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^ Rivet chino size 31.
  That was for a shell cordovan bal boot. Calf is less, I believe.
  +1. Go for a 32. It's easier to bring a trouser in than let it out (although with the Walts, it's of course possible to do both).     Mike, quick question about the Factory Finds cavalry twills. I'm noticing that they're wool. Was the medium grey cavalry twill you had in the Walt a FWs ago cotton or wool? I seem to remember it being cotton.   Are these fabrics similar, or will there be more contrast/more sheen on them?   Wish I could check out the swatches in person but...
Congrats SVB!! That's wonderful news!
^ Re your Carminas, I'm a 10.5D TTS, 10D in the Barrie, a 9.5UK in most Carminas, but took a 9UK for the double monks since I wear them with loafer socks/no socks. Some people do that -- it's up to personal preference.   Glad to hear your Oxford rivet sizing experiment worked out. Mine did wind up being cut slightly slimmer than my other new rivets (and I got my Oxford rivets a while ago). I think lighter fabrics just make up a big snugger, like the linen for Walts.
  The chinos do have a 36" inseam, I think. When the construction changed, I believe they got a half inch longer.
^ Inverallan did something similar a couple of FWs back, I believe. High demand, no web presence -- presumably to limit contact to stockists only and not individual customers.
Awesome. Have also been wearing my washed reds this summer. Is Alinea everything everyone says it is?Mike those wool rivet colors look great, and those tweeds for the Southwick jackets -- beautiful.
The burgundy shell dub monks.   Just incredible.
^ I have heard that the Technivorm is the best drip coffee maker that money can buy -- it just takes a lot of money (for a drip machine).   N.B. that grinding your own beans fresh will improve the results from any brew or extraction method dramatically.   Also re dark/light roasts -- sure, you can do a dark or light roast well or poorly. The most interesting coffee I've had over the past five years or so has been on the medium or light end of things. A good dark...
New Posts  All Forums: