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 Thanks so much for this. I really appreciate it! You wear it very well.
 I'm not sure it's quite so secret of a menu. I think if you just ask for something that's standard for MTM shirting, Individualized can do it. Building out every single option on the web, though, would be too much of a pain, and probably overwhelming for some. The choice of lining, I think, is the real key for a lot of us.  There should be a button that adds this to posts automatically.
 Sure, though they make shantung all over the world (Italy and the UK certainly) so I can't imagine there's no navy shantung out there. @gshen will know what's up to his standards.
 Yeah, they do semi-MTM I'd say. I customized a few options, including doing a seven-button front instead of their standard six-button (too traditional for me), dialing in the collar/sleeve/yoke size, and taking a lot of fabric off the body, as their body fit is very large. The collar and fabric are so great that it's worth it, and as far as an e-mail MTM experience it's great, and they have that first-time buyer's discount. @Caustic Man do believe the SF hype....
 Not excessively so. It's lightweight and soft, but it's reasonably substantial so that it drapes well. It's pretty great!
 Yes, though that's a wool crepe tie for fall. We're talking the solid navy shantung! I Tumblr-stalked @SpooPoker to pull together a bunch of solid navy shantung photos for your perusal. All photos are Spoo's property, of course, and are only copied here for demonstration/convincing purposes. Spoo, hope this is all right! Source here: http://lacasuarina.tumblr.com/tagged/vanda  [[SPOILER]]  Obviously we all need to up our SC game. In the meantime, look at that tie!
 I'll shamelessly take credit for having said that. And it's exactly that the BD collars should have longer points with a significant roll -- that's the important part. I'll reiterate my recommendation for Mercer & Sons's shirts. Their standard blue OBCD, especially, is second to none. I've been impressed with some Kamakura collars that I've seen recently, but I've never handled their shirts in person.  I enjoy this fit. I probably would have gone with lighter-colored...
Picked mine up today in store and sweet lord the Rainbow in the Dark madras above (which I didn't get) is amazing. If anyone has one of those in a Medium, or a White Somelos Whisper Chambray, that they're interested in selling to me/trading, drop me a line.   But as is, my Albini Circle Print Linen, Blue/Sand Madras, Olive Batik Madras, Blue Cayman Islands, and Indigo Hand Tie-Dye are amazing.
 This is the nerdiest chart and I love it so much. Thanks NYR for the link and the thorough explanation!
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