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 PP exactly how many Hobers do you have?
 This is so fantastic. Where's the PS from?
 Truth. @tchoy -- very nice. The PS makes it look very seasonal.
@TyCooN I had a similar experience with a sweater that had a seam come apart. They were very gracious. Also FYI you might want to block out your address in the e-mail you copied.
 That linen psychedelic Ashland/Keystone shirt that just dropped seems to be in that vein. Have handled in store -- fabric's amazing (runs a hair big I think). Definitely considering with the 15% off coupon from the special order Doyle.
 Tough to tell with the small pic, but that looks like a classic white shirt/khaki trousers pairing. Would balance it out with a belt, though, and an interesting jacket of some kind (esp a patterned one). Without something added it looks a bit plain jane to me.
 +1, though you can use the SF discount at Need Supply on RGT.
 Yes J Crew pants stretch in the waist by about 1-1.5 sizes, in my experience.
 Wasn't involved with the original situation, but given these details, I have to agree. Disappointment? Totally understood. But insulting the company isn't called for.
Up for sale is a pair of navy Worker Penny chinos by Penny Stock. These are done in a great, soft, breathable navy cotton twill, and have subtle workwear details: thigh pocket, buckle back, and plaid cuff at the hem. Washed once, tried on inside but never worn. Tagged size 31, but fits like a slim 32. Photos and measurements below.   Studio shot from Need Supply:             Tagged size 31, fits 32: Waist: 16.5" (you can adjust this up to 2" with the...
New Posts  All Forums: