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@venividivicibj Technically yes they're slightly less formal, but it's really about the cut of the suit and/or the type/use of jacket. @katabatic is right that dinner jackets traditionally have either peaked or shawl lapels, but honestly it's not a huge deal (especially with a casual/novelty fabric). Peaked lapels are only traditional/mandatory these days on double-breasted jackets, where they look absolutely great -- and they look better on a DB overcoat than an Ulster...
The notch lapels make it easier to wear casually. If it were a 38/37, especially in a short length, I'd get the lining taken out and wear it with shorts all summer.
^ Is that a quilted SC over a Stark/Stark-like cardigan, or is that all one outerwear piece?
Do any of you have any experience using a sleeking bone on calfskin? Not a deer bone (which you can't use on calf), but a sleeking bone, like this one at KAHP: http://www.hangerproject.com/abbey-horn-sleeking-bone.html   I don't have welts on my calf, but it does get scuffed quite a bit.
I guess the combination of camo and boat shoes had to happen at some point.
 So, so good, but these for me are the real winners. Are the cashmeres very lightweight? The LP blend is probably also my fave. Reminds me of this Panta shetlair I once owned (but got rid of because it knotted too hugely) -- only better.
All items ship with free USPS Priority Mail in the U.S. (lower priced items may go first class), with free tracking and Priority insurance. International shipping available at reduced cost. All payments via Paypal, please. First to pay gets the items. And as always, feel free to PM with questions. 1. Up for sale is a NWOT Drakes thick silk repp twill tie in a rich dark red. The twill adds a great deal of visual interest to the tie, making it much more interesting than...
  Same thoughts on both counts. Oh well it's not like there's been a massive A/W sale going on anyway... 
^ The charcoal grey inner collar tips it from meh to gross for me.
Someone should def pick up that Geelong. Bought it at full price myself and would do it again. Probably my favorite piece I picked up this past season.
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