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 Your pic makes me realize that (1) the 360 welt really makes the shoe, and (2) I would probably prefer Color 8 on the Leydon last. Isn't the wait time on cigar 2+ years? They have to find the most special horses and whatnot? (clear skins, I know...)
 Cigar? Where from?
 Very nice. Love the Doyle in a just slightly dressier fit. That deadstock chambray Doyle is one I'm very glad I grabbed.  [[SPOILER]]  Oh my goodness those color 8 shortwings I think I'm in love
Sold. Thanks all!
 Thanks razl! Much appreciated. 
Sold. Thanks all.
 Well, glad they got there eventually. I had thought they had just given up on trying to improve their previous unstructured fit, which was adequate but wasn't quite right, especially as their prices have crept up (presumably to keep up with fabric costs?). So does your photo reflect those sloped shoulders? Or not? Curious as I have a New And Improved unstructured Southwick on the way. It's a Harris Tweed, though, so we'll see how much I can actually tell the difference.
Great pickups @jcmeyer!lol
Looks fantastic. Wool/silk/linen is def your jam. I'm surprised Southwick can do something that unstructured. Or did you make some aftermarket modifications, as it were?
Or you'll just be renting, considering buying in this market means you have to come up with something like 40-50% down. !!
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