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 You sound like a medium to me.
 Didn't see this until months later, but if you're still looking for a tailor to do this, I've had excellent and less expensive results at Stanton Street Tailors on the LES. See my post up the page in this thread for details.
Mike the background photo for the LA event above reminds me... your FB photos are making me very glad I ordered the Navy/Oak Gingham Brevanna Peached Twill.    
 Thanks Mike for the World Star-style Rivet Chino video. That was really helpful in solidifying my Chocolate Magenta order. Also ordered the Natural Cotton-Linen Canvas. And thanks also for your previous alert on the seasonality of the Natural Cotton-Linen Rivets. I just assumed I'd wear them next summer and not any time soon, but I appreciate your giving us the heads up on their lighter weight. That lighter weight is exactly what I'm going for for warm weather wear!...
@Epaulet   Mike that Chocolate/Magenta Fleck Tweed looks pretty spectacular. I am, however, having a hard time making out the color. It looks almost navy/off-navy to me, but that doesn't seem to be in the description. If you're shooting any extra video/photos (as your post suggested above), that would be one that would be great to see. Or to hear any elaboration on the color. I've been looking for an interesting navy or other dark pant for casual wear -- something that's...
Just got my shantungs and... whoa. They're amazing. And that Peacocks and Peonies square! Gerald and Diana have killed it this summer.
 @fairlynerdy Agreed. I have a lot of flannel and tweed pants, and can tell you that I find the tweeds much more versatile. In addition to wearing with a SC and tie (or no tie), I'm much more apt to wear tweed trousers with casual shoes and a sweater than flannel trousers.
 Same. I ordered so fast I got admonished for potentially missing the discount. Hopefully we'll be fine!
 I got mine a few weeks ago. The paper side tag also said 100% linen, but I checked with the guys in store and it's just a misprint. It's definitely cotton-linen, especially apparent when compared to other Hertling cotton-linen trousers and when you give it a wrinkle test. The Steamed Milk are incredible. I've been wearing them as often as I can get away with.
Are there "in the wild" pics of both corduroy tweeds out there? Mike posted one a while back of the steel gray but he said there was a filter on it so the colors were altered. Anyone?
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