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 Fantastic, thanks. I'll probably be by early next week.
 @Epaulet Would also like to take a look at the samples next week -- both the Saffiano bags and the Aran heirloom. They look great! Gotta make some decisions...
New England summer EFF pickups in:   Navy Handloomed Madras Cayman Islands Chambray Albini Circle Print Linen Natural Indigo Hand-Dye Olive Madras Batik   Got my Streaky/Slubby Indigo Cotton-Linen Rivets hemmed the other day. Waiting on Tobacco Cotton-Linen and REDA Indigo Hopsack Walts. Lightweight Lubiam & Southwick SCs hanging in the closet. Was in the 70s in New York yesterday. Summer can't come soon enough.
 And any place that's musically the 80s every day is my kind of place. Next time, Mike, will bust out Dio after some Billy Squier deep cuts. But for real this EFF is insane. Some amazing stuff. Will the linen shirts make up any larger than the cotton shirts? Some past New England linens (I'm thinking the fabled Navy Stars fabric) made up roomier. And as long as I've got that linen Navy Stars shirt on my mind, do any of the linens here have that kind of ultra-light...
Background soundtrack in the videos is pretty on point.   Oh yeah and the fabrics are incredible, too.   EDIT: Also Rainbow in the Dark as a fabric name/song reference is fantastic.
 This is pretty cool! Looking forward to seeing how it comes out.
Agreed, great collar @gshen
You should consider incorporating the flannel overshirts into your women's line. So many women across the board -- urban, rural, of all ages and demographics -- wear overshirts. They just tend to be either cheap Lands End garbage or weird fashion-ey brands with awful fabrics. Even if most women tend to be used to paying less for casual shirting (that's my perception at least) it could make for a great holiday gift option. I could see getting an EP x Ind overshirt as a...
 I have the Green Houndstooth Linen and wear it all the time when it's warm. It's an amazing tie. @gshen Wow that 314 navy hopsack looks bicolor! Is that right, or are my eyes deceiving me?
This just means you're distinctive, which is good. Happens to me in NYC sometimes. You just have to get out of the mindset that you're "standing out." The difference between "standing out" and personal style is just confidence and carriage.
New Posts  All Forums: