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 Oh yeah, I have a forest of swatches over here. I'm just impatient (aren't we all?) and I think that that particular tie is close to selling out.
Thanks so much. You're a hero for posting all that detail. I really appreciate it.
Wow, whose fit is this? This is amazing. Probably my favorite speckled chambray photo I've seen.
 I appreciate your posting! So there does seem to be a checked pattern of some kind, but it's subtle? Also, how fuzzy does the tie appear when you're wearing it? Does its being cashmere seem really obvious, or does it just read as a regular tie? As you can tell I'm on the fence about this. I like the idea of a solid-ish blue tie with a texture or subtle pattern, but I don't like the idea of a tie that screams "CASHMERE!!!" you know?
Sold. Thanks all.
 If you wear the shoes regularly and well (as he does), then they'll develop creases naturally, even with trees.   Yeah, maybe a different shoe with the worsteds? Though it's up to you. Personal style is personal, after all.
 Fantastic fit -- basically the Platonic ideal of autumn. Are you upstate? The leaves are still green down here in the city.  Haha yeah I figured that part out! 
 No worries! Happy to answer. Got you back via PM.
 My understanding was that just Color 8 shell didn't allow brass eyelets because the shell had to be painted?
Pardon my ignorance but what's the Ryden Boot?
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