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^ Looking good NYR!   Would be great if the Epaulet MTO oxfords could be done in the dressier pinpoint cloth.
  That's only Gitman Vintage. They wash and tumble dry each shirt after it's been cut, I believe. Ashland shirts are also made by Gitman, but the washing is left to you.
^^ That prometeo is so crunchy you could eat it for breakfast.
SVB you and Wisith should coordinate some Epaulet + SNS Stark fit pics. (Your Starks are both from recent years? Looks that way due to the length.) Wore my Stark over an old Epaulet shirt yesterday.
  Did anyone reply to this? A navy suit is classic, and that Navy 120s is a great fabric. Not going to be super summery, but 4-season and very versatile. I also seem to remember Mike saying that he was bringing new suiting options to bear soon, but that might have just been special order stuff.
^ Walt 32.
Anyone on the fence about whether Maker's Edition ties are "worth it" shouldn't be. Here's my Loro Piana Brown Donegal cashmere six-fold tie:         Worth it.   Tweed always looks best when photographed on other tweed.
^ Have you tried masking tape?
^ What?   You can also just ask David for his advice. He is very sharp.
All sold -- thanks!
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