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^ My favorite summer shirt.
  You could just get them hemmed. No cuff to show that way.   Also, you could go for a Walt if you need a more traditional trouser instead of a chino (allowing for a traditional cuff, as many guys here do).
Music to my ears, and wouldn't want them washed anyway. If you can get your hands on any luxe fabric for these espresso brown smallish-wale cords, I'd pay a little extra for these.Looking forward to the MTO program getting off the ground!
Hey Epaulet crew, Question about the forthcoming Rivet Chino MTO program: Will the five-pocket jean configuration be available? Mike posted that different pocket configurations would be available -- "4. Bunch of different pocket options (flaps, coin pocket, welts, etc)" -- and was hoping the five-pocket jean was a part of that. Asking because I've been looking for the perfect slim dark brown/espresso small-medium wake cords with the five-pocket config, and would...
  I got a navy Epaulet suit (not the 120s, but very similar fabric) after my cadet gray -- great to have both.
Congrats Mike and Adele! That's fantastic to hear. We'll miss you in Brooklyn, though!   Looking forward to new product coming out of the LA home base, too.
@dupedd (quote function on the SF website isn't working):   For the Cotton/Cashmere FF rivets, which I also have, I'd dry clean them as the tag suggests. They have a fair amount of cashmere in them and probably shouldn't be washed. Matt alerted me to this a while back -- thanks Matt!
^ Yeah, I think the 3-eyelet Soller config will make the chukka easy to dress up and down.
  Thanks -- also thinman helped me narrow down details via PM. The goal was the ultimate fall shoe.   A huge thanks is owed to James, who suggested the Soller-3-eyelet configuration and nudged the makeup along. Thanks man!
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