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 Him and the Sopranos crew.
 I have a HT Dartmouth and it's fantastic. Highly recommended.   My probables: Either Midnight Static Check Harris Tweed or Hunting Derby Cognac Windowpane Harris Tweed, Dartmouth SCSteel Sky & Chestnut Check Shetland Tweed, Dartmouth SCCrosscheck Flannel, either Navy or Charcoal, in a three-piece suit @Epaulet Mike, can Southwick do topcoats or double-breasted overcoats? I'd love the Camel/Navy/Rust Harris Tweed as outerwear. Brooks Brothers sells a few USA-made topcoats...
I have a Harris Tweed Dartmouth and it's a great shape for the fabric. It's heavy enough to hold its own, though it reads a bit slouchier, which is really the classic HT suit look anyway. Highly recommended.
Sold. Thanks all!
Sold. Thanks all!
@Epaulet   Well thanks! That was fast. Much appreciated.
EDIT: taken
 The only shell I have left is Ravello, too.  Agreed. The Murdered-Out Rydens look fantastic as is.  Great post Mike. The bolded part above is part of why it's still important to me to support Alden, Southwick, Gitman, and other businesses with longstanding commitments to their workforce and fair labor practices. (Can I assume Hertling also falls under this umbrella?)
 Thanks for the details Gerald. That last step you mention is always the trickiest, though if it's only slightly more challenging than usual, I'd be inclined just to go for the fabric I'm most drawn to, which at this time is that indigo matka. It's so great. And glad to hear the difficulty doesn't have to do with the collar interlining. I continue to enjoy that Phoenix pocket square. It's really something else.
  ^ Yes indeed. Agreed, @PCK1 Also, I believe the official affiliate thread is now here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/516010/vanda-fine-clothing-official-affiliate-thread
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