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@luv2breformed Great fit. Love the way you balance those stripes. Is that a Mercer oxford?
 This is really good. A great Bay fit. ID on the pants? White denim?
Semi-related to @badsha's question: has anyone got Southwick Rudys? How's the fit, esp in the waist? I ask because I'm a Walt guy but looking toward Rudys for a linen suit.
 Patch pockets on suits are completely fine. You'll see many around the forum and the internet. I think if you really want to go flap, you should get the jacket with a ticket pocket to make it look less like an orphaned suit jacket -- and the ticket pocket adds extra flair. Love the ticket pocket on my REDA Crosshatch Fresco suit.
Three Southwick suits later, I think I'm done for the summer. Though every time I look at that Linen Blend Seed Stitch, it seems to call me. Looks like the ultimate summer casual SC. I almost want a New England overshirt or a Doyle in it (recognizing that's not possible, of course).   Mike, any idea what the blend is on the Linen Blend Seed Stitch? Is it wool-linen, silk-linen, or something more complex?
  Southwick's smoke MOP buttons look amazing with anything navy. Though, as @cyclohexane suggests, the tan horn (U6) buttons are the unsung heroes of Southwick MTOs. They add a pop of color without being too loud.
 Would jump on these if they were my size. Lucky folks who can take them! A pass of my recent purchases and closet makes me look forward to MOP buttons on very nearly everything I wear this summer.
I recall Mike mentioning earlier that the Gauzy Rainbow Herringbone cloth is the only one he wouldn't recommend for trousers.
Haha I'm sure everything else will be just fine. And oh man that photo! I wish that white LBM 1911 DB fit me. It was hot fire.
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