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    (jk man)   Also Frank, excellent as others have said.
^ Yeah apparently it's going to be this chilly for a week or more. Wearing my FF grey/purple flannel shirt and FF speckled gray/red tweed Daltrey for the "occasion."
I have two of each, and I prefer the Napoli. It's lighter in the whole shoulder area. I still do like the old Marcellos very much, but the Napoli is superior. Also I think the bemberg lining that Southwick uses for the Napoli is more breathable, which is great for summery fabrics.
  Yeah it's the same navy hopsack fabric for each. I special ordered a Napoli in navy hopsack a while back -- it's the same fabric.
  As Beatlegeuse said, if you order a short or long, the entire pattern is adjusted. Same if you special order an in-between size (I wear a 37 Napoli, for instance). One thing to bear in mind: HY's shoulders tend to be broader than Epaulet's. An HY 36 has a 17" shoulder, which is the shoulder measurement on an Epaulet 38. If you had a little room in the shoulders with the HY, an Epaulet 36R might be perfect for you anyway. Matt, Mike, and Adele are always happy to give...
  Or the clay or caramel. Really soft, and incredible colors.
  Good problems to have.   My opinion: White MOP buttons, Napoli construction (3/8 lined). I have an unlined silk/linen SC that I put white MOP buttons on last summer and have not looked back (although that one is navy-er).
  I just prefer a lighter summer trouser I suppose. Cuff if you like! I roll up my oxford cloth rivet chinos, but those are more casual.
^ Stand down. Do not cuff. Stand down.
Also -- still in favor of a snuff suede Inca-lasted three-eyelet chukka! The perfect dress/casual boot for fall...
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