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 You know what I mean, though, right? Everyone always sells a scarlet tartan of some kind for the fall, but I've never seen one quite this arresting. @Epaulet Mike, on another fabric, the Justified & Ancient Oxford Check, how like the Rhino Oxford is it? In terms of weight, hand, etc? Weave looks kind of fine. Also, can't really tell if it's monochrome or if there are browns and blues in the darker part of the check.
 Agreed. I have a few tattersalls just like this and they're among my most versatile and well worn shirts. @Michigan Planner it's not MTO; it's sized, done at the Portugal factory. Gotta say the Steel & Scarlet skies might be a sleeper hit. There are a million fabrics that do a red tartan on a dark background, but this one has such strong color depth -- very rare to find the design done so well on a tartan like that.
Brushed Twills look mighty good. The Bay City Rollers ref is   
 This is such an amazing square. Mine gets used all the time, both folded and puffed.
Those new Gitman shirts are outrageous. Saw them when I was in store picking up my Heirloom Sweater, and they're amazing fabrics. That horizontal oxford in particular is perhaps the softest oxford I've ever felt, and a great pattern. Nice No Country for Old Men vibe on that western shirt too.
 In no particular order: Di FaraPaulie Gee'sTotonno's (only the Coney Island location is worth going to though)Franny'sSpeedy RomeoL&B Spumoni Gardens
 Thanks!  Picked mine up the other day, the Aran Knit Crewneck. Absolutely incredible. There was a chill in the air last night and almost wore it. Saw those suede ballcaps, too, which are pretty great.
Still hot in New York.       Southwick linen-silk glen plaid SC (part of a suit) Individualized shirt Indigo hopsack Walts Suede belt Carmina suede chukkas (unseen)   Vanda tie and PS 
 This. Also @RuleOfRescue I'm also 6 foot and wear EP trousers, and I get all my Vanda ties done at 59" (to be precise, 3.25" x 59"). I'm fairly evenly proportioned, with a ~31" inseam giving me no break with most trousers, but if you have a longer torso YMMV. I find that 59" is a great length for me, and gives me room to play around with blade length, depending on tie/fit/mood. If your torso is longer, you could of course try lengthening your ties. Additionally: I tie a...
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