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 Your grenadine DFIH looks especially nice. You're right that it's all in the technique, though. Very nearly all of my ties are unlined seven-folds or lightly lined six-folds and I never get that off centered knot on either. Spoo btw has said that he ties his ties like the Armoury's Mark Cho: http://vimeopro.com/thearmoury/tie-tying/video/50828730 Many useful videos in the above link, including some forum members.
All sold. Thanks everyone! Closing thread.
 I'm a 37R, and "sized down" to a 46EU/36US. Most people go true to size.
^ On my Hobers, the twill goes horizontally.
@chocsosa That jacket is very nice -- looks exactly like an LBM I just picked up.
 Keep your finger on the trigger!
All items ship with free USPS Priority Mail in the U.S, tracking and insurance included. International shipping available at cost. All payments in USD via Paypal, please. First to pay gets the items. And as always, feel free to PM with questions. (Cross-listed from MC.)     Polar vortices be damned. It's time to start thinking about warmer weather. Up for sale is a beautiful Epaulet Marcello jacket made in a blue/white cotton-silk nailhead. A soft-shouldered jacket made...
 ^ Direct sunlight is the best way to see any kind of color variegation in a fabric, including denim fading and all the colors in a tweed. The EPLA shirts look great. Would love a deeper v-neck. And in fact, would love a really, really deep v-neck to wear as an undershirt. I wear these American Apparel "The Summer Shirt" as undershirts now. They fit all right, but the quality is terrible. Would love to get some EP in on that.
 A sale endorsement! Much appreciated. Some spam, then: Do check out the jacket in my sig, folks. Thanks. @leftofthedial Matt that sweater is amazing.
 All this talk about the Driggs -- going to have to go try them. Lagsun did your inseam shrink with a normal wash, or did you have to dry them to shrink them? Also how much did they shrink -- the usual 0.5" or so for cotton?
New Posts  All Forums: