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 So true. I have last year's (or the year before's) overcoat in what appears to be the same wool just in a DB configuration, and it's really something else. Bought mine at full price with absolutely no regrets. It's amazing. The soft but sturdy shoulder on it has spoiled me for most other tailored outerwear where heavy shoulders still seem to be the default.
To jump in on this: I'm also thinking of getting a matka bow. In what way exactly is it difficult to tie a matka bow tie? Is it tough to get the loop of the knot tight? Or do they have a tendency to droop excessively (in a non-desirable way)? Just curious.If it's useful to know, Gerald, I wear very softly lined large spread/cutaway collars, so if the bow needs "help" from a firm collar lining it won't get it from my shirts.
Though remember all those years (decades) Lakers fans didn't care about the Clippers because they sucked and played in Anaheim? Now you have to share an arena. The times certainly do change.
 This is terrific (minus the part about that ex-Buffalo NBA team). Love the Northern Watters items in their bicolor yarns. @Epaulet Mike, are there any special hours for the NYC store this weekend? I recall that sometimes over holidays you close for a while rather than stay open.
 I've heard nothing but amazing things about "Oh Hello," so a second there. Planning on seeing it, too.  Apt typo of the week    
  Thinking about this, too, particularly the Walnut Heavy Brushed Twill. The color looks very intriguing, but the fabric may not drape as nicely as the Thick and Cozy Canvas, or even the Mocha Corduroy? Can't tell, and stuck between these three fabrics in particular. Also, are Walt shorts or Taylor shorts possible?
 Interesting. I've learned to go with the amazingness of a fabric over color preference, but still want to see the video. Thinking of a Driggs for these. Also, for the wool-cashmere trousers, how wearable in NYC summer would you say they are? I remember them when you carried them as a stock item, and it's an amazing fabric, but unsure of how hot you can go.
 Thanks Mike. Though now I have to say I'm looking at two fabric I didn't notice before -- the Heavy Walnut Brushed Twill and the Thick and Cozy Brushed Olive Canvas -- for a casual, everyday cold weather cotton pant. I generally prefer twills over canvasses but the "thick and cozy" moniker makes it pretty appealing! Which, would you say, is heavier and/or more breathable? Also, I'm wondering if the Walnut fabric has a red or pink cast, or whether that's just my computer...
 Saw them in Hermosa Beach recently while I was in LA. They're fantastic. Also that Hermosa Beach location is great!  Thanks for this Mike. I really appreciated it! In terms of fabrics, the cords you've got look pretty nice! They also look like they're done in a fairly narrow wale. Is that right? Like the green cord fabric from the January 2016 Southwick EFF, or on a previous 2015 RC EFF? They look to be much narrower and "straightforward" a fabric than, say, the recent...
Post of the week.Mike, interested to hear more about those changes at Hertling you were talking about (and the EFF ofc).
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