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  Agreed. I have the full Brown Houndstooth suit and it's a go-to for me.
The Eisenhowers. The Carminas.   Wow.
  NYR, a classic way to wear a patterned sportcoat. (Your tie looks like a Panta shetlair and a Vanda shantung had a child.)   Your Carminas are aging nicely. Do you use any polish on them?
  Voted as well.
  Difficult to tell with all the urban decay and whatnot.  
  Yeah. For some people their torso proportionally makes up more or less of their height. I'm a fairly evenly proportioned person so it works for me (my inseam length is 31"-32" depending on the desired break/no break).     Post. Pics. Please. (When it arrives!)
  No comment as to the rest of your post, but I am 6' tall and wear a 38 with no problem (the Regular off the rack stock from Mike's Southwick garments, I mean).
  Trust me, they're pretty purple.
  Exactly where my mind went too.
  You know it.
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