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Mike, great to hear about the Walt MTOs. As long as you're in trouser planning mode, I wanted to suggest a lightweight, light grey flannel. You ran a lightweight "pearl" flannel a couple of years ago that, once I removed the cargo pockets, became one of my most-worn pairs of pants. (Panta usually runs a lightweight light grey flannel every fall that appears to always sell through.) Could work in the MTO program, but I think it'd do well as an in-stock item, too. Excited...
Sold. Thanks all!
Sold. Thanks all!
 Wow -20F? Impressive. Which tweed Walts did you wind up going with?
All items ship with free USPS Priority Mail in the U.S. International shipping available at cost. All payments via Paypal, please. First to pay gets the items. And as always, feel free to PM with questions.     Quite a deal here on a pair of Epaulet Walt Grey Flannel Trousers. The flannel is a beautiful, deadstock medium grey wool flannel that's extremely soft. Unlike some other more tightly woven flannels, this one drapes easily, like a Super 120s wool, and breathes,...
 AS Cambridges, right? So you find their speedhooks safe for trouser hems? Have never owned AS boots and am considering these for foul weather wear next winter. Also socks in the first pic are excellent.
 FYI if it's insured for more than $200, sometimes your local post office (at their discretion) will request a signature.  Like everyone, have always been a fan of that white Stark. But even more, really like the casual flannel shirt choice here. It works really beautifully with the tie and jeans. Helpful and great to see casual shirt + tie pulled off well.
 Amazing jacket. Who's the maker?
   I also use a cedar tie hanger. Works great, and no need to purchase drawers or call in a contractor.
 For spring, my vote is for a teal as long as it isn't too florescent. Olive is a great OD OCBD color, but it leans more toward fall.
New Posts  All Forums: