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Agreed with you @rydenfan, @MacktasticGDogg, and @Don L that it's a completely fair price considering the premium fabric and NE Shirt Co single-needle tailoring.   I picked mine up in the same size as my EP shirt size. For reference, I'm a Small in EP shirting which fits slim on me, though I do take a Medium in most outerwear/sweaters, so I tried the Small and Medium. The overshirt Medium looked fine as a looser fit, but I wound up going for the overshirt Small, which...
 Very nice. Even better that they're patterned like that.
 Definitely agree with this. I'm a fan. They especially work because of the heathering the fabric appears to have.
 Ah, sounds slightly different than what I was referring to, which is a full shoulder reconstruction. In any case! The next time I'm in London I'll PM you in case I need anything done. That's still not a bad price for shortening from the shoulders, which is a complex operation and often a pricey one.
Ahh so really you've backed into a humblebrag? I imagine you can get the SCs let out. Not sure about two inches -- depends on the construction. For Epaulet Southwick SCs that might be feasible, but also the upper limit.@MSchapiro Lucky you! Some tailors I know will take in sleeves from the shoulders but I've heard of anyone get any really good work on the shoulders themselves for that little. Not to turn this into the Alterations Nerd Thread, but what kind of work did your...
 "The Ballad of the Newly Old Young Guy."  Seriously, a great deal of EP stuff can be taken in the areas you need. Tailored jackets (sport coats) especially usually have an inch or do of allowance in the chest. Walts/Rudy/Driggs trousers and some rivet chinos with split-waist construction can be taken out in the waist. However, letting out cotton fabrics can show stitch marks; for woolens and darker colors, you should be fine. Keep in mind that taking out more well-worn...
 I walked into the store last night to pick something up, and saw a finished sample of the field jacket. Bought one on the spot. It's absolutely amazing. The jacket is incredible, and I like the sizing, too -- slim, but with enough room for a sweater. And just long enough to wear a SC underneath, but not longer. In other words: perfect. I'm not a guy who's usually drawn to field jackets or military-esque clothing, but I love this thing. I'll let Mike have fun with all the...
 Thanks, interesting to see that. I think the two-button closure probably accounts for the extra space I'm seeing. It was just quite a distinctive collar. I'm a fan of more height (regardless of tie space per se) in non-BD collars. It looks great, in any case!
 Fantastic fit, SVB, and the shirt is great. Is the collar on your Individualized shirt the Fashion Spread (9S)? It looks a bit higher than usual. Did you ask for extra tie space in the top button?
Great fit @europrep. Are those Carmina hatch grain high boots?
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