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 Love this shoe and the last. Mike I always liked when you named wares after neighborhood streets. The Rapelye? My fave street name in EP's old neighborhood. (Just avoid naming it the Gowanus.) Also, nice denim.
 Kamakura? I had thought their OCBD collar was smaller and more modern. Glad to be proven wrong. Is the collar unlined? If not, how stiff/flexible do you find the lining?
@luv2breformed Great fit. Love the way you balance those stripes. Is that a Mercer oxford?
 This is really good. A great Bay fit. ID on the pants? White denim?
Semi-related to @badsha's question: has anyone got Southwick Rudys? How's the fit, esp in the waist? I ask because I'm a Walt guy but looking toward Rudys for a linen suit.
 Patch pockets on suits are completely fine. You'll see many around the forum and the internet. I think if you really want to go flap, you should get the jacket with a ticket pocket to make it look less like an orphaned suit jacket -- and the ticket pocket adds extra flair. Love the ticket pocket on my REDA Crosshatch Fresco suit.
Three Southwick suits later, I think I'm done for the summer. Though every time I look at that Linen Blend Seed Stitch, it seems to call me. Looks like the ultimate summer casual SC. I almost want a New England overshirt or a Doyle in it (recognizing that's not possible, of course).   Mike, any idea what the blend is on the Linen Blend Seed Stitch? Is it wool-linen, silk-linen, or something more complex?
  Southwick's smoke MOP buttons look amazing with anything navy. Though, as @cyclohexane suggests, the tan horn (U6) buttons are the unsung heroes of Southwick MTOs. They add a pop of color without being too loud.
 Would jump on these if they were my size. Lucky folks who can take them! A pass of my recent purchases and closet makes me look forward to MOP buttons on very nearly everything I wear this summer.
I recall Mike mentioning earlier that the Gauzy Rainbow Herringbone cloth is the only one he wouldn't recommend for trousers.
New Posts  All Forums: