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From yesterday, white on white.  Keystone cotton-linen multicolor gingham shirtLBM navy linen SCFF "bone" cotton-linen Rivet Chinos [[SPOILER]]
 Thanks! Replied via PM.
 Nope, no alterations at all. My stance is just making it look slightly slimmer than it is.  Thanks!
Up for sale is an Epaulet x Southwick warm weather sportcoat in a beautiful 50-50 silk-wool glen plaid fabric with a subtle windowpane. The SC is in Epaulet's "Napoli" shape, an unstructured, soft shouldered shape with 3/8 lining and lightweight construction. The fabric is breathes very well, but doesn't wrinkle readily like linen. The construction and the fabric make this an ultimate warm weather sportcoat, wearable in spring, summer, and fall. Worn only 3 times. I'm only...
X-post from Epaulet thread:       Yellow Hook Neckties Original Blue Loro Piana Wool/Linen/Silk
X-post from Epaulet thread:     Vanda white linen PS with woven blue tipping   Non Vanda is mostly Epaulet
 Luigi Bianchi Mantova Windowpane SCGitman MTO shirtPale Gray Fresco (Hopsack) WaltsCarmina Caramel Calfskin Dub Monks [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
 Thanks! This is the best my iPhone can do. You're probably better off zooming in on the hi-res photos on the Vanda site (click on their photos for a hi-res detail). 
New Vandas. Gerald and Diana are truly killing it this summer.         Blue-Red Silk-Linen Japanese Grenadine Green Mini Houndstooth Vibrant Gardens Kimono Silk PS
 Tricky, on the Weller/Napoli sleeve question, I just measured several Napoli and Wellers and the sleeve length on all are identical. Rest easy.  Is that a two-button MTO? Also is HT really too warm for indoors, even at 15oz? I wear Donegal indoors all the time with no problem.
New Posts  All Forums: