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@TweedyProf Looking good! OCBD and v-neck perfectly acceptable for tie-wearing, as well.
I punch holes in all my dress shoes.
Wow. New stuff.  The spring Carminas and that Samuelsohn windowpane! 
 +1. Without those holes I can't imagine how sweaty my one pair of leather sneakers would be.
 Also picked this up recently, and love it. The suede is very luxurious but also tough -- not silky like cow suede. It's really a fantastic jacket. I don't feel the need to baby it. I also don't have the inner pocket liner issue. It's really a wonderful jacket and I'm glad I got it. And for reference I'm between an Epaulet Small and Medium in shirts, and went with a Medium with this. The loden suede is also terrific. I have like 5 pairs of green-tone pants, though, so I...
 @rydenfan you must be one of those real men of #menswear genius.  Consider a white sole for this. I've seen it done on other sneakers, and think it looks great. See the top sneaker in this image (discontinued PF Flyers).
^ Also @Isolation your shirt looks baggy toward the bottom. It doesn't have to be razor tight, but taking it in at the sides would solve that problem. Or you can try a military tuck.
Are there many pics of Prometeo in the wild out there? I find Grossa to be too chunky for me -- Piccola grenadine is pretty much the perfect tie silk, I think -- but am still curious about Prometeo.
 Also agree with this. @BrandonJG I had a pair of navy linen Walts tapered below the knee last summer and it did the trick -- though I've since come around to the idea that linen trousers really should have room to breathe around the legs.
These EarPods came with a new iPhone 5s I purchased recently. I have other headphones I use with my phone. Brand new, never used, never opened.   Earbuds have an inline mic and remote with volume control. Comes with a storage and travel case.       Stock Apple product photo:   Yours for $19 SOLD.     Item ships with free USPS First Class Mail in the U.S. International shipping at reduced cost. All payments in USD via Paypal, please. First to pay gets the...
New Posts  All Forums: