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 Do not sleep on the LP.
 Love these for the use of white/off-white in the winter.
 It's febstyle10.
 Thanks! That's really helpful, especially regarding the patterned pair you have. And what's so great about the Anonymous Ism no-show socks vs others?
All items ship with free USPS Priority Mail in the U.S, tracking and insurance included. International shipping available at cost. All payments in USD via Paypal, please. First to pay gets the items. And as always, feel free to PM with questions.     Polar vortices be damned. It's time to start thinking about warmer weather. Up for sale is a beautiful Epaulet Marcello jacket made in a blue/white cotton-silk nailhead. A soft-shouldered jacket made in Italy (actually made...
 Also wore those yesterday. They're incredible; anyone on the fence shouldn't be.
 Renovateur on everything. I don't know if I'd use heavy treatments like Obenauf's on scotch grain, even the tough kind. If you do, use a toothbrush and get it in around the welt, which is where water usually comes in and gets your feet wet. You can try to find those Tarrago Nano Protector or Saphir Invulner waterproofing sprays in Canada (they're aerosols and can't be shipped over international borders generally). A light application of wax and/or cream polish helps a...
 Agree, though cuffing a jean called the dad jean maybe defeats the purpose.
^ Like the dad wash, not the dad fit. Maybe it's just the picture angle. Sweater is excellent.
Legit question. No reason at all -- just looks cool. Same reason people buy patterned underwear.
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