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 Nahh, that's pretty brown. A blue overcheck/windowpane doesn't mean you can't wear with navy pants, and in both cases the dominant color is brownish.
 Brown SCs are natural matches for grey and navy pants -- or tan/khaki for that matter, as long as the tones don't match too much. IMO brown-toned SCs are very versatile. The rusty tattersall looks perfect for that kind of thing. Also the navy isn't so dominant that you couldn't still wear with navy pants. It looks like a winner to me. Would definitely jump on that if I weren't already getting two Harris Tweed SCs. 
 Congratulations!!!  They aren't stocked, but if you e-mail the shop you can order different lengths, including longs, for most Southwick fabrics.
 Haha appreciate the pun. I completely sympathize with your pattern comments. All week, though, I had been solid-solid-pattern up top, and I was itching to mix it up.
 Haha in NYC leather jacket weather starts in October. In this humidity, I get envious of northern climates. Grabbed the blackgrape and vintage black loopwheeled tees, and the darker (rinsed) pique tee. And I'm still seriously considering those henleys. Mike told me that to nail the vintage black tone, he sent the dye house an old Metallica t-shirt. Every time I wear the shirt now, I think of "The Four Horsemen."
Real Parking Lots of New Jersey       Southwick x Epaulet SC Vanda tie Epaulet linen trou Carmina chukkas Kent Wang PS
Up for sale is an Epaulet x Southwick warm weather sportcoat in a beautiful 50-50 silk-wool glen plaid fabric with a subtle windowpane. The SC is in Epaulet's "Napoli" shape, an unstructured, soft shouldered shape with 3/8 lining and lightweight construction. The fabric is breathes very well, but doesn't wrinkle readily like linen. The construction and the fabric make this an ultimate warm weather sportcoat, wearable in spring, summer, and fall. Worn only 3 times. I'm only...
    Vanda blue/red striped silk-linen Japanese grenadine tie
  Southwick FF linen/wool guncheck NapoliNavy linen waltsCarmina GMTO snuff suede chukka  [[SPOILER]]
 The swatch pics that are already up are photos of the actual swatches, not scans. I've seen them in person and online, and the online photos are very color accurate.  Truth. The Harris Tweeds alone are killer.
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