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Also, sorry for the double post, but how breathable will the sanded canvas be for a typical summer in NYC? Especially compared, say, to your Irish Linen Walts, or to the original run of oxford cloth rivet chinos.
 So great to see this get rolled out. Pics of the button fly would be great, too. Also Mike I'm not a suspender wearer but it occurs to me that some people may want the suspender buttons in addition to side tabs or belt loops. (Trousers to a PRL suit I have, for instance, have both.) Last, deets on the new Luigi yet to drop?
Interesting. Would any of you mind posting a pic or two of a Carmina high jumper boot with Alden flat waxed laces?
 Also interested in this. Those speed hooks are murder on the laces. Would like to stock up.
Yesterday's Vandas:     Vanda Green/Blue Wool POW tie Vanda Cream Textured Wool PS   Non-Vanda are Southwick x Epaulet and Mercer.
Rig from yesterday.   Southwick x EP FF Wool-Cash SCNavy UK Donegal WaltsCarmina x EP Hand-Burnished Scotch/Natur Calf Tonal Two-Tone MTO Jumper Boot (scuffs not included )  [[SPOILER]]
 So wish the 46/36 hadn't sold out instantly. Would have been all over this at full price. Very nice Don L.
@TweedyProf Looking good! OCBD and v-neck perfectly acceptable for tie-wearing, as well.
I punch holes in all my dress shoes.
Wow. New stuff.  The spring Carminas and that Samuelsohn windowpane! 
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