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 So true. That is going to be one amazing sweater.
The Steamed Milk Cotton-Linen Walts are simply amazing.
Haha, I'm just joshin'. And thanks! It's a great tie. Wear early and often.
 I only had to size up on the Blue Steel Oxford Cloth rivets, which ran small. I'm a 32 waist in Walts and Driggs and that fits great in the solid waistband rivet, both Cramertons and others.
In the meantime, and as a thank you to Gerald, a recent Vanda fit. Nearly all linen and hopsack for a very hot week last week (hand in pocket to rumple linen and provoke fit critiques):       Green houndstooth pure linen tie   (Non Vanda are Southwick, Gitman, and Hertling for Epaulet.)
 Thanks for this Gerald. Order placed. Went classic with Navy and Chocolate shantungs, and rounded out with the Peacocks and Peonies square. So glad the shantungs worked out, and so quickly. Thanks sincerely for responding so strongly to your customers, and the ringleader/rabblerouser of movement shantung here. Looking forward!
 Thanks Mike! Much appreciated. It's an amazing jacket (and suit). The fabric is out of this world, and so light. Glad I went went with that particular linen. And @SteveL91 I sized one up from my usual Rivet Chino size for the blue steel oxford rivet and it fit great. Amazing cloth there, too. Everyone should stick with it if they can; they just run about one size small.
It was hot last week.         EFF wheat and straw slubby linen jacket (part of a suit; texture clearly inducing a little moire on my phone's front camera) EP x Gitman MTO cutaway collar shirt Pale grey hopsack/fresco Walts EP x Carmina double monks (unseen)   Vanda pure linen houndstooth tie Robert Talbott pure linen paisley square
So fast on the shantungs. And in four colors... it will be incredibly difficult to choose. But odds are I'll go for the middle two.   Amazing color variegation on the second from left. Is that primarily a mid-range green?
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