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End of the day exhaustion xpost.       YHNT Loro Piana wool-linen-silk blend tie   (Mediocre knot comes from loosening my collar.)   Non-YHNT are Gitman, Carmina, and Southwick for Epaulet.
Still in denial about the end of warm weather. End of the day, end of the season: blends and exhaustion.  Southwick FF wool-linen SCGitman Ashland lavender chambray shirtCotton-linen FF bone rivet chinosCarmina caramel calf double monks  [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
 Well worn. Great collar. ID on the shirt maker? Mercer?  Eager to hear how they are, especially the sage grenadine. I have the grey melange version of that bicolor grenadine and I'm debating on another...
 No. This coat was a different MTO.
Forget trainers. Just in, the real deal:    
 Great, thought something along these lines was the case. Thanks!
  Glad you're using him! Though, FWIW, the place across the street from EP in the LES has always done fine work for me (not sloppy at all) for hems. Hems are the only thing I've had done there, though. Also, I've never waited longer than a few days for something relatively simple like tapering pant legs. Any tailor or dry cleaner will make you wait two weeks if you let them. When you take your pants in, if you say, for instance, "Today's Monday, and I'd like to pick them...
 I go to Pablo at Stanton Street Tailors, around the corner from the LES store. Their prices are very fair, and their work is the best I've ever seen. Others have reported long wait times there, but I've never experienced that (with the exception of taking in jackets, which takes longer, and which they're up front about). Pablo's knowledgeable about modern fits, but will gently caution you if he thinks something won't look good. I strongly recommend their work. The store...
  What he said.  @kumizi If you wear a 42 in EP's sportcoats, and XL might fit you. It might be oversized, but chunky cardigans I think look good that way.
Sold! Thanks all for the interest.
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