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 Matt, this is hands down one of your best fits. Nicely done. Also @TO Tie Guy looks like the EP casual bridle belts.
 In agreement with this. At least try 3 3/8" (3.375"). I'm 6' tall, 37" chest, slim, and though I default to 3.25" even on me 3.5" looks fine.
  They always remove the back pocket to do any pocket repair. I also had some pocket work done on some jeans recently, and was also very disappointed with the results. I'm just going to take my business to Self Edge in the future. They do a $40 flat rate repair for jeans not purchased in store, and by the time I bring jeans in for repair that's usually what I need to spend anyway. For the record, all the non-pocket work Denim Therapy has done for me in the past has been...
Thanks NYR. You're also convincing me in that pic above that I need a blue micro-houndstooth dress shirt.
Well anyway the suede Carmina does stock is really A1 stuff.   Has anyone seen Carmina do a completely unlined, lightweight, but still goodyear welted suede shoe? -- i.e. not mocc stitched. I'm thinking an unlined three-eyelet dover with a single leather sole in navy suede, maybe with bright white stitching, for summer (maybe too late for this summer at this point). Alden does something similar to what I have in mind, but Camina's suede is much better stuff, and I prefer...
Wow @ianGP love that collar and the rest of it. Who's the maker on your shirt, if you don't mind my asking?
 No I don't find that they're that wrinkled, especially with the hanging. Most wrinkles disappear after one wear. The one pair of chinos I'm invested in wearing with a SC and tie is my cotton-cashmere blend, which, due to the cashmere, I have to get dry cleaned anyway, so they tend to be pressed already.
 I cold wash and hang dry my cotton chinos, and none of them have ever stretched, either.  You know it. Everything I see these days is evaluated in terms of "can I wear this to the beach?" Summer, it's just around the corner...
@Big A that look is great. Doyle suits you nicely.   Oh man the Kamigatas are up. That crosshatch denim looks amazing. Would wear over shorts at the beach.   Rob, great no cuff look on those Walts. They're just right.
I'm slim, but I have athletic thighs and the Stanton works great for me. I did size down two from my TTS size (Stanton 30, TTS 32), and for people with much larger thighs usually sizing down only one is the ticket.   Also Karl is great about exchanging sizes, in my experience. Or you could try ordering from a larger outfit with free shipping like Need Supply to try to suss out sizing before committing to one style.
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