is mostly neutral. Better to nourish the leather and let it patina and age as naturally as possible -- that's the thinking.
^ Sure! Can you PM me contact info?
 Is Gitman taking custom orders for those of us who can't make it, but who know their size?
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