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  Fine merino knits actually do tend to contract a little when you wash them, but that's different than shrinkage (temporary vs. permanent). It's typical, in my experience, to have them tighten up on you and then stretch back out to the normal size after a wear or two. When it's wet, be careful not to stretch it out before it dries, though, and dry it flat. You should be A-OK.
Under 60 degrees in NYC, so I broke out the purple shetlands -- been waiting for an excuse to wear them. They're surprisingly soft for a chunky shetland tweed!   I own around 15 pairs of walts, 5 of which are tweeds. Need a 12-step program for tweed pants.
Actually what am I talking about -- I'd totally wear white dub monks.
^ Yeah. I'm wearing purple pants today, and brown is so much easier to match.     Would be more interested in green calf. Weren't those dress brogues you're talking about green calf? Have been waiting to get a green calf shoe in my life.   Don't know if I'd wear, but I still think a white (or off-white) suede dub monk with brass buckles would be the shit.
  Happy anniversary to you and Adele! House and fit pic both look great.
^ I think Mike, though, said that Carmina closes for several weeks in August, if not the whole month -- so perhaps that led to increased lead time?
  I have them. They're incredibly versatile, as the green tone is very dark. Color 8, I think, is the natural match for it, and that herringbone jacket looks like it'd be fine with it.   The fabric is so soft that when you wear them it almost feels like flannel.
I also have a Marcello (the blue/white cotton-silk nailhead) and love it.
  Saw them today. Tried the suede one on. They'd all look good on a younger guy, and man... that suede. That is probably the best casual jacket I've ever seen.
  Agreed. I have the full Brown Houndstooth suit and it's a go-to for me.
New Posts  All Forums: