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 Photos please! Cannot wait for my Foggy Bog Moss SC. Maybe the fact you received yours means mine is not far behind? It's 70 degrees in New York but I can still feel tweed season around the corner...
+1•10^8. Green-tone wool pants are an incredible asset in a fall wardrobe. I wear mine from a few seasons ago all the time. In general I wear green-tone pants very often. Also @nd1nd2nd3 I have both the Nightshade Flannel and Navy Flannel and boy am I glad I do!@edubs01 I own multiple shades and fabrics of a given color flannel and am very glad I do. Like for grays, I have Pearl Gray (lightweight), the Charcoal Birdseye (moderate), and the Chessboard Tweed (heavy, dark)....
 They go with everything. Just wear them like you'd wear any gray pant and don't think too much about it. I wear them constantly. Recently there's actually been some discussion at MC Casual about wearing gray flannel trousers casually, which I do all the time. Recommended! I really find that all of my non-formal Walts, like flannels and hopsacks and tweeds, are outrageously versatile.
 It's the Dark Olive Shadow Windowpane. There were, I think, only two units available during last year's Southwick Harris Tweed MTOs. Wonder who snagged the other. It's a fave of mine. I've got the Foggy Bog on the way, though, in an unstructured shoulder.  Will post photos when that gets in.
Getting ready for colder weather with Harris Tweed, patch pockets, smoke mother of pearl buttons, and dueling windowpanes. (...which I am wearing casually these days; X-post)      
 Wonderful. Is that a royal oxford underneath it all?
Getting ready for colder weather with Harris Tweed, patch pockets, smoke mother of pearl buttons, and dueling windowpanes.      
@clarksdb The Pearl Gray Flannel Walts have been a winter go-to for a long while -- since EP ran the trouser as a one-off years ago before it became a stock fabric. It's pretty much a perfect three-season trouser. (Though as I see you live in TO, maybe not for the darkest depths of winter!)   Whoa, those moleskin trousers. Walt game is on point. Good news for those of us who cannot live on rivets alone!  
Not to distract from the horsehide festival, but oh man the two new flannel Walts are incredible.
 Mike I feel like we talked about doing a GMTO of this back in the Carmina days. I'd almost certainly be down for this either in white suede or polo/noix/light tan suede. Can the suede PTBs be made unlined? Also FWIW I prefer the Alden Alt Wein medallion versus the Vass (I'm not sure I'd actually buy one with the suede PTBs on the way)... What I'm really a fan of is Alden's Plaza last medallion, which is done in a more pronounced ram's head shape. I dislike the fit of the...
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