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  Erring on the larger side and getting the pants taken in tends to be the advice given here, especially for rivet chinos.
  Don't move buttons around. Find a tailor who will do the real thing, especially on a great garment like the navy hopsack Caine. Taking in the body of a jacket and shortening sleeves are typical, bread-and-butter operations for any alterationist. Once you have a versatile garment like that that fits you properly, you'll want to wear it often, as it you already want to!
^^ I find rivets to fit true to size. I take a size 32 in anything that fits TTS, including Walts, and take a 32 in rivets. I only wear smaller sizes in items that are vanity sized, like most raw denim. If you're between two sizes, then erring on the larger size is a good idea.
  +1. I use Pablo at Stanton Tailor Shop, or Eduardo on Allen Street. Pablo is cheap, Eduardo is fast, and both do incredible work.
  Incredible. Is this the same fabric that the Camo Walt Shorts are coming in? Are those still happening?
On the casual/not casual LBM/Southwick discussion: When Mike and co started carrying the LBM stuff, I thought it was really cool but absolutely not my thing -- too casual, which I thought meant sloppy. I was so wrong, and love the one I got (navy linen). Southwick Napoli 37R is still my jam, but the LBM is incredible -- light, easy to wear, and fits like a dream. I will absolutely be wearing it with the forthcoming Walt camo shorts this summer.
Congratulations on 5 years in business! Here's to the next 50!!
I'd be in for a 3-eyelet chukka in snuff suede.
^ Purple-tone ties are the best. Along with green-tone ties, they're the most versatile after navy.
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