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Summer Hopsacks   Southwick navy hopsack Napoli SCPale grey hopsack/fresco WaltsAshland/Keystone cutaway collar MTO shirt  [[SPOILER]]
 Mike discussed it on the previous page. They're close-ish but still working on it.  Thanks! Those Juniper Linen Walts are the truth.
Blue-Green Linen Everything (featuring a new acquisition)       Vanda 100% linen green herringbone tie
Blue-Green Linen Everything  Ashland/Keystone lavender chambray shirtLBM navy linen SCJuniper linen WaltsCarmina caramel calf dub monks  [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
  If you want a large-weave tie, go for a straight-up silk knit like this: http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/accessories/products/flat-end-silk-knit-tie-solid-midnight
 Pssh. Piccola is where it's at.   But yeah, anxious to see that Farmer's Check!
Anyone pick up the new linen blend sweaters? Wondering about the hand on the fabric. Sometimes those blends can be crazy itchy. Any first impressions?
 Ain't that the truth. @sacafotos I don't think there's any bleeding on those items. After they're dyed, they're double rinsed. My dark pique shirt hasn't bled. Washing the garment yourself before you wear, of course, is always good practice.
 Nahh, that's pretty brown. A blue overcheck/windowpane doesn't mean you can't wear with navy pants, and in both cases the dominant color is brownish.
 Brown SCs are natural matches for grey and navy pants -- or tan/khaki for that matter, as long as the tones don't match too much. IMO brown-toned SCs are very versatile. The rusty tattersall looks perfect for that kind of thing. Also the navy isn't so dominant that you couldn't still wear with navy pants. It looks like a winner to me. Would definitely jump on that if I weren't already getting two Harris Tweed SCs. 
New Posts  All Forums: