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Trying to decide whether to get both the Corduroy Tweeds (Mike's post here), or just the slate/steel grey one. Do I really need two? I can't tell how khaki/British khaki the non-gray option is, or whether it's more taupe (or another option?), and what the mottling/color variegation is like.
 Southwick as well. If you look in the inside left pocket of your Southwick jackets, you'll find the modern UNITE HERE tag.
They both seem pretty flecked/mottled. I'm leaning both as long as the fabric price is within the realm of reason.Ghostbusters amirite
 IIRC, Mike said he was aiming for Thursday.
@SteveL91 Also sent an e-mail for minor fit adjustments and haven't heard yet. Yes, I assume the inboxes must runneth over at the moment! I imagine they'll get it squared away when the dust settles.
 Thanks! Will post photos when they come in. The folks at the Orchard St store might just take photos of those shirts anyway since I'm local to them. NYC is hot enough that the TM irregular blue would likely be wearable-ish. And I actually tend to wear "spring/summer" shirts underneath sweaters during cold weather to avoid overheating, but tend not to do that with linen... so 3-ply might be the ticket. Ironically given all the collar talk above, I'm debating whether or not...
 Do post pics of the curved collar when you get it! It is difficult to go outside here without melting. With all this posting and opining, I figure I should share what I actually got, so, my recent orders: DJA Sea Island 170s Navy Cross Check (X59NBC-Z)This done in LL Artisan collar, mitered cuff, V-stitch pocket Brevanna Peached Twill Oak & Navy Gingham (S69TKC-L)Canclini Melton Brushed Cotton Mocha Houndstooth (V91TBK-O)Canclini Melton Brushed Cotton Navy Houndstooth...
 I completely understand what you're saying, but I have a different perspective on it. For me, once I figured out what kinds of collars really work well for my narrow face -- wide spreads/cutaways for dress, large-ish BDs for casual, and either for "crossover" -- I've found it so great to be able to have those reliably at my beck and call, just like a precise, dialed-in fit on a garment. I totally get the urge to experiment; it's just that for me, I tend to do that more...
  Ladies Love Light Lining would be a great name for a #menswear hip-hop group. (Just gotta make sure James Todd Smith isn't in a litigious mood.) Call me old fashioned but I love the Individualized button down collar for a casual shirt. I got three Fall 2016 shirts done with this collar. This being said, I have the Artisan with LLLining in some shirts and it's an incredible collar if you either (1) have a dressy fabric, or (2) have any fabric with a medium-scale pattern,...
 So true. That is going to be one amazing sweater.
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