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@Epaulet Mike, very nice looking DB. Congrats on the new suiting program! They're fantastic pieces and really blow everything else at that price point clear out of the water. Will the EFF swatches be available to see in store today? Would be great to look at them while I pick up my new Individualized shirt that just came in. And great new collar on @NewYawker! Hoping all new shirting developments come with appropriate Phil Collins lyrics.
For very light silks, it can help keep the tie in place if you tie a knot that's slightly more substantial than a FIH, like a Pratt knot or the knot Mark Cho ties here: https://vimeopro.com/thearmoury/tie-tying/video/50828730Though honestly I just let lighter silks do whatever they want. I like having ties wear a bit differently based on the fabric and construction.
 Context and occasion are important of course, and given that it's a 50th wedding anniversary in a hotel ballroom I think it's fair to expect everyone to dress well. Any occasion where you are celebrating anyone is an occasion to dress well to express respect and admiration for the people being celebrated. I went to a university graduation recently and wore a suit despite it being very hot and humid (the REDA Crosshatch EP suit, btw). Any momentary discomfort one might...
This sounds fantastic. Too bad about the delay, but sounds like an amazing fabrication. Hoping for multiple colorways!
 I think the people cry out for all kinds of interesting shantungs! Especially stripes and generally unexpected patterns.
  Good advice here. Taking in 2+ inches will likely also cause the side pockets to not look quite right. There's always interesting stuff in stock, and good MTO stuff coming down the pipeline.
 Fantastic. Will the shantungs take some time to get in, or is this something that could be available in the near future? Just wondering whether to hold off, in case I could bundle shipping with my existing order you're putting together right now.
 This is great news! Thanks Gerald. Will we need to do a preorder for the shantungs?
 I was picking up some items in store when the sample was in, so I got to try it on. After, Mike told me the price and I was very surprised. It's an excellent suit, and a great value. @avsmusic1 I wear a 37 in Southwick (also an in between size) and the 38 seemed like a great fit.
 Thanks so much for this. I really appreciate it! You wear it very well.
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