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Pretty strong boot game this afternoon!Don L you're straight killing it with the patterned Walts these days.FC, is that a classic barber shop floor?
Sold. Thanks all!
Sold. Thanks all!
Yeah, that's my understanding as well. Does that same sizing advice hold up for Grant shoes (not boots)?Also A+ @Don L
^ Really excellent @Don L. Classic fall, and gorgeous Whiskeys. Nice use of the fleece bomber too. Is that tie corduroy?
So excellent. The Grant last really makes it. Is conventional sizing wisdom for the Grant is a half size up from Barrie/Trubalance size?
Just in time for fall, folks: black denim! This is a black denim shirt from Epaulet, by the New England Shirt Company in Fall River, MA. It's a beautiful, soft black denim that I've only washed (hang dry) and worn once before I discovered it was too small. This denim was only available in store -- a tiny run of some deadstock vintage with a black warp and white weft. It's a great medium weight, perfect for the season. These shirts were given a wash at the factory, and they...
 Your pic makes me realize that (1) the 360 welt really makes the shoe, and (2) I would probably prefer Color 8 on the Leydon last. Isn't the wait time on cigar 2+ years? They have to find the most special horses and whatnot? (clear skins, I know...)
 Cigar? Where from?
 Very nice. Love the Doyle in a just slightly dressier fit. That deadstock chambray Doyle is one I'm very glad I grabbed.  [[SPOILER]]  Oh my goodness those color 8 shortwings I think I'm in love
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