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  Southwick x EP Grey Donegal (with red flecks) SC Ashland (Gitman x EP) Tattersall Cutaway Shirt Navy Lambswool Flannel Walts, not pictured Carmina x EP jumper boots, not pictured
Today's Vanda is the Burnt Orange POW Check Fine Wool, unlined six-fold.     Could have used a PS but I was in a rush getting out the door.   Non-Vanda are Southwick and Gitman for Epaulet.
^ My forest green challis is one of my favorite summer ties (six-fold, lightly lined; wish I had gotten seven-fold unlined).
 But you will know, which is what matters. A classic wedding tie is appropriate also as a formal business tie. A non-silver-toned glen plaid tie is more versatile.
   Thanks guys! Eagerly awaiting the EPLA Fatherhood sub-sub-collection.
Quick pic from today of my recent MTO shirt and the cutaway collar I favor. Terrific fabric and turnaround time. I recommend the MTO process to everyone -- especially if you need something that Epaulet likely wouldn't stock, like a very CBD-ish cutaway collar bengal stripe shirt.  Gitman x Epaulet MTO Navy Bengal Stripe Ashland Shirt (fabric 310-41)Southwick x Michael Kuhle Wool-Cashmere Slate Blue POW DaltreyCharred Forest Wool Flannel Walts (unseen)Carmina x Epaulet MTO...
@TweedyProf et al., gingham ties are great for summer.   Today's Vanda is the Brown-Black Wool Crepe tie.     Non-Vanda are Southwick and Gitman for Epaulet.
 Was in the Manhattan store when the sample denim jacket was around, and I concur. It's incredibly well made and well fitting. I am not a denim jacket person, but I'm sorely tempted by this one! It's pretty terrific. Also re selvedge vs. non-selvedge for the OD denim: even super high end brands like Iron Heart will often use a non-selvedge denim for their OD jeans. I would probably pay the extra $25 for it, but at this price point I imagine a lot of others wouldn't. It...
 Nice. Fit pics whenever you can! Since you're in FL, you can probably wear linen ties right now! NYR is the Flax Cyclone Houndstooth something you see yourself running every spring, or is it a deadstock fabric?
 Great fit. Love the lining on that Barbour.
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