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 Agreed.  As gherrmann says above, they'll customize your tie dimensions for you for a small fee (10 SGD I think). I get all my ties done from them in 3.25" x 59". Just send them an e-mail after you order and they'll send you a Paypal invoice for the fee.
 I cleared out all my Drakes recently in favor of Vandas. Drakes makes a great tie, but I prefer Vanda's style of construction and how their ties "express" each individual fabric. And I like supporting Gerald and Diana.  Vanda ties have never had a keeper loop.
NYC guys: Any recommendations for a good dry cleaner who will work with a wool-cashmere Daltrey with suede elbow patches? A drink was spilled on it on NYE. (It's the second one here from last fall.) The fabric's fairly delicate, and there's the suede, too, so it'd need a cleaner who specializes in leather.
I have three pairs of tweed Walts with a fourth (Chessboard tweed) on the way. I'm sure I'll pick up one or two more next fall. If, like me, you wear an odd jacket/sweater instead of a suit everyday, then they're the ultimate daily trouser for fall, winter, and early spring. I go from my superheated apartment to the cold outside to a heated subway car to the outdoors again to a heated office/classroom/library and feel comfortable the whole way. They're obviously warm, but...
^ Nice repps. Is that the H&S Gunclub lurking in the corner of the first pic? Have had that tie for 1+ years and love it.
 Definitely, but for me it's the hand-burnished scotch grain that's the stunner. That hand burnishing...!
180s-style earmuffs are fairly professional looking and keep your ears and head very warm -- that is, as long as you don't mind the top of your head getting cold. The ears are really the most important, though.   On the hat front -- a while back, Mike's mom hand knit a few hats that the store sold. I don't know if they ever made it online, but they were awesome. If I were a hat-wearing sort, I definitely would have picked one up.
 A special order then? My understanding is that all stock shoes are regular width.
 Love this as an overshirt. Well done.  Yep, it begins in earnest. Epaulet always has tweed outwear in the fall/winter. I think there are a few on sale, too.
 By "11 wide" do you mean "10UK/11US" as indicated on the Epaulet site?
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