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@clarinetplayer Is that an O'Connell's shetland? Agreed. On my POW jackets I wear either solid or stripes, taking care that the scale of the stripe is different from the scale of the POW.
Agreed. I don't cuff linens so I can wear them casually as well as part of more trad fits. A cuff with sneakers just doesn't work for me, but a plain bottom hem does double duty. (I never wear my tweeds with sneakers, of course, so I can cuff away with those.)
Like others, I also find it roomy width-wise, but well-proportioned in most other respects. It seems like it's made for a chukka or casual blucher. I wouldn't use it on a more formal shoe and/or a boot.
For those of you who have bought J Crew's patterned no-show socks, specifically these striped ones, have you found them to shrink very much? I tried on a pair and they seem quite roomy for no-show/loafer socks, and I have size US 10.5 feet. They'd have to shrink a bunch to work.   (thinking optimistically ahead to warm weather...)   These socks:  
Wow the pics for the blue digicamo chino are up and it looks amazing, especially the cuffs.   Also the Wool/Cash/Mink trousers have been keeping me nice and warm throughout all this cold weather we've been having out east. If you're on the fence, don't be.   Despite the cold, looking forward to those Gitman warm-weather MTO shirting fabrics discussed a few pages back. Hoping for that white zephyr oxford I saw in the book. Are those still coming soon?
It does look Soller-ish. Even if it's not, the Soller is unbelievably comfortable on the snuff chukkas we group MTO'ed this past fall. Highly recommended for all chukkas. Looks well-proportioned on that three-eyelet model, too.   If we group MTO now, when's the estimated delivery? Should we be thinking summer shoes at this point?
Great new stuff! Grabbed one.
All sold. Thanks everyone! Closing thread.
^ I've seen Nick do the thumb press before. I have a soft spot on a pair of 403s that he said was fine. He said the key thing is if it's spongy/weak; then it needs replacing.
Good luck @neutrino!  Another perspective on this: I find cuffs these days to be more traditional, and generally to look better on odd trousers than on suits, and with heavier fabrics. The key is getting the cuff height and trouser width in line with your body's own proportions. I'm 6' tall, and with my size 32 walts (8" width), I do a 2" cuff. Tried 2.5" once, and it looked too big. Generally shorter guys do shorter cuffs, but that's not a hard and fast rule. The best...
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