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 In general, if you don't want any shrinkage at all, don't wet wash. On my shirt -- I grabbed the Albini Circle Print linen, not the delave, but they should behave relatively similarly -- I cold delicate washed and hung dry the shirt with a little soap and fabric softener three times before wearing. There was definitely a small amount of shrinkage, but it was minimal. If you want absolutely zero shrinkage with a linen shirt (@tricky's situation, I believe), then stick with...
Personally I think it has more to do with the shape of your face and your overall proportions than total heights. I could imagine a 5' 9" guy who's evenly portioned wearing the Artisan very well. But if your torso is very short you might want to think about other options. The fashion spread is solid! But the Artisan is where it's at if you can rock it. The BD is solid but if you have a round face consider the wide BD.Mike will have the encyclopedic knowledge but that's my...
Mike mentioned weeks ago in this thread that they were working on an Individualized shirting program for women.
Quoting unspoilered for brilliance. This is such an amazing fit. Love the hat.@FrankCowperwood ID on the navy jacket?
Recent tie and PS order shipped! And now, a recent photo with some Vanda wares. Pardon the poor indoor lighting.     Vanda indigo raw silk tie Vanda silk PS from forever ago SC and shirt are Epaulet x Lubiam/Gitman
From the other day. This season's Vittorio Farmer's Check in tropical wool is my favorite new SC by a mile. Pardon the too-warm indoor lighting.     EP Vittorio SC in tropical wool Farmer's Check EP x Gitman chambray MTO with the Gitman V-CA Cutaway Tobacco Cotton-Linen Walts Vanda raw silk tie and pocket square
  I wear BDs with a jacket and tie all the time. It's a hallmark of American style, and as others have said, it depends on the proportion of the specific BD collar to the tie and the jacket. I'd go so far as to say a generous BD collar like Individualized's is the most flattering collar no matter the shape of your face. If you have a more angular face like mine, smaller collars can work, but it's a look, and you have to tie your tie pretty tight. Of course as I say this...
 Went into the store earlier today to pick up an Individualized Shirt, saw the swatch for this fabric, and insta-bought it. Purchase this trouser.
Pretty sure that whoever gets the Broken Railroad Stripe in a Taylor Short will win this EFF.
@Epaulet Mike, very nice looking DB. Congrats on the new suiting program! They're fantastic pieces and really blow everything else at that price point clear out of the water. Will the EFF swatches be available to see in store today? Would be great to look at them while I pick up my new Individualized shirt that just came in. And great new collar on @NewYawker! Hoping all new shirting developments come with appropriate Phil Collins lyrics.
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