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       Thanks guys, much appreciated. And yes @eljlakers the lapels on the new unconstructed fit are great. The proportions overall were adjusted just a tad I think, all for the better.@RuleOfRescue I live in NYC and it was fine for me in the swamp-like weather yesterday. I got it unlined and unconstructed, which helps. @Steel28 this was from an EFF, so the fabric is likely long gone.
Slouched and rumpled after an early start to a long day (x-post). Keeping cool with fresco, shantung "fina," linen, and compact oxford. Vanda Purple-Green Flowers fine-weave printed shantung tie Vanda white linen with navy border PS Non-Vanda is Southwick and Individualized for Epaulet
Rumpled and slumped over after an early start to a long, hot day. REDA fresco keeping me relatively cool in the heat.     REDA Crosshatch fresco, EP x Individualized, Vanda tie and PS. Unseen watch.
It's not an Eisenhower, but that Snuff Suede Blouson is amazing. I have (and love) a suede Eisenhower and the blouson works great on me. I'd give it a second look, especially as your sizes are in stock.
 This is usually the case with unfinished and basted sleeves (though there will be basting thread!). Echoing @CanadaCal on the Ventura Stripe and, basically, all of the shirts and the Vittorio Farmer's Check. Unsurprised there's only one Farmer's Check left, as it's an unstoppable and eminently wearable jacket. If you're a Vittorio 52/42, purchase this jacket.
 In general, if you don't want any shrinkage at all, don't wet wash. On my shirt -- I grabbed the Albini Circle Print linen, not the delave, but they should behave relatively similarly -- I cold delicate washed and hung dry the shirt with a little soap and fabric softener three times before wearing. There was definitely a small amount of shrinkage, but it was minimal. If you want absolutely zero shrinkage with a linen shirt (@tricky's situation, I believe), then stick with...
Personally I think it has more to do with the shape of your face and your overall proportions than total heights. I could imagine a 5' 9" guy who's evenly portioned wearing the Artisan very well. But if your torso is very short you might want to think about other options. The fashion spread is solid! But the Artisan is where it's at if you can rock it. The BD is solid but if you have a round face consider the wide BD.Mike will have the encyclopedic knowledge but that's my...
Mike mentioned weeks ago in this thread that they were working on an Individualized shirting program for women.
Quoting unspoilered for brilliance. This is such an amazing fit. Love the hat.@FrankCowperwood ID on the navy jacket?
Recent tie and PS order shipped! And now, a recent photo with some Vanda wares. Pardon the poor indoor lighting.     Vanda indigo raw silk tie Vanda silk PS from forever ago SC and shirt are Epaulet x Lubiam/Gitman
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