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Another question, Mike: For this spring's LBM, will you be offering anything like that open weave blue chambray that's in the sale section? I'd buy that one but you're sold out of 46/36.
  QFT. Beatlegeuse you probably can't go wrong either way but I'm with SVB on this one.  Sweet, thanks. Ordered. SC + white pants + snuff suede Carmina fit pic available at your request. Also Mike true re black coming back around. At least in NYC, every slim under-35 guy seems to have gotten a pair of skinny black jeans in the last 6-9 months (including me, if you count deep black-indigo). Less sure about a black SC, though. I've been convinced by Epaulet before.
^ Is half an inch really going to be all that noticeable? I have a couple shorter-than-ideal jackets and they just look a tad more casual. I think this is really ideal for spring/summer-type fabrics.   Obviously you can't lengthen in this situation, but given your choice I'd go with the L length and wear it just a tad cropped. XL will give you insurance against regret, but you could get hit with a tailoring bill. I know my tailors both dislike shortening jackets and tend...
Sportcoats are best ordered at 7AM, before the rest of the day has a chance to distract you.   Mike/Matt, any chance of a natural light shot of the Scottish Light Tattersall, or is the swatch already back at Southwick?
Another Bell Gardens post: I had a Media Mail (non-Ep) package come through there recently and it absolutely dropped off the map for a week. However, it *did* reappear one week later in a sort facility in Jersey City, NJ (near NYC where I live). So perhaps you're one of the unlucky few like me to experience a slight delay. It should be fine, though.
 Thanks Mike. On the white denim, how tight will the stock be for that? And will they launch in NYC, too? I'm mostly set in the indigo denim department, but these special denims, especially the white denim, has piqued my interest. Also, for anyone on the fence about the white denim: I got the bone FF rivet chinos -- sort of like white denim done in a rivet chino style -- this past summer, and wore them constantly throughout the summer and fall. It definitely became a...
 Thanks! Ordered.
Mike & co, just looking at the additional FF fabrics posted up earlier. Which would you say is lighter and more breathable: the Pastel Summer Plaid, the RWB Madras, or the Gauzy Neutral Buffalo Check? Looking for something to wear in the humid NYC summer (hilarious to think about today).
Some Vandas are lined, actually (the product pages will say whether or not they are). The lining they use, though, is very lightweight springy pure wool. It's lighter than the lightest Hober lining that I've seen, so while it does add some structure, it doesn't mar their overall aesthetic.   Usually my Vandas are 100 to 120 USD, plus $14 for First Class International Delivery, which in my experience takes under a week. I tend to order two or three at a time, sometimes a...
 Yes!! But wait -- I notice the Ashland line isn't in among your three ways of shirting. Are you discontinuing the Ashland line as in-stock items? And will it still be available in an MTO capacity? All around, though, this is fantastic news. I'm so glad to be giving Gitman more business. They're an amazing shirtmaker and I think it's great, Mike, that you found a way to do your mainline shirting with them. Congratulations!
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