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Making good on my promise from earlier, this is the tie @dieworkwear posted in the wild. A phone pic, but you can see the knot is not huge.     Love this tie. Knot is a FIH.
The gentle, substantial arch of the Gitman Ashland cutaway collar. The love affair continues.     (Both points always touch the body. My posture and neck were just off because I took the pic myself. SVB this was the shirt I read you as wearing in your previous pic.)
 I have the turquoise-grey and it's great.
 Mark Cho's knot is, I think, the easiest way to modify your knot to get more volume without going overboard (the DFIH looks a tad overboard to me).  I hate these arguments but I will say that the original post referenced probably would have looked better with a dimple, hence the comment. Agreed that a dimple is not always mandatory, though.
 Off topic but definitely interested to hear how you fare with the Paul Smith no shows. If you remember, you can PM me. Thanks for the info!
 I am wearing this tie today. It's wonderful. Will try to take a picture later.
 Great look SVB. That also looks like a tattersall Ashland shirt from a few years ago, if I'm not mistaken? And +1 to SVB's question about metal taps on Carminas; I'm fairly punishing to my shoes' heels and toes. I get rubber ones nailed on to the heels to prevent premature wear there, and because they're less slippery than metal ones (important for heels), but am interested in the metal ones for the toe. @cyc wid it You wear those charcoal flannel Walts extremely well and...
Up for sale is a Cottonwork cutaway collar dress shirt in a slim 15x33 (measurements below). The fabric is a beautiful blue, luxurious end-on-end -- 2-ply, 120s thread count. Thick mother of pearl buttons throughout. Made by request with no tag, so there's no tag shot. Worn twice, in perfect condition. A perfect staple shirt.          The shirt fits in line with slim Italian dress shirts in EU 38 (US 15). Casual shirt wearers will find that it fits between an...
 Congrats Matt! You did a great job designing this. A really nice piece.
 I don't own shoes in either, so I can't say. I've heard that the Rain generally takes the same size as the Forest or Soller.
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