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Those are so awesome. They're beautiful and fully lined -- like a wearable furnace.   I'm a true 31, and after flirting with buying 31s for a couple of years, I'm back on the 32 bandwagon. I just like having a tad bit of additional room for tucking in shirts, and always wear a belt with my chinos, jeans, and trousers. (Although with denim I size down because of The Dreaded Stretch.)   With the Walts, I'd encourage sizing up to a 32. Cotton trousers, when taken out, can...
  Seriously that looks great -- perfect for the Sunday after St. Patrick's Day! Although I wonder if the trou and socks aren't just a tad dark for those shoes. Perhaps it's the photo, though.
^ For the reddish one, I'd recommend the burgundy. It has a touch of purple in it, which is wonderful.
^ So the internet has reached Vermont, finally.   As I said in the other thread, very much looking forward to next Friday, Ed.
You're fine, man. Don't worry.   Wish I knew what Canali was when I was in college -- most likely would have thought it was an overrated Italian pastry.
Fantastic! Looking forward to the 23rd.
Snagged that burgundy birdseye. Brianpore, as always, is a wonderful seller to work with! And the goods are incredible, especially at these prices.
+1!   lol
Chill out man.
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