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Apologies for poor photo quality. iPhone went crazy with the SC fabric.     Sedate for snow:   FF Grey Donegal Flecked Tweed SC Black-Grape Marl Cardigan Taupe Rivet Chinos (not pictured) Alden 403s from EP (not pictured) Orient Watch from EP (not pictured)
NYR, the next time you get to do any design tweaks, I'd suggest making the page navigation at the bottom of the "Collections" section much more noticeable. I only now just noticed it, and had previously thought page 1 was it.   Great sale, great deals! Congrats to you and Courtney.
I'm between an Epaulet Medium and Small, and an Ashland Small fits me perfectly. The fits are just a bit different.
@jmaudi0: Great fit on you there. Probably won't bleed indigo as it's been rinsed and enzyme washed. Only now just noticing the tonal stitching on the engineer version of the shirt -- really nice touch.
 @slugworth: agreed with Don L that you should let the seat out. Ideally you'd exchange for one size up, but since you seem to be in Australia paying shipping costs would likely be more expensive than tailoring it.
 Congratulations rydenfan!!
Beatlegeuse a Forest-lasted boot (not shoe, though) might work for you. I have the same issue with the Alden Barrie last -- a tad wide for me for shoes, but great on a boot. Simpson as JezeC says is also slimmer, but has a chisel toe; you'd have to be into that.  IME any tweed would work in DC. As nathanl said tweed breathes more easily than flannel. Another thing to do is to go through every tweed and read the descriptions. Some will be described as shetlands and some as...
 Thanks for posting! I don't have a pic at the ready, but I also tend to wear with light grey trou. Suffice it to say, the jacket is beautiful and luxe. Don't lose out on this one.  Oh good I was worried you were going to do something out of the ordinary.   Not what I meant at all. I meant "Uh..." as in wow those are incredible.
If that jacket is anything like my gray herringbone donegal jacket, which has some blue in it (like the stripes), I match with basically anything that's not a medium gray trouser. I find mine extremely versatile.
New Posts  All Forums: