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 Interesting. I've learned to go with the amazingness of a fabric over color preference, but still want to see the video. Thinking of a Driggs for these. Also, for the wool-cashmere trousers, how wearable in NYC summer would you say they are? I remember them when you carried them as a stock item, and it's an amazing fabric, but unsure of how hot you can go.
 Thanks Mike. Though now I have to say I'm looking at two fabric I didn't notice before -- the Heavy Walnut Brushed Twill and the Thick and Cozy Brushed Olive Canvas -- for a casual, everyday cold weather cotton pant. I generally prefer twills over canvasses but the "thick and cozy" moniker makes it pretty appealing! Which, would you say, is heavier and/or more breathable? Also, I'm wondering if the Walnut fabric has a red or pink cast, or whether that's just my computer...
 Saw them in Hermosa Beach recently while I was in LA. They're fantastic. Also that Hermosa Beach location is great!  Thanks for this Mike. I really appreciated it! In terms of fabrics, the cords you've got look pretty nice! They also look like they're done in a fairly narrow wale. Is that right? Like the green cord fabric from the January 2016 Southwick EFF, or on a previous 2015 RC EFF? They look to be much narrower and "straightforward" a fabric than, say, the recent...
Post of the week.Mike, interested to hear more about those changes at Hertling you were talking about (and the EFF ofc).
 I know, I love my dark brown suede Mulberry. And wow, some of those November casual fabric adds to Fall 2016 Individualized casual shirting are amazing (just went out in the newsletter). I could see those cotton-linen denim twills getting wear every season.
Memories of warmer days.     EP x Southwick Persian blue windowpane suit EP x Gitman shirt EP x Carmina caramel calf double monks (not pictured)   Vanda tie and PS
@metranger8694 another voice saying that you should get the waist taken in and not sell all your trousers. Having the waist taken in one size away is usually fine.   Also to your original post, where you said that the size 33 you bought had a 34 waistband: most men's trousers, including all EP trousers, have a waistband that measures one inch larger than the tagged size. That's by design.   One exception to this is some very high waisted pants like the Gable, which is...
 Did it. Danube Blue kopped. Also went with the H&S pinstripe pocket bags. Details are important!
 Seems to me that business casual is exactly what they're meant for. What Rivets are people getting at the discount deadline tonight? Getting a Cav Twill for sure, probably the Danube Blue. Tempted by the donegals, too, though honestly I own so many flannel and tweed Walts it seems like that'd be getting excessive.
Great news on a rainy Thursday: Adele (@EpauletFemme) just e-mailed to say that the Rivet EFF just dropped. Looking forward to having the Chocolate Magenta Fleck Tweed around for the fall. Just the thing now that yesterday's 85-degree heat has given way to real fall.
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