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  Great shirt and collar Don L! Nice to see another Gitman MTO in the wild. And that full collar is wonderful. For the fabric, is that the normal blue TTX Oxford (fabric 301-40)?
@Cotton Dockers Actually I think those jeans look great with that fit. I'm not a light wash person myself, but you pull it off well. I'm not sure I'd call them "dad jeans," as they seem to fit you well.
@Mr. Moo Great jacket. Can I ask the gauche question of how much it cost?
 Technically speaking, it's 8cm (3.15")  And yeah it looks great on most.
@leftofthedial Matt looking great! G&L Khaki. Handled it in the shop the other day. It's basically the perfect year-round chino.
I know we're all in pants mode now, but wow that Gitman TTX Oxford. Amazing. 
 Looks fine to me.
^ For real (or you could just cut them). Nothing kills grenadines like scraggly nails.  Don't really think this holds for everyone. While your suit/SC lapels and your tie width shouldn't be wildly out of proportion, you should really just wear whatever you feel comfortable in. IIRC Foo is a short dude and wears all kinds of massive lapels and non-skinny ties. This pic is one example. TBH the way your face is shaped is really a bigger factor, or should be, in how wide your...
 Are they significantly thicker than stock Carmina laces? Pics of the Perri's Paddock boots themselves seem to indicate that they're pretty beefy.
 Awesome, thanks. How would you say that the sanded canvas (on the current factory finds) fits into that spectrum? Cooler than the garment dye cotton, or less cool?
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