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^ Mike can correct if this is wrong, but they were being discussed in the Epaulet x Carmina MTO thread (which is where the snuff suede austerity brogues came from). If that's still the case, then the last is probably up for debate, but I remember the Forest last being the most popular choice. It's a fantastic boot last.
^ Combo is so ace.
^ Weird. In the second pic I see so much dark blue -- almost purple. Must be the lighting. Regardless, gorgeous tie!
Didn't blackwatch jackets and outerwear peak like a year ago?   http://pleatsareforlovers.tumblr.com/post/2590315863/so-remember-how-poorly-that-ll-bean-blackwatch   http://www.valetmag.com/personal-shopper/shop-talk/2011/need-supply-co-gift-guide-120811.php (peacoat)   etc   Sorry to be all trendster or whatever.
  Whoa, Gdot deets on the Carminas please! Last? Leather?   I've never seen those on the internets before. From Madrid, or custom?
^ +1. Looks fantastic.   It looks like the midnight blue is much more pronounced than the brown. Is that accurate? Does the tie look striped in person, or do the colors blend together?
^ Wouldn't have the rise any other way. A proper trouser should have a higher rise. It makes the fabrics drape in a way that only a trouser can, and keeps your shirts tucked in. So much recent Incotex has rises of 10" or less -- which is great for denim and chinos, but not for trousers.   I think Mike is obsessed with the topic of trouser rises, so he can say more I'm sure.
^^ Sonny58 that poplin twill is fantastic. Is that #61? I would love some more pictures.
  Since you're in the EU, you can most likely get Saphir products easily, with no import duties. If cost is a concern, avoid their MDO range and just get the regular Saphir stuff. In addition to shoe care products for finer leathers, they make a number of items for more rugged leathers like the Crazy Horse. As Mike recommends, a product with mink oil would be an excellent choice. Look for Saphir Creme Universal, which is a cream with beeswax and mink oil.   Saphir also...
Sometimes I think this is secretly the most ironic thread on Styleforum.
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