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 Tough to tell with the small pic, but that looks like a classic white shirt/khaki trousers pairing. Would balance it out with a belt, though, and an interesting jacket of some kind (esp a patterned one). Without something added it looks a bit plain jane to me.
 +1, though you can use the SF discount at Need Supply on RGT.
 Yes J Crew pants stretch in the waist by about 1-1.5 sizes, in my experience.
 Wasn't involved with the original situation, but given these details, I have to agree. Disappointment? Totally understood. But insulting the company isn't called for.
Up for sale is a pair of navy Worker Penny chinos by Penny Stock. These are done in a great, soft, breathable navy cotton twill, and have subtle workwear details: thigh pocket, buckle back, and plaid cuff at the hem. Washed once, tried on inside but never worn. Tagged size 31, but fits like a slim 32. Photos and measurements below.   Studio shot from Need Supply:             Tagged size 31, fits 32: Waist: 16.5" (you can adjust this up to 2" with the...
 Matt, this is hands down one of your best fits. Nicely done. Also @TO Tie Guy looks like the EP casual bridle belts.
 In agreement with this. At least try 3 3/8" (3.375"). I'm 6' tall, 37" chest, slim, and though I default to 3.25" even on me 3.5" looks fine.
  They always remove the back pocket to do any pocket repair. I also had some pocket work done on some jeans recently, and was also very disappointed with the results. I'm just going to take my business to Self Edge in the future. They do a $40 flat rate repair for jeans not purchased in store, and by the time I bring jeans in for repair that's usually what I need to spend anyway. For the record, all the non-pocket work Denim Therapy has done for me in the past has been...
Thanks NYR. You're also convincing me in that pic above that I need a blue micro-houndstooth dress shirt.
Well anyway the suede Carmina does stock is really A1 stuff.   Has anyone seen Carmina do a completely unlined, lightweight, but still goodyear welted suede shoe? -- i.e. not mocc stitched. I'm thinking an unlined three-eyelet dover with a single leather sole in navy suede, maybe with bright white stitching, for summer (maybe too late for this summer at this point). Alden does something similar to what I have in mind, but Camina's suede is much better stuff, and I prefer...
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