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Depends on the exact leather, but the answer to most questions like this is Saphir Renovateur.
 Definitely good for office attire, even a fairly CBD office.
Hey Mike, is there an ETA for the sweatshirt? And will it launch in NY too?
^ Putting the gent in iGent.
 That's part of the EP Brooklyn store. Wish it were my closet!  Doing a special order for your first Walt would delay gratification significantly. Look into one of the tweed or flannel options on the website in your size if you want something sooner and that's not final sale. Sounds like you're likely a 36 as rydenfan said. Look in the product description for which tweeds are shetlands -- those are especially warm.
  That geelong cardigan is one of the better items of clothing I own. Like an Xmas present to yourself.
 +1 on this. Don't baby your shoes even if they're fancy. Shoes are meant to be worn. These look great!
Might be too late for this, but a pic for the fall 13 contest random drawing. Not going to win any awards (I look like I'm pregnant in this pic). Winter casual, with accessories in the background. Thanks to the guys at the shop for indulging me on this pic.     All Epaulet A/W 2013: Storm Navy Windowpane Flannel Shirt Birdseye Geelong Cardigan Heavyweight Taupe Chinos Carmina MTO Snuff Suede Chukkas
^ They just got married. Let them enjoy their honeymoon.
 Looking great tricky! Those Walts go very nicely with the duck Napoli.
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