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 You may need to spend $50 per suit on a cleaning. Suits don't need to be cleaned very often, though. A brush and hang gets most odor and detritus out of a suit. I'm in NYC and, on the recommendation of this thread, I take my suits to Meurice on the rare occasions they do need dry cleaning. I'm glad I've started to do so, as I feel they're in expert hands, particularly those with a 3-roll-2. Am considering experimenting with Rave Fabricare to see what all that raving is...
The photo's grainy and the shirt is chambray. Does that qualify this as MC Casual?   In any case, xpost:   Grainy photo from a long, rainy day.     Luigi Bianchi Mantova for Epaulet donegal-style wool-silk SC Gitman Bros for Epaulet chambray shirt Vanda "brown fancy wool" woven necktie from debut collection in 2011 Vanda mud-dyed floral PS Unseen: gray trousers, brown CXL Alden 403s
Grainy photo for a long, rainy day (x-post from Epaulet thread).     Vanda "fancy wool" woven tie from debut collection in 2011 Vanda mud-dyed floral PS   The rest is Luigi Bianchi Mantova and Gitman for Epaulet.
Grainy photo from a long, rainy day.     Luigi Bianchi x EP Vittorio wool-silk midnight donegal Gitman x EP chambray MTO shirt with V-CA cutaway collar   Unseen: Rivet Chinos in midnight oil G&L military twill EP dress belt Alden 403s from EP
I'll definitely be by to try on that sample! Thanks, Mike.
Just saw the IG post from last week on the Individualized Artisan Collar: https://instagram.com/p/BBDibZ_xn8i/ Looks great, but what's so striking to me is the point length: 3 3/8" !! My beloved Gitman Sartorial Cutaway (V-CA) is plenty long, I thought, but is only 2 7/8". An extra half inch is a big difference with collar points, and I'm very curious to see the first Artisan Collar MTOs roll off the line. Mike, any plans to run stock shirts with the Artisan Collar?...
I take the same size, and wouldn't recommend sizing down for the Rivets.
I'm a fan of the pony express myself.   Also anyone else notice the rate hike in USPS Priority Mail? Ridiculous. I'm sure Mike and company will notice before too long, if they haven't already.
 Five years ago, such a levelheaded question would have drawn pitchforks and mobs here on SF! @chrispy650 it definitely looks slim -- slimmer than I like. The pulling on the bottom button is telling. If I were you, I'd take out the back darts. A very close look will probably reveal stitch lines once they're out, but on a pattern like that it'll likely be nigh impossible to see. Just got back from a warm sandy beach where I wore my old Liberty chrysanthemum shirt almost...
 Nice! Got the same for the REDA except 2-button, not 3-roll-2. And I went with inset flap pockets with a ticket pocket.  Don't worry so much about it. It's going to go with almost everything, as long as your trousers aren't too matchy-matchy with the colors in the fabric. The eggshell linens would look great, as would denim. Just wear and enjoy!  Haha, I just got the SC, not the full suit (2-button, unconstructed, patch hip pockets and welt breast pocket, brown horn). But...
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