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 lol A+. Do you have any pics of the navy raw silk in your back pocket, perchance? I'm completely on the fence about that tie. I'm wondering if it'll be as versatile/significantly different from my navy piccola grenadine, also from Vanda. Do you think it's warm-weather only?
 Terrific. Is that the Deep Red Raw Silk tie?
 Even if it didn't go in a dryer, the agitation and water temperature in a washing machine can exacerbate shrinkage. But even if you hand wash as gentle as can be, raw items will shrink to some degree. I'd talk to the retailer.
 You got bad info from the retailer. Any "raw" (i.e. unwashed) cotton item of any kind will shrink, especially in a washing machine, and, of course, most especially in a dryer. Denim nerds often hand wash raw denim to minimize shrinkage. I suppose the same might apply to a raw shirt.
 Love that it's called the Degraw. The neighborhood street theme is great. I hope you name the most badass jacket you ever make the Kane.
^ @in stitches great shirt  Navy, khaki/tan, olive trousers. Like they say, grey odd jackets are tough to match.
 Agreed. It's a casual jacket, not an SC. It's good to have the thing fitted, but with something like the Doyle, I just say wear it. I have a Woolrich Woolen Mills work jacket that's very similar to the Doyle, which is very fitted on me, and I do wish there were some more give in the fit.
My Slate Garment dye are looking very slightly worn, but that's mostly because I wear them constantly and seem to keep spilling stuff on them (and have to wash them). The fabric looks weathered, which is a product of the garment dye process I think.
 I wear a 37R in EP x Southwick, and a 46EU/36US in LBM 1911 and EP's Luigi Bianchi Mantova fit.
 Does that mean even sizes only, or are odd sizes in as well? I ordered a size 37, and would be great to have for my upcoming trip to the Bay Area.
New Posts  All Forums: