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I recall Mike mentioning earlier that the Gauzy Rainbow Herringbone cloth is the only one he wouldn't recommend for trousers.
Haha I'm sure everything else will be just fine. And oh man that photo! I wish that white LBM 1911 DB fit me. It was hot fire.
Do I hear the return of python shoes to EP land? Still remember those austerity brogues.
 I believe Mike said that group buys would be possible in the future, but we'd have to have a fabric in mind, and there would be high minimums. With everything going on with the LA studio opening up, the EFFs, and all the preorders, I'd imagine it's a bit busy just this minute, but if anything happens I'd be interested.
Sold. Thanks all for your interest!
Pre-summer closet cleaning, folks, has yielded something truly special. This is the famous Epaulet Gauzy Shadow Dot Ice shirt from several years ago, a unique fabric of gauzy Japanese cotton. The tonal dots are woven into the Japanese fabric itself (not printed), yielding a pattern that also adds to the depth of texture of the shirt. The fabric itself has a light, gauzy feel, but is not insubstantial. I've never seen shirting like this anywhere else. It's the rare shirt...
Up for sale is an insanely gorgeous bespoke shirt made of a white woven royal zephyr oxford from the Thomas Mason Gold/Bespoke line. Handmade by Joe Hemrajani in Hong Kong. I really can't tell you how incredible this shirt is. The cloth has an insanely soft hand, but is substantial enough to stand up to all kinds of wear. It is a true four-season cloth, one you could wear both under a heavyweight sweater in winter and to a July wedding in Florida and you'd be comfortable...
That Apricot Basketweave, holy cow. Placing an order momentarily. @gshen Gerald, are there more basketweave colorways coming down the pipeline? And for everyone, how seasonal would you all say Matka fabrics are? I love textured solids with color variegation, and am just wondering if I could wear them in the colder months without looking too summery. Enjoy your UK trip, Gerald and Diana!
Thanks, that's very helpful! I also definitely want to see the Natural Linen Herringbone in person too... See you this afternoon.
New Posts  All Forums: