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 I know I know I know. I'm also wearing it today with seersucker Walt shorts. The fabric really softened up after the second wash.
For the grey shirt, a twisted yarn/heathered would be great. Most heathered grey shirts out there are awful polyester blends.
Two more new Vandas:       Blue-Red striped linen-silk Japanese grenadine tie Vibrant Gardens kimono silk PS
Summer Hopsacks   Southwick navy hopsack Napoli SCPale grey hopsack/fresco WaltsAshland/Keystone cutaway collar MTO shirt  [[SPOILER]]
 Mike discussed it on the previous page. They're close-ish but still working on it.  Thanks! Those Juniper Linen Walts are the truth.
Blue-Green Linen Everything (featuring a new acquisition)       Vanda 100% linen green herringbone tie
Blue-Green Linen Everything  Ashland/Keystone lavender chambray shirtLBM navy linen SCJuniper linen WaltsCarmina caramel calf dub monks  [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
  If you want a large-weave tie, go for a straight-up silk knit like this: http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/accessories/products/flat-end-silk-knit-tie-solid-midnight
 Pssh. Piccola is where it's at.   But yeah, anxious to see that Farmer's Check!
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