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 Tricky, on the Weller/Napoli sleeve question, I just measured several Napoli and Wellers and the sleeve length on all are identical. Rest easy.  Is that a two-button MTO? Also is HT really too warm for indoors, even at 15oz? I wear Donegal indoors all the time with no problem.
 +1 pocket is a plus. Both items look great!
"Classic" is always a relative term, as is "reactionary." As is "style."
Speaking of the Driggs vs Rivets: I tried the button fly from the Driggs/Walt/Rudy factory on my Slate Garment Dye Driggs MTO. Interesting result! The factory sews a line of stitching between each button, making it take a bit longer to button up, but I like the change from my Walts and Walt Shorts. A button fly is perfect for the lower Rivet Chino rise, but in future I'll stick with the zipper for the slightly higher trouser rise.
Very nice Rob. Is the indigo Wool/Linen/Silk the same fabric (different colorway) as the LP Wool/Linen/Silk from earlier this summer?
8cm is a classic tie width. Stick with it if you like it. I prefer 3.25". Though 95% of people may not notice, you will, which is what matters.
I'm between an Epaulet mainline Small and Medium, and the Keystone Small fits me perfectly.
  You guys are killing it. Two fantastic looks. The envy of that Chambray 1911 is only just now abating.
@justinkapur you're right, of course, that it's best not to pull the knot through, and instead to untie the tie exactly in the reverse as it was tied.   Assuming @ovlov is untying properly, though, Vanda grenadines -- along with any other grenadine (esp finas and piccolas) that are unlined or lightly lined -- will retain some wrinkling around the knot area unless they're left hanging for several days, if not a week. It's just the nature of the silk, as it's a fine and...
New Posts  All Forums: