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Great news on a rainy Thursday: Adele (@EpauletFemme) just e-mailed to say that the Rivet EFF just dropped. Looking forward to having the Chocolate Magenta Fleck Tweed around for the fall. Just the thing now that yesterday's 85-degree heat has given way to real fall.
EDIT: Taken care of. Thanks!
 Thanks, that's very helpful. Are the swatches in the NY store?
Great wool Rivet Chinos for MTO! @Epaulet Mike, I'm especially drawn to the Blue Danube Cavalry Twill, but don't own any Cavalry Twill pants (Walts or Rivets) myself. What's the weight on that like, especially compared to denim? Also can't quite tell how "light" the blue is on the Blue Danube, whether they'll read as bright blue pants or whether they'll look like just more refined dark denim... Great assortment!
 Thanks @razl !
 Thanks @razl !
 ?? Didn't think I missed much in this thread, but... Or is this not EP?
Wow, some great new adds for fall. This tie is perfect for the Mets/Knicks fan in your life (and, you know, the rest of us), and I love that Autumn Flowers PS. I think I've bought maybe a third of Vanda's floral/garden squares over the years.   Also, very interested in the Olive Ecru Basketweave tie. Anyone ordered that or received it yet? Looks amazing, like the fall equivalent of the Apricot Blue Basketweave.
@El Argentino @Beatlegeuse et al... My personal rule about cuffing is to cuff everything except lightweight fabrics. If it could be flapping in the wind or be worn casually, I don't do a cuff. Otherwise, 2" cuff. The one exception is my Wheat & Straw Linen (EFF) suit trousers, which are so light they need the extra weight to pull down some of the wrinkles. So for the most part I no-cuff all other warm-weather trousers, all lightweight flannels, and non-heavyweight suit...
Sold. Thanks all!
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