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  Thanks -- also thinman helped me narrow down details via PM. The goal was the ultimate fall shoe.   A huge thanks is owed to James, who suggested the Soller-3-eyelet configuration and nudged the makeup along. Thanks man!
^ In addition to that query above, do the Napoli factory finds come with a patch breast pocket, or barchetta breast pocket?
Snuff Suede Chukka ordered!   Went for the Carmina shoe trees.
So much good stuff.
Very excited that Epaulet is becoming a regular Vass stockist and that we'll be able to do group and individual MTOs! Looking forward to seeing the first delivery in September.
WHY are Finamore's shoulders so tiny? I have very narrow shoulders but on a size 38 still need at least 44.5 cm in shoulder width (preferably 45-46).   Rant over. Lovely, lovely items as usual, Ich.
Nah, it doesn't read as pink. I've tried it on, and it's pretty fantastic. I only didn't get it because they didn't have my size.
Less glamorous than hatch grain, but don't forget the snuff suede chukka! We had decided on Soller last, 3-eyelet, York sole, flat welt. I assume brown/antique edgetrim would look best with that.
I special ordered a pair of Japanese twill camo shorts. Really looking forward to wearing with an SC. Maybe I'll get 2" cuffs put on them...
I'm convinced: Soller last looks great for the snuff suede chukka. Let's go with that. Would three eyes on the Soller last look good? The spacing would have to be tighter between the eyelets.
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