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For those of you with wool rivet chinos, have you had any success maintaining a roll cuff, which is how I wear all my non-Cramerton cotton and cotton-linen rivet chinos? The roll cuff on my wool RCs always falls out due to the looser nature of the fabric.   I know I could get them hemmed like a competent regular person, but the roll cuff with the herringbone stripe is a detail of the Rivet Chino that interestingly differentiates it from other pants. If anyone has a trick...
 Another vote for the five-pocket EP pant, especially in a cord. There was, I believe, a five-pocket EP pant made three or four years ago and it looked great. It'd be a natural for a cord or Cramerton cloth. Also, that Danube Blue Cavalry Twill is an amazing rivet fabric. It's ridiculously luxe.
 I haven't bought J Crew pants in years but I do have some of their shorts and my experience is that the sizing can vary significantly between styles/fabrics/constructions. I'd buy multiple sizes with the intention of returning them. Levi's also makes white/off-white denim that isn't selvedge but is well constructed, even if the quality of their dyes/fabrics isn't at denimhead levels (though no need to worry about the quality of the dye with lighter colored denim, anyway)....
 Those look great but, whoa they're pricey. Black Friday sales are really the ticket in this case! I owned a pair of Rogue Territory Stantons before my Wilshire denim, and I really enjoyed them. Fit is very similar to the Wilshire. No white options right now but they might come summer. The owner I believe is on SF and is very responsive via email. On another note, picking up my Danube Blue Cavalry Twill MTO Rivet Chinos tomorrow... can't wait to see how they came out.
Sold. Thanks all!
 So true. I have last year's (or the year before's) overcoat in what appears to be the same wool just in a DB configuration, and it's really something else. Bought mine at full price with absolutely no regrets. It's amazing. The soft but sturdy shoulder on it has spoiled me for most other tailored outerwear where heavy shoulders still seem to be the default.
To jump in on this: I'm also thinking of getting a matka bow. In what way exactly is it difficult to tie a matka bow tie? Is it tough to get the loop of the knot tight? Or do they have a tendency to droop excessively (in a non-desirable way)? Just curious.If it's useful to know, Gerald, I wear very softly lined large spread/cutaway collars, so if the bow needs "help" from a firm collar lining it won't get it from my shirts.
Though remember all those years (decades) Lakers fans didn't care about the Clippers because they sucked and played in Anaheim? Now you have to share an arena. The times certainly do change.
 This is terrific (minus the part about that ex-Buffalo NBA team). Love the Northern Watters items in their bicolor yarns. @Epaulet Mike, are there any special hours for the NYC store this weekend? I recall that sometimes over holidays you close for a while rather than stay open.
 I've heard nothing but amazing things about "Oh Hello," so a second there. Planning on seeing it, too.  Apt typo of the week    
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