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Hey Rob, by "colorblock," do you just mean solid color? As I understand it, colorblock usually refers to a swath of color across a garment. These linens just look solid to me.   I should also say that these linens also look awesome. Really sharp.
 +1 to this, and @aldenfan David is also happy to advise. He defaults to traditional dimensions and either 3- or 4-fold construction in my experience -- won't upsell you on more complex construction, though he's happy to do it of course. It's only as complicated as you want.
Love that pattern mixing. Tie looks fantastic.
What @neutrino says sounds right on. Lay a well-fitting pair of pants flat and measure across the waist, then double it. Ideally you'd want a pair of pants that has a similar rise to the one you're measuring for. The Walt and RC should fit you slightly differently -- the fits are quite different from each other, especially the rise.If it helps, both are sized to be worn TTS, for the most part.
My tie that also has this issue on the narrow end is a six-fold lightly lined handrolled wool challis and also arrived like that. It's been hung on a cedar tie rack for several years and it hasn't fallen out. David, would you still recommend light pressing in this case? I haven't done so, given all the admonitions we've all heard against pressing handrolled ties.
NP and thanks!
One of my tie tips have also done this. Would be curious to hear more.
 A belated +1 to this. Ordering 37 Napolis has been very easy via e-mail.  Depends on your office environment, but assuming you don't need as suit, the Galey & Lord khaki twill chinos are basically the ultimate business casual pant.
 Yes it's flat rate.  Been considering that tie for a while. You just sold me on it! Wonderful look here.
[[SPOILER]]  Love the details here. Not sure about the jeans -- seems just a tad too casual for the rest of the outfit -- but everything's really great. Who's the maker on the jacket?
New Posts  All Forums: