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Congrats on the opening!! Would love to see some pics whenever you all have a chance. Have a blast!
^ Specs = spectators, in this instance, I believe.  
  Hmm, you mean the Ironwood? Kopped that last year. Easily among my top 2 or 3 favorite Walts. Similar to the Salt & Pepper in terms of variegation and contrast -- in a different color tone, of course.
^ Yeah, sorry, just to back up -- what is dark cognac? Is it just cognac shell with antiquing, or a totally separate shade? I haven't heard of it either. Sounds intriguing though.   The flat welt is just really versatile. Carmina's lasts, in the grand scheme of shoes, are fairly sleek, and especially with shell I think the flat welt is the way to go.   +1 for York sole.
According to FB it's wool/cash.   (as in NYR will take your cash for it)
^ No prob -- hope you enjoy the Guncheck Walts! See your PMs for tracking info.   Incotex still available. Still plenty of summer left.
  It's a basic operation for any tailor and works well on Walts. I've done it on a few of mine.     Agreed 100% (or I guess 108.875%). Hope the opening of the CA store goes well!   Another voice for the Nightshade Flannel. Incredible trousers, and, with the tweeds, a pretty serious first fall drop for mid-August.
  I am a 37 and have been known to wear a 38...     Agreed about this -- even if it's only the top button, like on the current stock 5-pocket items.
Rob I like how you've been a professional vacationer these past few months. An inspiration to us all!
^^ Details really make it AAS. Not a supporter of the shooz, but otherwise incredibly nice. That seersucker shirt is golden.
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