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  Hahahaha QFT.   Really looking forward to seeing what's in the next Carmina shipment!
^ Looks a little too Anglo for Epaulet x Carmina.   I'm a big fan of super slim toes, but on a boot, I think the Forest last is really ideal. (It also gives other the opportunity to order in wide widths -- which I don't need either, but is good for everyone.)
  Terrific. Thanks!
Are there any plans to restock the Rogue Territory Dark Stanton?
Oh look, a tattersall. Guess that means I have to buy it.
  Any Carmina in caramel calf. Wearing the carmel calf dub monks right now.
  Nice fit Rob -- very fitted with exactly proper sleeve length, which is how I like my Ashlands.   I also take an Epaulet Medium and Ashland Small, so you're in good company!
  This. Please. With shiny brass hardware. I think Mike might have had ideas about this previously.   BTW Mike's said before that the extended shaft boots are high enough that not having speed hooks would be a pain. Still, it would look baller.
  Ahh yes love the styling choice -- pink Ashland + navy suit is such a win. Something I've worn many times.
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