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 I am wearing this tie today. It's wonderful. Will try to take a picture later.
 Great look SVB. That also looks like a tattersall Ashland shirt from a few years ago, if I'm not mistaken? And +1 to SVB's question about metal taps on Carminas; I'm fairly punishing to my shoes' heels and toes. I get rubber ones nailed on to the heels to prevent premature wear there, and because they're less slippery than metal ones (important for heels), but am interested in the metal ones for the toe. @cyc wid it You wear those charcoal flannel Walts extremely well and...
Up for sale is a Cottonwork cutaway collar dress shirt in a slim 15x33 (measurements below). The fabric is a beautiful blue, luxurious end-on-end -- 2-ply, 120s thread count. Thick mother of pearl buttons throughout. Made by request with no tag, so there's no tag shot. Worn twice, in perfect condition. A perfect staple shirt.          The shirt fits in line with slim Italian dress shirts in EU 38 (US 15). Casual shirt wearers will find that it fits between an...
 Congrats Matt! You did a great job designing this. A really nice piece.
 I don't own shoes in either, so I can't say. I've heard that the Rain generally takes the same size as the Forest or Soller.
 FWIW I found the Inca double monk a tad wide and sizing down a half size worked very well for me. That is, I'm a TTS US 10.5D, Alden Barrie/Trubalance 10D, Carmina Forest/Soller/all other lasts 9.5 UK, Carmina Inca 9 UK. Mike also has recommended tongue pads. I've used these too and they're great: http://www.amazon.com/Pairs-Large-Tongue-Shoes-Adhesive/dp/B0030KSCCA
You should be fine with the rivet chinos. The leg is slim, but not so slim that it can't fit over a boot shaft, even a tall one. They'd probably look great with the chinos.
 Very nice. I have that shirt and wouldn't have thought to wear it with an SC like that. Will definitely be stealin yr steez in the future.  Great to hear! Mike is a full size run of the white denim going to make it to the NYC stores? I wanted to try on both the 30 and the 31. Either LES or Bk is fine.
Sold. Thanks all!
Sold. Thanks all!
New Posts  All Forums: