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I wear navy sneakers all the time. Been looking for an excuse to replace my cheap navy canvas lace ups with something better. Just gotta decide between the slip ons and the tennis trainer...
 Thanks for catching that! Just moving quickly with keyboard and mouse.
 John Ventimiglia actually does hang around Court Street. I've seen him in D'Amico a few times.
Vesuvio suede! Maybe you can get Artie Bucco in a slip-on.
 Absolutely fantastic, FC. Your photos are really making me think about the Albini Piumino print -- or it would if it weren't sold out. Wear it well! Can't wait to see a fit.
Sold. Thanks all!
Sold. Thanks all for your interest!
OK! I mean I'm not averse to a different look. I got my recent Southwick suits in the Rudy fit and though there's more room in the thigh than I need, it's not a bad look.Southwick pants have been known to make up a bit slim, though.
 Mike, you know my stuff fairly well, and know I'm split fairly evenly between Rivet Chinos, Driggs (Driggses?), and Walts. Would you say I should go Walt, or go ahead and try the Rudy?
The issue isn't underwear showing through them, per se. It's the pocket bags, which are white/cream but a heavier fabric than the actual trouser fabric. This is always an issue with any sheer, lightweight white trouser fabric, in my experience, from this excellent Khyber Cloth to crappy J Crew/Uniqlo white shorts.   That @Don L photo (in the upper right) seems to indicate that there is some visible pocket bag-ness, but it doesn't seem excessive. I also probably wouldn't...
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