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Which restaurant? Some great places have come into Cambridge over the past decade or so.Also dry cleaning denim and other cotton pants can really depend on where you live and your feelings on cotton trousers. There's a world class dry cleaner a 10-minute walk from my home that charges $5 to dry clean denim, and another place nearby is $3. That I think is cheap for dry cleaning and worth the small upcharge from regular laundry to keep all my cotton pants from fading --...
Hmm, thoughts all? I'm by a very good dry cleaners but can also wash gently. I just don't want the fit or color to change. I'm just concerned that either one might remove dye from the jacket.When in doubt my instinct is to dry clean. Any downside to this?Ahh, a cleaning Q I can answer! I have washed and dry cleaned my Wilshire Ring Rings. If you haven't washed them before, I'd do a cold very gentle cycle alone. If you care a lot about the fades, take them to a good dry...
Has anyone washed their moleskin field jacket yet? Wondering how it reacted to water (any fading?). I stood next to an outdoor wood-burning stove the other night at a restaurant for a few hours and my coat smells like a campfire, so probably time for a wash. Cold/gentle cycle and hang dry, of course, but wondering how others' have reacted to the same treatment.   Also am jonesing for the lightweight fabrics over this a-way.
This is a bad time to be boarding a five-hour flight with no wifi
Mike, how similar is the tonal boggy POW to the Boggy Herringbone HT that you MTO'ed this past fall?
 I wear my overshirt like this all the time. It's an ideal middle layer, just like a sweater. During the very warm fall on the East Coast, I also wore it as light outerwear. So it's great all around. Crazy that it made it to the sale section at all. Happy New Year all!
Uh, when and where? So in.
Right, but if you do want pants with a crease there are so many amazing EP offerings to choose from: Walts, Driggs, Rudy, and now the Gable! I love Rivet Chinos, but don't neglect the trouser. That Gable, especially! Any fit pics in the wild would be appreciated...  lol more than a little  This guy.
@Epaulet Mike is there any chance of doing Wilshire runs or pre-orders in other non-denim casual fabrics? Corduroy would seem to work amazing with the fit, for instance. And though there are a few corduroy jawnz out there, they're mostly all awful.   I enjoyed this.
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