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  Indeed you can. My MTO'ed navy hopsack jacket is one of my favorites. It's outrageously versatile. For the record, I got an unconstructed shoulder, 3-roll-2, open patch pockets and welt breast pocket, and smoke MOP buttons. 
@Epaulet Hey Mike, is the Gitman shirting event today still on at the Manhattan store? Was wondering what time it started so I can warm up my credit card for a serious work out.
 I have a pair I wear all the time and did not get cuffs on them. The fabric is on the lighter side and works well with no cuffs. I get cuffs on everything that's heavier. @FrankCowperwood very nice!!
 EP henley x NYC municipal compost collab
 Not sure how much this helps, but I wear a small in the shawl fisherman and a 38 in the shawl heirloom. Also interested in more info about the heirloom crew neck. How do they fit? Photos, of course, would be great.
 I'm 6' and wear a 38, which is correct for my chest, and the heirloom has a good fit on me, falling at my waist. For reference, I wear a regular length jacket pretty much everything, including Epaulet x Southwick items, and wear a 31"-32" inseam. If the heirloom fit one inch longer, I wouldn't mind; it would just be a bit more traditional and less fitted. Hope that helps!
  Hmm my experience with GBV is different all around, as often different GBV shirts have different fits from other GBV shirts year over year, or even within seasons. The one GBV shirt I have fits slightly slimmer than EP, but I take the same fit anyway. And just to be clear that "Epaulet by Gitman" and "Epaulet by New England" have the same standard Epaulet fit. GBV is its own thing from Gitman.  Blackwatch was a very dark forest green ground with a brighter light green...
So can I. Nothing quite like it. As I've said in this thread before, the Blackwatch Heirloom is my single favorite piece of clothing.
 Agreed. My trainers with white soles always feel less versatile to me than the gum sole.  +1, though I still always wear a long sleeve shirt underneath my heirloom cardigan (under all knits, really).
In addition to laundering clothing, I also wear clothing.   Old stuff on Rapeleye Street after a long day:       LBM 1911 navy linen SC, from EP Ashland (Gitman) lavender chambray shirt Juniper Italian linen Walts Not pictured: Carmina x EP caramel double monk straps Not EP: Vanda green linen houndstooth tie & silk PS
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