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Mike, if you'll field another sizing Q: Southwick 37, EP shirting Medium, LBM 36/46. Teba 37 or 38?
 Seconded.  For the record, I doused an older EP suede jacket (the Eisenhower dark brown suede bomber) in Saphir Invulner, and with reapplication every now and then it can definitely take light moisture. I wouldn't want to be caught in a downpour or snowstorm -- I'd risk a "Master of the House" incident in that case -- but it certainly does well against mild weather. This suede was pig suede, which is tough stuff but still has a luxe feel and drape.
 Thanks! Was considering a few other options but this put me over. Grabbed it. Complete summer pickups are: Canclini Indigo Cotton-Linen, buttondown collarCanclini White Cotton-Linen, buttondown collarCanclini White Cotton-Linen, Artisan collar with light linerCanclini Pompei Tobacco Cotton-Linen, buttondown collarSpeckled Robin's Egg Blue Linen, buttondown collarSpeckled Dusty Pink Linen, buttondown collar All have V pocket and regular cuffs. Second white Canclini...
@Epaulet Mike, how saturated is the Dusty Pink off-price linen? I'm wondering whether it looks washed out/faded, or whether it's a truer, more saturated pink (like Nantucket Red pants). It appears differently to me between the video and the still photo.
 I'm well over Day 1000, and let me tell you, they're all good days.
 Wow amazing pants sale. So much moleskin and tweed. I'll reiterate my passion for the Umber Moleskin Rivets that I was very happy to buy at full price.
 You might have just convinced me for that one. Do you think it's appropriate as a three-season tie? Say fall, winter, and spring? Looks like a pretty deep blue.
 Glad to hear it! Have that one on order, and am very much looking forward to it.
 Ah well I've ordered mine now. I'll let you know how I fare! Have to add one more item to get free shipping, am thinking of either the Navy Crystanthemums square or the Navy Colorful Crysanthemums (which, though it has a similar name, is pretty different as it happens).
 Jose Bautista called. He wants his beard back. JK really reposting this unspoilered as one of the great casual fits this thread has seen. Everything about this is perfect, including the legos. (Legos, right?)
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