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Right, but if you do want pants with a crease there are so many amazing EP offerings to choose from: Walts, Driggs, Rudy, and now the Gable! I love Rivet Chinos, but don't neglect the trouser. That Gable, especially! Any fit pics in the wild would be appreciated...  lol more than a little  This guy.
@Epaulet Mike is there any chance of doing Wilshire runs or pre-orders in other non-denim casual fabrics? Corduroy would seem to work amazing with the fit, for instance. And though there are a few corduroy jawnz out there, they're mostly all awful.   I enjoyed this.
Sometimes when you take the train and track your EP gift, you and the package are both in Kearny, New Jersey.
+1. Keep it!Is that the same one Mike sold briefly in early Fall? I picked up the same in store but my blue is lighter with some color variegation. Perhaps it's the lighting in your photo?
 I also have the Foggy Bog Harris Tweed in an unstructured welt breast/hip patch pocket configuration, and it's great. (Differently from @loxo, mine is a two-button -- which I prefer -- not 3-roll-2.) The jacket is 3/8 lined, which I was concerned about for such a tough, hairy fabric, but it keeps its shape wonderfully and moves beautifully. It's an amazing coat, and indeed is one of the better Harris Tweeds I've seen. Quite versatile as well -- both trouser- and...
 You are a gentleman and a scholar! (i.e. thanks!!)
 Congrats!!!  I have the brown houndstooth three-piece suit. Maybe too much for a fourth?  [[SPOILER]]
Sold. Thanks all!
Sold. Thanks all!
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