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 You can do an MTO in most stock fabrics if you e-mail them. I've had several made since I take a 37R (size 37 not stocked) in Napolis. I believe the single MTO upcharge is $50. @Epaulet Mike, thanks for the OD chino/MTO Doyle deal. Will definitely be getting in on that. I don't own a Doyle (yet), but being a 37R in Southwick, would you say a 37 is the right Doyle size, given the option with this MTO?
 You're missing the point. @An Acute Style's fit is meant to be a riot of patterns. The balancing of striped, checked, and printed patterns is actually quite masterful. Acute, don't change a thing.
 Do not take off your jacket when you are wearing a tie unless you will faint from heat exhaustion otherwise.  It is never too early to grow up. By which I mean, try 3.25".
Thanks! Ditto. Which Vanda squares are those in your last two fits?
Don't know what the difference is between nice and standard, but the Woodlore ones I've received from Epaulet have been top notch, quality-wise. They have Epaulet branding on them, too, if that makes a difference.
Today's rig:  Southwick x Epaulet FF wool-cash plaid SCGitman x Epaulet lavender chambray (with the "Joe BD" collar)Not pictured: Wool-cash FF rivets and Carmina x EP double monks [[SPOILER]]
 Thanks! Yeah that's my instinct, too. Glad to hear it's yours as well! Really excited about that limited run chambray Doyle, and being able to go for my usual size 37 as well.
Wish I had those @Mr. Six photo skills. Until then, today's Vanda:  Vanda Houndstooth Slik Tweed tie  [[SPOILER]]
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