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Caramel or brown calf?
^^ tchoy which paisley is that?
^ It wasn't my intention to imply that one was better than another. Rubinacci and Cappelli are known for their handmade, hand-rolled, unlined six- and seven-fold ties. Vanda has similar aesthetics and construction. They're all absolutely in the same league in terms of quality, details, and fabric used.   Foo has a great blog post on Cappelli that contains a lot of comparisons with Rubinacci and Marinella. You may find it useful! The article was written before Vanda...
Newsletter just went out, and noticed the brass hardware on the Milkshake Indys. Are those new for this year? Regardless, first time I noticed that, and it's an insanely nice touch. Really makes the boot unique.  
^ Excellent choice.   In my next shipment: Blue Donegal, Grey Melange-Navy Grenadine, and Navy with Blue Flowers. A good day's work.
  You mean like this one?   http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/carmina-footwear/products/thompson-plain-toe-blucher-brown-pebble-grain-calfskin
  Agreed on all counts.     Do it. Gerald and Diana's work is internationally known as Vanda Fine Clothing now (as opposed to ties by gshen).   I have 7 MTM Vanda ties with 3-4 more on the way, and 3 of their pocket squares. To me, their ties (and squares) are the perfect, pure expression of each individual fabric. Gerald and Diana, as others have mentioned, are class acts and wonderful to work with over e-mail.   Too few pics in this thread! Some people post up pics --...
    As mentioned, they'll definitely MTM a tie for you if you e-mail them. Noblesse has the correct MTM charges above.   It's really an amazing deal for what you get. And even if it weren't a "deal," they'd still be some of the absolute best ties out there. I have 7 bespoke/MTM Vandas currently and 3-4 more on the way. I don't really see myself buying other ties in the future except off price Rubinaccis and Cappellis. I feel much better about supporting Gerald and Diana...
^ I have those cadet grey trousers, and they'll be fine for SoCal 90% of the time. I wore them once to a wedding in the dead of summer and was perfectly fine. Fine wools like that are actually great at regulating temperature.
Sure! Pics of Bowery trousers and measurements posted.
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