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Those look amazing. An incredible pair of casual boots and you're wearing them well. Beautiful.Also I'm going to Austin for the first time in January for work. Anything I absolutely shouldn't miss?Also curious about the crewneck! Post pics folks.
 Ah, thanks. They've just aged nicely!
 Never thanked you for this. Thank you!  Looks fantastic. Are those cigar shortwing boots?
  The Driggs are an excellent trouser. (A note that if you ever get one custom made, I'd recommend that you stick with the zip fly.) They really do tow the line between between slim and skinny. I don't think I'd wear anything skinnier, but they work great as a rivet chino with a higher rise. Perfect for a casual work environment.
Up for sale is a pair of brand new, never worn Epaulet rivet chinos in a deadstock washed oxford cloth in a deep indigo shade. This was from a batch of one-offs, and only a few of these were made. Selling this because they look too similar to some other pants of mine. The fabric is truly amazing, and my photos don't do it justice. Because the fabric is a washed oxford, there is subtle color variegation up close, though from far away they just look like a deep, rich indigo....
 A+. Any idea when the first run will be rolling in? If you're still doing samples and wanted to run one in 37, I wouldn't mind, just saying...  And I like the idea of slightly wider lapels. Have we reached peak skinny lapel yet? I'm hoping so, but fear we haven't.
 I have a lot of Southwick SCs and suits, which I love and wear all the time. Definitely a fan. I will say, though, that my one Luigi Bianchi Mantova Vittorio SC is the best fitting jacket I own. If you don't have one, you owe it to yourselves to pick one up. As far as I know, Ends for Friends has not made it to Italy yet. As with all EP things, the extra scratch is worth it. Mike, I'm interested to her more on the "revised" unstructured Southwick SC. How does it compare...
  I wear my navy hopsack Napoli SC year round. Probably my most-worn jacket.
Team "it depends on the weather and the formality of the fit."
 Sazon do you find that the earth reverse chamois breathes any better or worse than suede?
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