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 @jesPak or anyone who has used Meurice, do you recall the cost of dry cleaning a suit or sportcoat? I have a SC that another dry cleaner stained, inexplicably, and needs taken to someone great. I'm thinking Meurice is the best South of 14 St option. The SC is, unfortunately, cotton-linen, which I understand is extremely difficult to remove stains from. Still, Meurice has a reputation as a stain specialist.
[[SPOILER]]  Thanks Mike and Cormac McCarthy () for the tips on the watches. Will investigate repairs and put the Seiko on my list!  I agree with Mike's recommendation for sure, but for a relatively routine operation like tapering Walts I've found Stanton to be completely reasonable with wait times. (Then again, I have been a regular and loyal customer of theirs for years, and the EP guys think I might get some special treatment because of that.) Either way, you should be...
Off topic watch question for Mike and NYC guys: any recommendations for mechanical watch repair? I have an inexpensive mechanical watch that recently developed a clanking noise inside the housing when the watch is moved back and forth (Mike, this is the Orient watch you were looking at the other day). It still tells time as well as it ever has, though, but the noise is worrisome. Any recommendations for repair?
 Sizing sounds good; I'm a 32 Walt and Rivet, and take a 31 Wilshire. Great selection of items. The Pale Grey Hopsack Walt is hands down the best warm weather trouser I've ever worn, even better than linen.
 Yes. The midnight oil is pretty grey, but avoids being boring or too familiar. I really like them -- great weight, great fabric. The olives are more olive, with a greener cast.
 I also have the Slate Garment Dye Driggs and they wear amazingly well -- very cool temperature-wise.  This is so awesome.
Anyone with an actual pic of the yellow striped Japanese grenadine?
 Yeah, you'd probably really dig them.  Most of my Vanda ties are fine wool ties. A bunch of my recent pics with notes (click to enlarge): Brown fancy wool from their original collection; fine enough to be worn with a suit. A more recent "fancy wool" (brown-periwinkle) with tweed; always buy their "fancy wools." They're the best. Green wool POW Wool-silk woven flowers, again slightly more formal Burnt orange POW; one of my favorites Brown-black wool crepe Blue donegal...
Key to pulling off a loud tie like that: you really have to make sure you DGAF like both those guys above.
 This seems the sensible solution. My Carmina speed hooks are also sharper than my Alden speed hooks, but that's never stopped me from wearing them.
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