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 Yeah it seems like your steez. Thanks for the kind words. And another thanks for your post on the Doyle -- EP products always have such great backstories.
Odd angle and lighting makes the knot look weird, but still -- yesterday's Vanda, both tie and PS:     Moss Green with Orange Flowers wool-silk tie Birds of Paradise pocket square (non-Vanda is Southwick and Gitman for Epaulet)
Odd angle and lighting, but still, yesterday's Southwick:  Southwick x Mike Navy Hopsack NapoliAshland (Gitman x EP) Pink Gingham Cutaway Collar ShirtEP Pearl Grey Lightweight Flannel Walts (unseen) -- bring these back!Carmina x EP Snuff Suede Chukkas (unseen) [[SPOILER]]
@europrep You have the best non-chunky sweaters. Great all around.
From this blog entry:
Yes, love the tweed especially.
I know what you mean, but somehow they work for me.Crat are they Galways?
What exactly is the DWR canvas? How is it different from the usual duck canvas?Here I thought you guys were just talking about overpriced furniture (JK) It is very nice.
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