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 I have both and took some quick shots for you to compare. Pics hidden so as not to lengthen the thread. I'm glad I made space for both in my closet. The Charcoal Birdseye is a dress trouser with a finer-scale pattern that basically reads as a textured nearly solid grey from a few feet away. The Chessboard Tweeds are much more obviously patterned, and the fabric is a bit more casual -- which still works with an SC and tie, though. They're both fantastic trousers. ...
 Fantastic. So well done. Is the scarf made of fabric from your business?
 Agreed 100%, especially to those bolded sections. I've never found Uniqlo to work for me except for underwear, but I'm in the minority on that one, for sure. Especially now that they have ecommerce... wonder why that took so long.  Maybe we're saying the same thing, but I think the quality of J Crew is on par with Jack Spade in that they're both poor to mediocre. My J Crew sweaters have all stretched like crazy, more than most knits. Sold a few earlier this winter, and...
 Did you size down? I think if you go TTS there's room for big sweaters underneath. Certainly the case with me.
 What has changed since 2008/9: The quality of their materials and workmanship has declined precipitously. All of my pre-2009 J Crew is made with superior construction and fabrics to everything else I have from them.
Nice @oisin. Tie and casual jacket is a sharp look in general, I think.
^ Got that one as well. It's a winner. You wear it very well.
 Moderately heavy. I'd say between a donegal tweed and a shetland tweed. Like all tweeds, they breathe nicely. Seriously the softness on them is bizarre and wonderful. I almost want to take the cuff and crease off of them and wear them with sneakers this spring. In the meantime, they're great grey-toned trousers.
 Thanks. They're fantastic, and were a group MTO. If you post in the EP x Carmina thread, you could see if there are enough interested people out there for a reorder. Also, amazed to see that the Chessboard Tweed is still available for single MTO.
Weird angle. Great trou and shooz.     Trousers: Epaulet "chessboard" tweed Socks: Marcoliani navy herringbone OTC Shoes: Carmina x Epaulet GMTO snuff suede chukkas
New Posts  All Forums: