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Thank you for the ID. Much appreciated.   If Carmina does not already have a similar pattern, they seem adept at cutting new ones.
Swung by the other day. Fall shirting is so fantastic -- both the Epaulet and Ashland shirting (among other things).
  Was just thinking that those looked very NAMOR-ish.   What's the brand of those boots in the pic? They aren't Carmina -- or are they?
  Oh, you actually have room in the Medium? Thought you didn't. In that case, it sounds like we have nearly identical measurements. Try that Ashland Small. I'm wearing one today, as it happens. They fit me better than any of my OTR and some of my MTM shirts.   NYR, fantastic. Glad to see that Vanda on you!
  Neutrino, I measure 37"-38" in the chest, depending on how you measure, and a Small Ashland fits me very well (an Epaulet Medium still has a bit of room for me). If an Epaulet Medium fits you very slim, you'd probably be able to wear either, but an Ashland Medium would have more breathing room. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have questions.
  Hell yes, especially in the postseason (TOO SOON???).     Funny, got one of those too.    
  Yeah, it looks great to me -- very fitted but not tight. Depends on if you're going for that look or not, but it looks ideal to me.   Welcome Adele!
^ As convenient as customizing fit might be, I think when you change measurements on shirting patterns, you have to basically redesign the entire pattern, which would be incredibly difficult and no doubt expensive -- which is part of the reason why MTM is pricey/outsourcing-prone in the first place.   I don't view Epaulet like I view MTM outfits. Forum feedback is obviously very important for them, but part of the appeal of Epaulet is that Mike and Adele have...
There's a rip the size of a quarter in the leg of my wine oxford chinos. Anyone have any services or NYC-area tailors/shops they'd recommend that would be able to darn them or otherwise repair them without using a patch? (Tried French American and Alice Zotta in midtown and they both said they wouldn't recommend reweavers.)   I thought of contacting a denim repair service since oxford cloth and denim are reasonably similar in construction (though obviously not...
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