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^ Strange. I am also a Smedium in Epaulet shirts, and a 36 Doyle is slim but good on me.
Ah I had thought you were saying it was necessary or that it limited you in buying shoes. Anyway the burgundy shell dub monks would be pretty great!
 You certainly can get a matching belt with every shoe you get, but it's not necessary, even if the SF High Council has decreed it thus. As long as you have a brown belt and a black belt, you are ready for all occasions, and all shoes. Not having a matching belt shouldn't impede you from buying a shoe. Rather, buying a shoe should inspire you to wear unexpected combinations and buy other garments, one of which might be a new belt.
^ You don't actually need a belt that matches. You can just wear a non-black belt and everything will be fine.
 Yes there is definitely some blue in it. Will try to post a close up, but the fabric is unfortunately sold out. The "fancy wools" Gerald and Diana sometimes post up are woven, but are woven wools, not silks (like a grenadine). The weave is tighter, and you can get monogramming done, which is a real benefit.
Yesterday's Vandas:  Brown-Periwinkle Blue Fancy Wool 3.25" tieTurquoise Gardens Mud-Dyed Kimono Silk PS  [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the announcement, Mike! Here's looking forward to the next Epaulet incarnation. In the meantime:  Gant x Bastian flecked donegal herringbone SC (from FW 2011, bought from EP)Gitman x EP MTO bengal stripe cutaway collar shirtUnseen: Pearl grey lightweight flannel Walts, Carmina x EP GMTO snuff suede chukkas [[SPOILER]]
  Thanks guys. The fabric was one of the first full suits Mike offered in the early days of the Southwick collab. It's held up beautifully to years of repeated wearing. It's the only three-piece I own, but I'm very glad I have it. There's definitely a place for a three-piece in everyone's closet. I especially like how the Southwick vests have their own discrete lapels.
Yesterday's Vandas were the Navy with Blue Flowers six-fold, and the White Linen with Blue Border yarn-dyed pocket square.     Three-piece is Southwick for Epaulet.
Mike, great Well Spent piece. Getting excited for Southwick MTOs. Yesterday was the Epaulet x Southwick three-piece houndstooth suit.  Yesterday was also just one of those days that required an additional accessory...  [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: