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Do any of you fine folks have photos of the Indigo Matka in action? Natural light a plus! I'm trying to see how much color depth/variegation there is in the fabric as I consider summer-weight blue ties. It's been around for a year, so there must be some in addition to those on the Vanda blog.
  Thanks -- great thoughts on this. Glad to hear it's that smooth. I just have a thing about fuzzy ties in the summer, so I was concerned about the cashmere. It's a gorgeous tie. I might go for the green one, as I'm really looking for a new green-color summer-weight tie. In the blue category, the Wool-Linen-Silk Windowpane is the one that's caught my eye... though I really have way too many blue ties as it is.
Sold. Thanks all for your interest!
 Another note of congratulations! That must have been quite the challenge, and I commend you for it. FWIW like @Roy Al I also think you look better with wider collars as opposed to the relatively compact BD you're wearing in the photo you provide. I have what I think is a fairly similar face (narrow-ish and tall) and I wear cutaways/spreads or large BDs, like Mercer's. And if you do like OCBDs or button down collars on dress shirts, I highly recommend Mercer.
 Agreed -- at least there's extra room in the leg with a strong taper after the knee. Also for what it's worth, I'm more interested in a classic polo collar than a BD polo collar.
 Really interested in this one, which you wear very well. Do you find the cashmere makes it warm or fuzzy, though? Wondering about it in the dog days of August.
 Lotta square-toed Cole Haan?
 Got you back!
Thanks! And nice! These look great. Looking forward to seeing everyone's navy seersuckers.I know more than a few lawyers and almost none of them wear squares. Bizarre. Is it perceived as too dandyish?
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