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^ Definitely.
  Wool-silk POW kopped.   Hate to nag, but: Do you know when the tweed Daltreys will be up?
  FTFY. Seriously though, I think I was one of the only people that the Marcello fit really well (hence, I own two of them). The Epaulet Southwick shapes obviously fit way more people.   I'm so pleased, though, to see the unconstructed jacket live on in the Napoli. Mike, I picked up my Navy Hopsack Napoli order (i.e. the Napoli version of the original Caine) yesterday, and it fits unbelievably well. I'm very happy with it. It has one of the best unconstructed shoulders...
  Marked in my calendar.
^ Crunchy, to say the least!
^ Just like "Designed by Apple in California."
  To Mike's point about suede and this post above:   I'd really be interested in an round toe suede chukka. Ideally in a 2-eyelet chukka, maybe 3? Don't think it'd look great in 5. No preference re lined or unlined. Double or single leather sole, antiqued/light edgetrim. For the suede chukka, I really think the Inca or Alcudia (round/almond toe) would look better than the Rain or Simpson (squareish toe).   Enough takers to make snuff suede happen? Or we could see what...
  This statement is true of nearly all Alden shoes.     Adding my voice to the chorus of "yes you should do this." I wear a 32 walt and have gotten 33s or even 34s if the 32 is sold out for good. As SVB says the legs will be wider, and if you were to go a full two inches down in size sometimes you'll notice the pockets align slightly differently, but the difference is so minor as to be negligible unless you stare at two pairs of pants side by side.
  Sounds like you just need a regular short (38S).
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