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Sold! Thanks all for the interest.
Sold. Thanks all for the interest.
 Great response. An addendum: it's becoming slightly more common to see black warp dark indigo weft jeans, which fades to a kind of amazing electric blue. RGTs "dark" denim might be of this variety, can't quite tell if it is or not. Regardless, this is also something to look for, and made the whole dark denim thing work for me.
  Got you back via PM. Thanks!
Pretty sure EP has that very item on the docket for this fall.
Still summer (xpost)  
Last days of summer     Blue-Red Japanese Grenadine tie Cream Vintage Kimono Silk pocket square   Non-Vanda is Luigi Bianchi Mantova and Gitman for Epaulet.
Closet cleaning: loath as I am to let this go, I have so many navy ties and not all of them get worn. This beautiful tie is made completely by hand by Gerald Shen and Diana Chan of Vanda Fine Clothing, in a six-fold construction with hand-rolled edges. It's made in a beautiful silk-linen (52%/48%) fabric, with a bicolor navy-turquoise weave. Vanda has the tie up on its website here, and normally I would include studio shots, but I actually think the tie is more navy than...
Up for sale is a beautiful pair of trousers in lightweight Pearl Grey flannel, made by Epaulet in their Walt shape. This gorgeous, soft Italian flannel is perfect for fall, winter, and spring -- warm for cooler days, but lightweight enough not to overheat you indoors. The best hand and drape of any flannel I've handled. And, of course, the pearl gray color goes well with nearly everything. Flat front, flap pockets. Tagged size 34, professionally taken in to a 33 with room...
I'm also a Smedium in EPNY shirts, and my Medium cardigan works great. When I bought the cardigan, I was a true EPNY Medium, and as I've lost weight, the cardigan has still fit great. Better to err a tad larger rather than super tight with a style like this.
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