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OMFG I have one of those suede jackets and wear it constantly. Talk about an in-season deal.
 Thanks!  +1
Today's Vandas include the OG fancy wool, I believe from before Vanda Fine Clothing was actually established and when @gshen was just selling ties on SF. This was the tie that started my Vanda addiction. EDIT: @Phat Guido wears it in a more subdued fashion here.     Vanda Brown Fancy Wool tie Vanda Purple Butterflies pocket square   Non-Vanda are Southwick and Gitman for Epaulet
Today:  Southwick x EP MTO navy hopsack NapoliGitman x EP cutaway collar tattersall Ashland shirtNot pictured: Grey birdseye Walts (still available, incredibly), Carmina MTO jumper boots [[SPOILER]]
^ Strange. I am also a Smedium in Epaulet shirts, and a 36 Doyle is slim but good on me.
Ah I had thought you were saying it was necessary or that it limited you in buying shoes. Anyway the burgundy shell dub monks would be pretty great!
 You certainly can get a matching belt with every shoe you get, but it's not necessary, even if the SF High Council has decreed it thus. As long as you have a brown belt and a black belt, you are ready for all occasions, and all shoes. Not having a matching belt shouldn't impede you from buying a shoe. Rather, buying a shoe should inspire you to wear unexpected combinations and buy other garments, one of which might be a new belt.
^ You don't actually need a belt that matches. You can just wear a non-black belt and everything will be fine.
 Yes there is definitely some blue in it. Will try to post a close up, but the fabric is unfortunately sold out. The "fancy wools" Gerald and Diana sometimes post up are woven, but are woven wools, not silks (like a grenadine). The weave is tighter, and you can get monogramming done, which is a real benefit.
Yesterday's Vandas:  Brown-Periwinkle Blue Fancy Wool 3.25" tieTurquoise Gardens Mud-Dyed Kimono Silk PS  [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: