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 Thanks for posting! I don't have a pic at the ready, but I also tend to wear with light grey trou. Suffice it to say, the jacket is beautiful and luxe. Don't lose out on this one.  Oh good I was worried you were going to do something out of the ordinary.   Not what I meant at all. I meant "Uh..." as in wow those are incredible.
If that jacket is anything like my gray herringbone donegal jacket, which has some blue in it (like the stripes), I match with basically anything that's not a medium gray trouser. I find mine extremely versatile.
Picked this up in an earlier FF round, and it's one of my favorite jackets. Highly recommended.
 The fit that launched a thousand posts (in the MC casual thread)
Another question, Mike: For this spring's LBM, will you be offering anything like that open weave blue chambray that's in the sale section? I'd buy that one but you're sold out of 46/36.
  QFT. Beatlegeuse you probably can't go wrong either way but I'm with SVB on this one.  Sweet, thanks. Ordered. SC + white pants + snuff suede Carmina fit pic available at your request. Also Mike true re black coming back around. At least in NYC, every slim under-35 guy seems to have gotten a pair of skinny black jeans in the last 6-9 months (including me, if you count deep black-indigo). Less sure about a black SC, though. I've been convinced by Epaulet before.
^ Is half an inch really going to be all that noticeable? I have a couple shorter-than-ideal jackets and they just look a tad more casual. I think this is really ideal for spring/summer-type fabrics.   Obviously you can't lengthen in this situation, but given your choice I'd go with the L length and wear it just a tad cropped. XL will give you insurance against regret, but you could get hit with a tailoring bill. I know my tailors both dislike shortening jackets and tend...
Sportcoats are best ordered at 7AM, before the rest of the day has a chance to distract you.   Mike/Matt, any chance of a natural light shot of the Scottish Light Tattersall, or is the swatch already back at Southwick?
Another Bell Gardens post: I had a Media Mail (non-Ep) package come through there recently and it absolutely dropped off the map for a week. However, it *did* reappear one week later in a sort facility in Jersey City, NJ (near NYC where I live). So perhaps you're one of the unlucky few like me to experience a slight delay. It should be fine, though.
New Posts  All Forums: