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Sold. Thanks all!
   Ahh thanks for that. That definitely changes the calculus for me. They're absolutely gorgeous, and a steal at EFF price, but I might go a different direction.
Does anyone have the Stormcloud Wool-Silk-Linen trouser (link)? I believe it was on a previous EFF and am considering as a warm weather trouser, as I don't have any brown-tone trousers lin lightweight fabrics (shocking). For those who have it, what's the fabric like? Would the weight/hand/breathability work for the dog days of a hot, humid mid-Atlantic July?   EDIT: Am I right that the fabric is actually brown? Took another look and can't tell 100% with the background.
 Posting this again unspoilered so we can bask in the glory. What fabric is that? Looks like a wool-cashmere double windowpane?
 Nah you'll be fine. It's a rich color but it's just not super dark. Also @Epaulet wanted to make sure this question didn't get lost! (Apologies for the repost...) 
   I'd say my closet is pretty similar to @justinkapur's. I have 2 non-Vanda ties I wear regularly and about 20 Vandas I wear regularly. Plus, 10 squares or so. Oh and all my Vandas are 3.25" x 59", my favored tie dimensions. It's just good to know when you put the thing on that it's exactly what you want. I should also say that a few of the ties are from their very first collection and look good as new. So I know when I buy one it'll last forever.
  Needless to say Gerald and Diana don't weigh in on stuff like this -- and I think this is not a sponsored thread from Vanda, but rather a fan thread? -- but I'll contribute. I think Vanda ties are superior to Drakes in both quality and value. I've had a few Drakes and they're great ties, but I've found the handwork and fabrics to be finer on Vandas. I've sold all my Drakes at this point and nearly only buy ties from Vanda. The construction on Drakes is a bit more...
Agreed. And would look on point with some grays as well.
 Wondering this exact thing about that fabric and the Stony Beach Donegal. Also @Epaulet are the Peat's Sake, Lyle Lovat, and Honey Nut heavy fabrics flannels or tweeds? The picture says one thing and the dropdown says another.
 Purpleish pants are the best. You can wear them with nearly everything.  You could wear pretty much all of those with dressier stuff! Really burly flannels/tweeds are going to be less natural with a superfine wool SC but with pretty much everything else you will be A-OK. I wear crazy flannels/tweeds with hopsack wools all the time. And my personal preference is always for tweeds. Flannels feel fantastic but tweeds usually have more mottling in the sunlight, which is what...
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