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A sweltering day the other day. Blues and earth tones:       Vittorio farmer's check SC Gitman x EP MTO shirt MTO Walts in tobacco cotton-linen Carmina x EP snuff suede chukkas (not pictured) Vanda tie and PS   For the record, there's something about this fit that doesn't sit 100% right with me. Different PS? It's very bright and everything else is relatively muted and textured.
  I see the Yanks dealing Miller before Chapman. Miller's contract goes through 2018 and there's no salary steps, so the receiving team will get more out of him for longer, and I think he's a better pitcher anyway. There's plenty of reason to be leery of guys throwing nearly exclusively ultra hot heaters: high risk of injury, and at some point people will figure out how to hit those fast ones. The Yankees are looking to empty someone's farm system because they don't really...
Very bright yesterday.       Vittorio wool-silk-linen windowpance SC Gitman x EP Ashland bengal stripe shirt Indigo REDA wool hopsack Walts (Vanda bicolor grenadine tie & textured wool PS)
Got several new items from Gerald and Diana and boy are they ace. Wearing one today: the Apricot Blue Basketweave. No photos to post yet, but in the meantime, an x-post from the other day in the Green Houndstooth Raw Silk "Tweed" tie. If anyone ever worries about the durability of Vanda wares, this tie is from 2012 and I wear the heck out of it, and it looks nearly new.     Non-Vanda is Gitman and Southwick for Epaulet (including green spring-weight corduroy and navy...
Corduroy for a cloudy day. Unstructured Southwick loden spring-weight corduroy SC, pink gingham Gitman shirt, and navy linen Walts. Non-EP: Vanda tie, Tom Ford PS, with thanks to @SpooPoker for the latter.   (the wale on the corduroy is fine enough that it's confusing SF's image downsizing)
       Thanks guys, much appreciated. And yes @eljlakers the lapels on the new unconstructed fit are great. The proportions overall were adjusted just a tad I think, all for the better.@RuleOfRescue I live in NYC and it was fine for me in the swamp-like weather yesterday. I got it unlined and unconstructed, which helps. @Steel28 this was from an EFF, so the fabric is likely long gone.
Slouched and rumpled after an early start to a long day (x-post). Keeping cool with fresco, shantung "fina," linen, and compact oxford. Vanda Purple-Green Flowers fine-weave printed shantung tie Vanda white linen with navy border PS Non-Vanda is Southwick and Individualized for Epaulet
Rumpled and slumped over after an early start to a long, hot day. REDA fresco keeping me relatively cool in the heat.     REDA Crosshatch fresco, EP x Individualized, Vanda tie and PS. Unseen watch.
It's not an Eisenhower, but that Snuff Suede Blouson is amazing. I have (and love) a suede Eisenhower and the blouson works great on me. I'd give it a second look, especially as your sizes are in stock.
 This is usually the case with unfinished and basted sleeves (though there will be basting thread!). Echoing @CanadaCal on the Ventura Stripe and, basically, all of the shirts and the Vittorio Farmer's Check. Unsurprised there's only one Farmer's Check left, as it's an unstoppable and eminently wearable jacket. If you're a Vittorio 52/42, purchase this jacket.
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