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Are there any plans to restock the Rogue Territory Dark Stanton?
Oh look, a tattersall. Guess that means I have to buy it.
  Any Carmina in caramel calf. Wearing the carmel calf dub monks right now.
  Nice fit Rob -- very fitted with exactly proper sleeve length, which is how I like my Ashlands.   I also take an Epaulet Medium and Ashland Small, so you're in good company!
  This. Please. With shiny brass hardware. I think Mike might have had ideas about this previously.   BTW Mike's said before that the extended shaft boots are high enough that not having speed hooks would be a pain. Still, it would look baller.
  Ahh yes love the styling choice -- pink Ashland + navy suit is such a win. Something I've worn many times.
  Pants and sportcoats and shoes and shirts and outerwear for starters.
^ I've also been looking for a waterproofing agent for fine calfskin. I've been trying Afta Guardsman (on Nick of B. Nelson's suggestion) on my caramel calf dub monks and will report back.
  The pinpoint oxford fabric is pretty dressy, and cutaway collars, in my opinion, are the best option with suits.   With navy suits, I'm a fan of ginghams and tattersalls as well, and Epaulet's ginghams are done in great fabrics. If you click on the shirting area of the website, there's actually a "Dress" section with a bunch of options.
New Posts  All Forums: