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 Thanks for the tip! Great photography on that site, incidentally. I'll keep my eye out.
 Thanks! I think it'll be really wearable, especially as a suit. Lighter shades of blue are everywhere these days, and the pattern should work great with the white MOP buttons.
While we're all (justly!) ogling trainers and chelsea boots, it was great to hear what a few people picked up in the recent Southwick EFF round. More of us should post! So, my pickups:   Persian Blue Windowpane Suit Unconstructed shoulder, two-button Walt trousers Welt breast pocket with patch hip pockets White MOP buttons   Wheat & Straw Slubby Linen Suit Unconstructed shoulder, two button Rudy trousers (trying these out for some more room with the pure...
Time to clean out some summer shirts. These are terrific shirts that I just don't wear very often (and in two cases have never worn at all). All of these shirts work great by themselves, and also work under a casual summer SC. Photos and measurements below from the actual garments. Feel free to make me an offer for multiple shirts from my other listings. If you buy more than one, I'll entertain discounts.   [[SPOILER]]  This fantastic shirt is a Gant summer check in sky...
@Epaulet The suede blouson looks fantastic, though a bit warm for NYC just now. Any chance there will be a restock of the same item for the fall?Google imaging my 70s/80s musical idols is way more fun than it should be, almost as fun as listening to the actual music.
Love how Dio is the small. (He and Danzig were actually the same height.) As someone who's between a medium and small, I like the idea that I'm half Dio half Joy Division.
My favorite part of this post, aside from the SKU, is that open-shirted Glenn Danzig is drinking red wine on the beach. Or is that rose??
 Last EFF I did this configuration -- except with smoke MOP buttons -- with the REDA Crosshatch Fresco as a suit. Will see if I can post a photo tomorrow.
 Sure, that's very possible. I'm not sure I think an unstructured shoulder is necessarily casual; it might have read that way in the 90s but less so today, when it's more to do with the fabric and styling. But anyway you know your office better than we all do. SW's natural shoulder is excellent and it'd make a great separates jacket with the patch pocket/breast welt.
 Sounds good, though I'd go two-button unconstructed on such an open weave and textured fabric. My preference is always for the tan horn buttons. EDIT: My preference is actually always for MOP buttons, but of the horn options the tan is far and away my favorite. If SW though had off-white and blue MOP (as Lubiam does I believe) I'd just as often go with those, likely.
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