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 Just a word that it's great to know that Mike knows the exact woman at New England Shirt Company who does the pockets on the tweed overshirts and also knows about her health situation -- the personal interest and commitment we all experience extends to makers as well.
 Agreed with @bradp! Fantastic new space and a great new website! Congrats to you and Diana on expanding the business.
 I have a different Johnston's scarf; just wanted to chime in and say that it's my favorite hands down, even more than cashmere scarves that I own. @NewYorkIslander owns that particular claret scarf, I believe, and rocks it regularly.  Also nabbed one of those sweaters. All of them are seriously amazing. As always, I wish there were more cardigans. Absent that, I think this season's sweater line is the best that I've ever seen from EP.  A vote for twill as well, in...
 That silk playboy... ! 
Haha mine are on the Soller last. That and a different dye batch, or the light, must be the difference! Nice fit, though.
 Abort. Dry clean both. Any drying or heat at all will make the stain burn into the fabric. And for the linen walts with the coffee stain, I'd use a dry cleaner skilled at stain removal. If you're in the U.S. and do not have a good dry cleaner near you, Fave FabriCare is supposed to be the gold standard for doing this by mail. If you're in the NYC metro area I can provide more detailed recommendations.
 But wider through the middle of the foot, yes? I'm a 9.5 UK in most Carminas, but I have a double monk on the Inca, and had to go with a 9UK in that shoe. Perhaps that's because of the double monk shape.
 These are beauties, as others have remarked. Your shoe care and fall foliage games are both on point. I have the Epaulet Brixton in Ravello, which was the original version of this makeup. They're six years old at this point, I believe, and are still going very strong. Once I get around to a deep clean and shine, I'll post pictures.
 These are really terrific. I'm very happy with my Carmina snuff suede chukkas but the color on your suede seems a bit brighter. Who's the maker?
 That sound you heard is West Coasters adjusting their alarm clocks.
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