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  From the FB link:   [[SPOILER]]   More pics in the Epaulet thread, with a YHNT:   [[SPOILER]]
  He did. See above.
Just saw on the Yellow Hook facebook page that Rob is donating 50% of all proceeds to the Wounded Warrior project. Lasts until Memorial Day. Really classy gesture, Rob.   FB link: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.560282047356010.1073741846.451604581557091&type=1
Epaulet has been raiding my wallet since 2009, and on the maybe one occasion that I had a less than stellar experience with a product, they backed it up 100%. Give them a call. They'll work things out.
I was joking with the 5". A DB -- that makes more sense anyway. Enjoy the tie!
  Nice tie. Your suit lapels look like they're about 5" wide.
Just noticed "(estimated value: $gold)"
  Erring on the larger side and getting the pants taken in tends to be the advice given here, especially for rivet chinos.
  Don't move buttons around. Find a tailor who will do the real thing, especially on a great garment like the navy hopsack Caine. Taking in the body of a jacket and shortening sleeves are typical, bread-and-butter operations for any alterationist. Once you have a versatile garment like that that fits you properly, you'll want to wear it often, as it you already want to!
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