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This was my question, too.
^ You and Spoo with those Carminas.   May have to join the club.  
^ Wait, I don't understand. You're saying you want a return policy that allows you to return a custom suit?
I hate sizing threads, but this is really useful. Thanks Spoo for starting this and to everyone else for posting their info.   FWIW I'm a U.S. 10.5D TTS, and a full size down (9.5 UK/Carmina) has worked for me in every last.   (For Alden people: Yes that means I wear a 10D Barrie and Trubalance.)
  +1. Thank you!     Was just in the store today. The newer stock, not on the website yet, is even better, if that's possible.   Also the new women's stuff is pretty awesome, have to say.
YOU USED TO LIVE IN THE SLOPE? Your view on Park Slope has always been so "I'm from Bay Ridge. We have manners!" or something. 7th and Sterling? Nice. Was it a crack den back then? I have heard these things about the neighborhood.   Hope you were around when The Gate was operational. That bar was like my office back in the day.
^ So cool NYR. I used to live on 5th Ave and 1st St, and wish I had known more about the history of that area sooner.   (Also I love your constant references to NYC humidity.)
Would also like to know.   Killer pics, too.
Agreed.   Although I tend to wear ties with Walts, they work with chinos as well. The tie itself, though, is best if it's on the casual side. If you wear a 4" wide diagonal stripe silk tie from wherever with rivet chinos, it'll look terrible. My Epaulet ties, though, all work well with chinos.   There's an awesome picture of Matt (leftofthedial) wearing denim, the red chambray shirt from last spring, and an Ashland tie, but I can't find it. It's an excellent example of...
^^ Vass shortwings?
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