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^^ Studies in contrast
 Does this mean a Dark SK (like the Dark Stanton) in overdyed/black-indigo denim? Speaking of which, are there any fade pics of the new selvedge Dark Stantons around the internet? Nearly everything is of the old non-selvedge versions. Ideally something that's more than just the 4-months-in-you-guys pics -- 1 yr+?
^ I have the LP Donegal Cashmere, and can't imagine my wardrobe without a medium brown donegal tie. Kop immediately.
Nice coat. I like the rather pronounced lapels. I hope Southwick can do something similar. What is the appeal of working buttons on an overcoat? I have one with working buttons but never use them. (On an SC on the other hand I think they're great.)
Also interested in a normal-ish navy overcoat. Have been for some time, but in a double-breasted peak lapel model.
 The Porsche or the belt?  Also looks like the prayers of all you long-sleeve polo guys have been answered. The speckled "tweed" cotton looks fantastic.
Also wondering what the status of the snuff suede chukka is.
 Late to this conversation but my experience also is that tweeds breathe slightly more easily than flannels. Mike's advice to start out with the Oxford Grey Flannels is excellent. Ultimately you may prefer the feel or look of one fabric over another. The one thing flannel has going for it is that you can pick it up in a variety of different weights very readily. A lightweight flannel trouser is really the bees knees for fall and early spring. That being said, tweed is...
Q. When will my Alden special order come in? A. Waiting for Alden special orders is like waiting for Godot.
 As I recall, Mike got a crazy one-off deal on the fabric, so if it's not all gone it's probably pricey.
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