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  I agree with all this. EP's exclusives have been excellent, the Innsbruck especially. And I wouldn't hesitate to charge a full 50% deposit for preorders. Nice stuff costs money. Mike knows this but I found EP in 2009 looking for some stock 403s (brown CXL Indys). I still own those Indys and they've held up amazingly well, but if I had bought more recently I would have gotten the Innsbruck Indy. It's an amazing shoe. I'm not a massive shoe guy but regardless, that one...
 Absolutely grabbing round two of this. Amazing shirt.
  Like this guy (zoom in and you'll see that's a pique 3pc; pitifully few closeups from The Sting out there)  Very much down for that floral linen.
I've seen both and prefer the Dartmouth. The natural flexibility of the cloth lends itself to it so well. Dartmouth with flap and ticket pocket toes the line nicely I find between conservative and comfortable.
 Fantastic, thanks Mike. Dartmouth it is -- though I'll probably order one extra in the body length for the winter fabrics. And a last color question about the Oatmeal Latte: from your description before, seems like it'd be in this vein, but a shade darker?
 @Epaulet Thanks Mike. Seems like it'd be more in this vein, but perhaps a shade darker, then?
@Epaulet Am I right that the Oatmeal Latte flannel is best described, color-wise, as a light grey with a brownish/reddish cast? Or is it really like a slightly darker cream/oatmeal? The lighter color of the fabric isn't the question -- rather, it's the attraction of it, especially in a flannel -- I'm just trying to pin down the "base" color so I know whether I'll be getting something that's like a more interesting light grey suit or a suit that's straight up in the oatmeal...
Has anyone gotten a partially-lined/Dartmouth flannel SC? And do you feel that the unstructured/partially-lined model works for a flannel jacket, or does the structure and full lining of the regular natural shoulder lend itself better to a wool flannel fabric?   I ask because my three Southwick pickups will likely be:   Navy Subtle Cross-Check Flannel three-piece suit Oatmeal Latte Flannel two-piece suit (& Midnight Static Check Harris Tweed SC,...
 Just fantastic. ID on the sweater?
 Him and the Sopranos crew.
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