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 I also have the browns, which are a wonderfully rich, dark brown that I'm really into. Would have gotten the charcoal too if I didn't already have several gray heavyweight trousers in my closet.
 @wj4 has a great fit from a while back of the pythons with a gray suit. Classic everywhere except the pythons -- looks great. Wear them like you'd wear brown shoes.
Very nice @arnathor. I can never make royal oxford work myself -- good to see it on someone else.
 Yes, I'm 6' tall, which influenced my decision. Why the shoe/boot difference, though?
 My two cents: I put a 2" cuff on all my heavier wool Walt trousers.
^ Agreed with @Beatlegeuse. My Walt 32s are perfect in the waist and a bit loose in the thighs, and I can take a Wilshire 31 for a very slim fit. If, like you @tigerpac, my Walts fit less loose, I'd think my regular Walt size or one up would work perfectly. You can also take your rivet chino size if that's different from your Walt size.
  ...go for that fourth fold!  @TweedyProf A belated reply to your interesting post. My rules for grenadines are as follows: Fina: four-fold, very lightly lined, handrolled, untipped. Piccola and grossa: seven-fold, unlined, handrolled, untipped This, for me, produces ties that tie excellent FIH and DFIH knots, as well as allowing for the light, airy quality of grenadine silk to be more naturally expressed. Anything heavier than a very light lining, I believe, makes...
IME: My shirts are about 60% NE (old Ep) and 40% Gitman (Ashland or GBV), and the Gitman shirts seem to always have much nicer fabrics and superior construction. In particular, Gitman collars are amazing, and their shoulder is constructed in such a way that the rest of the shirt doesn't move as much/at all when I move my arm. It's enough to make me want to replace all of my shirts with Gitman shirts.Thanks -- will do.
 Oh hey! That came in? Let me know when/where I can pick it up. Also that's navy blue/white, right? That's what the swatch said and what it looks like on my monitor. And last, re the EPLA washed oxfords, it's pretty amazing to see a quality, made-in-the-USA shirt of Japanese oxford for under $100.
Same as this jacket. Shots courtesy of StanleyVanBuren:         Size Euro 48/US 38. Yours for SOLD.
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