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I'm also a Smedium in EPNY shirts, and my Medium cardigan works great. When I bought the cardigan, I was a true EPNY Medium, and as I've lost weight, the cardigan has still fit great. Better to err a tad larger rather than super tight with a style like this.
Yes indeed. I'm a 37/38 Southwick, EPNY Small-Medium, and have a Medium/US38 cardigan.
Ode to the Heirloom Cardigan:   I've been an Epaulet customer since shortly after they originally opened -- from before I was on SF, even. I wear EP almost every day, and I've seen a lot of stuff go through their stores. And I'll say this: my heirloom cardigan from 2010 is my single favorite piece of clothing I own. Not just among EP pieces, but my single favorite piece of clothing, period. It is the Platonic ideal of a sweater, my Arctic Circle desert island sweater. It...
 FWIW I wear my nightshade herringbone trousers from last year with patterned jackets regularly. The key is to make the scale of the two patterns different: at least one must be muted, and they shouldn't be graphically similar (i.e. herringbone is a dense vertical pattern, so go with an open check or windowpane). Solid PS/shirt/tie will help even things out. It's a tricky thing to do, and the MC WAYWT thread probably won't like it, but you will, which is what...
Last days of summer  Luigi Bianchi Mantova Vittorio windowpane SCGitman MTO shirt [[SPOILER]]
J Crew a few years ago I think.
 Another vote for G&L. My midnight oil G&Ls are getting quite a bit of wear. It's a perfect business casual fabric.  Looks fantastic! Can't wait to pick mine up tomorrow. Curious to see about the length issue.
 Ohh... so sharp. Did check/stripes today myself.
 Short answer: probably not. Long answer: yes but only if your tailor is a wizard. They'd have to remove the wrist or take it up from the shoulder, either of which might adversely impact the waxed finish. It would be a very tough operation. I use Stanton Street Tailors, a top NYC outfit, and this is probably the kind of job Pablo, the boss, would turn down because it's too much of a headache.
 Thanks!  Me too! Can't wait to pick it up later this week. Curious to see Also @TweedyProf IIRC decided a month or so ago against adding darts to the Doyle. I checked and my existing chore jacket from Woolrich Woolen Mills has back darts (came with them) and it makes it wear strangely. Far too restrictive even though it "fits." You'll be glad you didn't dart the Doyle.
New Posts  All Forums: