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Up for sale is an original Temple of Jawnz A2 bomber jacket in brown calfskin. Calling this a staple would be accurate, but would also vastly underestimate how beautiful the jacket is and how meticulous the craftsmanship is. Leather jacket season is just around the corner, and this is exactly the way to start it off right. The jacket is made of a gorgeous, top-shelf brown calfskin that surpasses many reputable bootmakers in terms of quality. This is also a second edition...
 I know I know I know. I'm also wearing it today with seersucker Walt shorts. The fabric really softened up after the second wash.
For the grey shirt, a twisted yarn/heathered would be great. Most heathered grey shirts out there are awful polyester blends.
Two more new Vandas:       Blue-Red striped linen-silk Japanese grenadine tie Vibrant Gardens kimono silk PS
Summer Hopsacks   Southwick navy hopsack Napoli SCPale grey hopsack/fresco WaltsAshland/Keystone cutaway collar MTO shirt  [[SPOILER]]
 Mike discussed it on the previous page. They're close-ish but still working on it.  Thanks! Those Juniper Linen Walts are the truth.
Blue-Green Linen Everything (featuring a new acquisition)       Vanda 100% linen green herringbone tie
Blue-Green Linen Everything  Ashland/Keystone lavender chambray shirtLBM navy linen SCJuniper linen WaltsCarmina caramel calf dub monks  [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
  If you want a large-weave tie, go for a straight-up silk knit like this: http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/accessories/products/flat-end-silk-knit-tie-solid-midnight
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