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 Renovateur on everything. I don't know if I'd use heavy treatments like Obenauf's on scotch grain, even the tough kind. If you do, use a toothbrush and get it in around the welt, which is where water usually comes in and gets your feet wet. You can try to find those Tarrago Nano Protector or Saphir Invulner waterproofing sprays in Canada (they're aerosols and can't be shipped over international borders generally). A light application of wax and/or cream polish helps a...
 Agree, though cuffing a jean called the dad jean maybe defeats the purpose.
^ Like the dad wash, not the dad fit. Maybe it's just the picture angle. Sweater is excellent.
Legit question. No reason at all -- just looks cool. Same reason people buy patterned underwear.
Thanks for this! I love Mocc Socks. Just a fan of this pattern.With the shrinkage, are you speaking about their no show socks or their socks in general?
 Any ideas on this? Thanks.
 Very, very nice. Pics of both when they arrive please!
^ Also had a similar Panta from a while back that I sold a year or so ago.   Which YHNT did you get @Beatlegeuse? (FYI correct answer is both lightweight cashmeres )
Some yellow gingham paper arrived in the mail yesterday.   Mediocre iPhone pics of a sold out tie:           Love it. Can't wait until it's warm enough to wear it. This spring, in general, is incredibly strong so far. Might be the strongest collection of YHNT yet.
^ 2-3 months as I recall, but this is the first round with Gitman. My MTO shirt with Gitman took less than 4 weeks -- very speedy, but I believe that was during a slow time.   Also that Luigi Bianchi SC. Oh my goodness. It is the perfect unstructured SC.
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