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 @edubs01 This has been my experience. I'm also 10.5D U.S. TTS and in the Aberdeen, 10D U.S. Barrie, and 9.5 UK in all Carmina lasts except the Inca lasted dub monks, which I size down to a 9UK for (just because they're dub monks and the Inca is a wide last).
 Yes, love my cotton cash rivets. They're a go-to business casual pant for me -- would be even better as a Walt/Rudy for that. There's just enough cashmere in them that they drape amazingly well.  Alden 403s from the Smith Street shop in 2009. Next purchase was an Epaulet mainline Japanese twill multi-gingham shirt, which is still going strong -- wearing it here. Studio shots archived here.
OMFG I have one of those suede jackets and wear it constantly. Talk about an in-season deal.
 Thanks!  +1
Today's Vandas include the OG fancy wool, I believe from before Vanda Fine Clothing was actually established and when @gshen was just selling ties on SF. This was the tie that started my Vanda addiction. EDIT: @Phat Guido wears it in a more subdued fashion here.     Vanda Brown Fancy Wool tie Vanda Purple Butterflies pocket square   Non-Vanda are Southwick and Gitman for Epaulet
Today:  Southwick x EP MTO navy hopsack NapoliGitman x EP cutaway collar tattersall Ashland shirtNot pictured: Grey birdseye Walts (still available, incredibly), Carmina MTO jumper boots [[SPOILER]]
^ Strange. I am also a Smedium in Epaulet shirts, and a 36 Doyle is slim but good on me.
Ah I had thought you were saying it was necessary or that it limited you in buying shoes. Anyway the burgundy shell dub monks would be pretty great!
 You certainly can get a matching belt with every shoe you get, but it's not necessary, even if the SF High Council has decreed it thus. As long as you have a brown belt and a black belt, you are ready for all occasions, and all shoes. Not having a matching belt shouldn't impede you from buying a shoe. Rather, buying a shoe should inspire you to wear unexpected combinations and buy other garments, one of which might be a new belt.
^ You don't actually need a belt that matches. You can just wear a non-black belt and everything will be fine.
New Posts  All Forums: