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Key to pulling off a loud tie like that: you really have to make sure you DGAF like both those guys above.
 This seems the sensible solution. My Carmina speed hooks are also sharper than my Alden speed hooks, but that's never stopped me from wearing them.
   Thanks guys! As the good folks in MC Casual have reminded me, thou shalt not wear an untucked shirt with a buttoned SC, but in my mind, at the beach, most rules go out the window. The LBM chinolino is incredible. Amazing drape, and very breathable.
Point taken from both of you @sugarbutch and @Crat. Ironically, the reason why I don't post fits in this thread is that I usually dress too formally for MC Casual. This summer, though, I should be posting here more often.
 Truth. It was a lazy pic. Unbuttoned the jacket the rest of the day. Though, honestly, at the beach, I think these kinds of rules don't apply. In agreement with you in all other circumstances. Anywhere but the beach I would never wear an untucked shirt with a jacket.
Memorial Day weekend at the beach       LBM 1911 "Flax" Chinolino, Gitman Japanese cotton gauze shirt, white selvedge denim, all from Epaulet Dearly departed (discontinued) Ray Ban 4140s Not pictured: Hudson Bay Company Bag, eBay'ed from @dieworkwear 
Memorial Day Weekend at the Beach; or, The Case for Chinolino       LBM 1911 Flax Chinolino, from EP Recent FF Gitman MTO shirt White Wilshires (Not pictured: Hudson Bay Company Bag)
^ @Nakedsnake go with the navy duck.  Wow, wonderful. Is that a yellow or a cream shirt? And is it an EP OCBD? Details please.
I can't get behind anything on a gumlite sole, really. I have another model for winter in mind, actually: EP's Kudu Jumper in the following configuration:     Forest-lasted Kudu jumper, as above Vibram sole Storm welt Fur lined   Carmina has done fur lined boots for other stockists. The configuration above would make the ultimate Goodyear winter boot, IMO.
 Belatedly, thanks for posting this europrep. And now I can see it's one of LBM's wool-poly blends for garment dyeing.
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