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Sold. Thanks all!
Sold. Thanks all!
 Or based on a bunch of guys on the internet.   Whatever, looks great.
 Mike said that white polos were forthcoming in the EPLA line in April (post here). Seems like lots of EPLA stuff set to drop then!
 Your grenadine DFIH looks especially nice. You're right that it's all in the technique, though. Very nearly all of my ties are unlined seven-folds or lightly lined six-folds and I never get that off centered knot on either. Spoo btw has said that he ties his ties like the Armoury's Mark Cho: http://vimeopro.com/thearmoury/tie-tying/video/50828730 Many useful videos in the above link, including some forum members.
All sold. Thanks everyone! Closing thread.
 I'm a 37R, and "sized down" to a 46EU/36US. Most people go true to size.
^ On my Hobers, the twill goes horizontally.
@chocsosa That jacket is very nice -- looks exactly like an LBM I just picked up.
 Keep your finger on the trigger!
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