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  YES -- if that fabric still exists, that is...
Noticed that the Dark Stanton JPS now has a Kurabo selvedge "dark indigo" denim, whereas the previous Dark Stantons used a Kaihara non-selvedge "dark navy overdyed" denim.   Why the change? And what are the major differences in the denims? -- especially in regard to how the jeans will wear and fade, obviously.   Thanks.
  You said it. I also appreciate that Mike's explains why he chooses all of his makers -- really interesting stories to hear. Being a Bk small business is, for me, a big one, too. And it helps that everyone in the shop is awesome.     Yeah, it does...
  No prob. Will be happy to post pics, but -- again, it'll likely be a week or so until I'm able to.   Also, final 2012 Factory Finds are up on the old site!
^ Awesome.
  Yes, the cargo pocket can be removed. I have another Flannel Cargo Walt (the "Pearl Flannel," if any of you remember) that I had the pockets removed on, and you can't even tell they were there. I'm about to do that to the medium gray Flannel Cargo Walts I also picked up. If you're willing to wait a week or so, I'm happy to post pics of how it turns out. EDIT: Also you can just get the thighs taken out, too.   FYI I wouldn't recommend this for a tougher fabric. I think...
^ Get that light right for the pics -- especially of the two side by side! Would be great to see.
I do think that Rain last boot looks pretty baller, though. Would be better-proportioned as one of Carmina's blucher boots I think. The Carmina bal boot has too much volume in the ankle for such a slim toe.
  Agreed. Shell polish is generally wax, which doesn't moisturize much, if at all -- it just restores/evens out color and very marginally protects the shell from water/weather. Since it has that minor sealing effect, you want to make sure your shell is very well moisturized before you polish, which is what Saphir Renovateur or Venetian Creme will do. Mike sells Renovateur, which IMO is an indispensable shoe care product. I use it on all fine leathers, including Carmina...
^ EU48 snagged.
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