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More recent Vandas:       Indigo Matka tie Royal Blue Flowers PS (as usual, non-Vanda is Gitman, Lubiam, and Hertling for Epaulet)   H/T to @jcmeyer, @PCK1, and @Simplicio for convincing me to go Matka. Glad I did.
Sold, thanks all for your interest!
Sold, thanks all for your interest!
Thanks. Do you (or anyone else) use Nano-Protector or any other protective spray to prevent that?
Yes cream is very nice (have the Cream Circles in kimono silk too). Though I wouldn't call either wool or kimono silk seasonal. They wear well -- as does linen -- in both warm and cool weather. For pocket squares, I think it has more to do with colorway and design.
 Haha, thanks, they always do and they always sell out. This particular PS is, I believe, from Vanda's second or third collection (third ever). In the meantime, there are these two.
The other day, I wore a Yellow Hook Necktie. I took a picture of it. Now you are looking at it.   This is a Loro Piana wool/silk/linen blend tie from a few seasons back. Do not sleep on the current offerings. This tie is so great that my camera got all moire effect on it.     PS is Vanda, SC is LBM cotton-linen for Epaulet, shirt is Gitman for Epaulet
 Nice seatbelt, deets on the maker? Really, nice fit!
A few Vandas from the past few days that I've neglected to post here. Neglected no longer! One from a very bright day the other week:       Bicolor grey melange fina grenadine with navy overweave (in the spirit of the recent bicolor grenadine discussions) Cream neat diamonds textured wool PS from forever ago   Non-Vanda is all Lubiam, Gitman, and Hertling for Epaulet.
For those of you who wear a given size in the Alden Barrie/Trubalance lasts, have you found that going one size up for the sneakers works? I wear a 10D in Barrie/Trubalance, so I'd take a 10.5D in sneakers, right?   Also, for those of you who have any of the shell sneakers, do you find that water spots appear in the rain as with any shell dress shoe? Assuming it would, but I'm not familiar with the shell the sneaker factory uses.
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