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Haha how can you possibly choose each AM? Very nice, seriously. Well done.
@wj4 The Ludlow seems to look best on smaller frames like yours. Disappointing to hear about the composition of the fabric.
 PP exactly how many Hobers do you have?
 This is so fantastic. Where's the PS from?
 Truth. @tchoy -- very nice. The PS makes it look very seasonal.
@TyCooN I had a similar experience with a sweater that had a seam come apart. They were very gracious. Also FYI you might want to block out your address in the e-mail you copied.
 That linen psychedelic Ashland/Keystone shirt that just dropped seems to be in that vein. Have handled in store -- fabric's amazing (runs a hair big I think). Definitely considering with the 15% off coupon from the special order Doyle.
 Tough to tell with the small pic, but that looks like a classic white shirt/khaki trousers pairing. Would balance it out with a belt, though, and an interesting jacket of some kind (esp a patterned one). Without something added it looks a bit plain jane to me.
 +1, though you can use the SF discount at Need Supply on RGT.
 Yes J Crew pants stretch in the waist by about 1-1.5 sizes, in my experience.
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