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 This is pretty cool! Looking forward to seeing how it comes out.
Agreed, great collar @gshen
You should consider incorporating the flannel overshirts into your women's line. So many women across the board -- urban, rural, of all ages and demographics -- wear overshirts. They just tend to be either cheap Lands End garbage or weird fashion-ey brands with awful fabrics. Even if most women tend to be used to paying less for casual shirting (that's my perception at least) it could make for a great holiday gift option. I could see getting an EP x Ind overshirt as a...
 I have the Green Houndstooth Linen and wear it all the time when it's warm. It's an amazing tie. @gshen Wow that 314 navy hopsack looks bicolor! Is that right, or are my eyes deceiving me?
This just means you're distinctive, which is good. Happens to me in NYC sometimes. You just have to get out of the mindset that you're "standing out." The difference between "standing out" and personal style is just confidence and carriage.
Really eager to see the samples of all the bags. Definitely a change from one model to three! I think the larger weekender is what I'd likely go with but still definitely want to see them all -- and hopefully all the leather colors too. I'm normally a brown-tone leather guy, but black is so great for luggage.   Looking forward to picking up my olive Cramerton rivets and some EFF goodies tomorrow...
The fabric on this sportcoat is so great -- a true lightweight wool, and the check is amazing on the white ground. If it fits you, do yourself a favor and buy it!
 Fair, and I'm sure a good decision, but as a casual sportcoat they were kind of perfect.
Everyone will think you have a promotion announcement coming up. Or you're not hiding that big raise very well...!
At least you look really chipper at work.
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