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 Thanks. The concern, of course, is not only sizing, but also the degrading effects a dryer can have on fine fabrics and clothing construction.   
This describes all my shirts and pants. Hence the no dryer policy.Agreed on both counts!
All you guys who put your EP stuff in the dryer! I hang dry everything nice that goes in the washing machine. Perhaps I'm paranoid?
 Mike, for those of us fortunate enough to be local to EP, what's the process like for getting measured in person? Does it have to be done at a trunk show, or do the Individualized folks come by the store regularly?
 Amazing. I'm in for an olive moleskin. And a vote for Midnight. The pics of the Ecru Northern Watters cardigan makes me want to do an Ecru crewneck. Amazing yarn.  I made a Carmina high boot Galway clone a few years back when Carmina was still taking in-person MTOs. A great decision.
 Also interested in one of these! Also, PSA to all that I handled a heavyweight rhino oxford shirt the other day in the shop (a sample), and was astonished at how soft and breathable the fabric was. If I were in the market for a heavyweight shirt, I'd MTO one pronto.
 Not sure this got answered earlier. I take the same size in both.  Also got my MTO cords recently. Fabric is amazing. Unfortunate that they weren't available in a five pocket jean configuration, but I'm still very pleased with them.
  Thanks guys! I definitely appreciate it. It's a work trip, but I'm still looking forward to spending some time in Austin.
Sold. Thanks all!
 Thanks! I appreciate it. Now I just have to figure out where to eat, of all the zillions of places...  Man, black pants looks better and better every time I see them. Or maybe its just how SVB wears them.
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