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  The pinpoint oxford fabric is pretty dressy, and cutaway collars, in my opinion, are the best option with suits.   With navy suits, I'm a fan of ginghams and tattersalls as well, and Epaulet's ginghams are done in great fabrics. If you click on the shirting area of the website, there's actually a "Dress" section with a bunch of options.
^ Exactly.
  NYR you still have power down there? Stay safe with the fam!   The energy from my elation at the Giants winning the World Series is probably what has kept the lights on this long up here.     Nice Veilance jacket. B&S is definitely the source for those.   (Mike I saw Damon at Minibar last night with I think this exact same fit -- he may just not have gone to sleep.)   Excited for when the rains stop and I the Navy Label shirting drops!
  Quoted for awesome.
  Alden wingtip boots are great, and the way Mike and co do the Brixton is perfect -- Barrie last with all eyelets (I've always thought that the Barrie is a great boot last first and foremost). The burgundy calf and natural cxl Brixton are really terrific too. The Sinclair is just a tad sleeker, and the silhouette is different. Mostly, though, I like Camina's shell shades better. Saddle and burgundy shell are just stunning.   They're both fantastic -- not a bad choice to...
^ You don't wear yours often? I wear mine constantly. They're excellent, although I like the Carmina version (the Sinclair) even better...
Great stuff here! Hoping for some size 48 restocks...
^ For the navy bal, it seems like a matching/dark edge would be best.   However! A burgundy or dark green calf version seems like a natural fit for a lighter/antiqued/brown edgetrim...   Dark green calf, anyone?
^ "Media." Gosh.   Yeah the suede/brown calf combo looks terrific.
  Agreed re not buttoning the top button. It looks good enough that I'd absolutely pick up the matching trousers to make it a suit.
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