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@Epaulet Terrific. Thanks for the info!   Additionally, for folks who live in snowy climates: how do you preventatively clean salt residue from your shoes? Using a rag I've tended to wipe down my shoes in the past with a solution of one part white vinegar to three parts water before washing off with a pure water and buffing, but am curious what others do, and if you do it every day.
 Thanks! And gotcha. I'll definitely want to wait until all of the S17 fabrics land to choose my five. I'll just hope the icy blue one doesn't sell out. That one's a little louder so I can imagine it sticking around longer. Love that the cotton-linen is brushed. Should be a very interesting piece. Love how Joe Blair really thinks through the details of the fabrication as well as the patterns/colorways. The two cotton ones are really great too. That hairline electric blue...
Wow those Pompei cotton-linen blends from Individualized for S17. Mike you're killing it at spring already. Fitting, as it's in the mid 60s in New York today. What kind of stock do you have available in those? They look pretty special, so I don't want to wait for 5 fabrics and find out that they've sold out.   And would you say those Pompei fabrics are going to be lightweight/breathable enough to wear in August?
 Yes please. Also you poor unfortunate souls who didn't get an Aran sweater from Northern Watters have two amazing options in the Sample Sale. It's astonishing how intricately woven and beautiful it is (but not fragile). Because of the openness of the weave, it's not as hot-wearing as it looks -- unless you count the amount of times someone will look at you and think "HOT" involuntarily. The Oatmeal and the Ecru Nep are really the yarns to do this in. Grab em! For...
 Where 2 kop Mr Epaulet jacket Seriously, I'd be all over that Guabello glen plaid DB jacket (w/ off-white MOP buttons & red suede elbow patches!) if I could make a 40R work, but the shoulders are an inch too wide for me. Whoever gets that will love it.
Wanted to put in a word for the Umber Moleskin Rivet Chinos. I was in store the other day to pick up a few things and tried on a pair off the rack, and can't believe I hadn't picked them up earlier. The fabric is soft and warm-but-not-too-warm as all get out, and it's a perfect shade of brown with a very slight reddish cast. I've got plenty of other brown trousers and this definitely doesn't feel like a duplicate. They're great. Buy them.
Oh please do an Italian Denim one-piece with a tall University BD-style button down collar. That would be amazing.That or another very dark 4-season weight navy cloth.And great to hear about faster Individualized lead time!I'd love this too, but really good linen-cotton blends tend to be pricey. I've found less expensive linen-cotton blends to be pretty rough feeling and tough for hot weather wear.
 The Finance Bro outfit (at least in NYC) is much different than most anything on offer at EP. @Epaulet Mike, those new shirts look great. Did you tighten up the BD collar on the Portugal shirting? I remember it being a bit bigger in the past, more akin to the Individualized University collar. Or perhaps it's just the angle of the photos.
 I have to say that as someone who did snag one of the original Ravello Brixtons, those boots would indeed be worth a two-year wait, or even a three-year wait. But of course your point still stands. As you say, the Alden wingtip boot is second to none, partly because of the design and also partly because the Barrie last is maybe the ultimate boot last (sometimes blobby for shoes, but perfect for boots). The Indy boot and tanker are also unmistakeable. It seems we're all in...
  I agree with all this. EP's exclusives have been excellent, the Innsbruck especially. And I wouldn't hesitate to charge a full 50% deposit for preorders. Nice stuff costs money. Mike knows this but I found EP in 2009 looking for some stock 403s (brown CXL Indys). I still own those Indys and they've held up amazingly well, but if I had bought more recently I would have gotten the Innsbruck Indy. It's an amazing shoe. I'm not a massive shoe guy but regardless, that one...
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