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 @Epaulet Mike, sorry to bug, just think this got lost in the shuffle. I'm wondering about that End 48, and in general what direction to go for something for hot summer weather.
@Epaulet Mike, actual questions: the linen fabrics look incredible, but I'm wondering about how they'll wear in the summer in a shape as slim as the rivet chino.   One query: End 48, Streaky & Slubby Blue Linen, the pic says 100% linen, but the dropdown says linen/cotton. I'm wondering which is correct, and how cooling you think it would be in the NYC summer heat. I have another cotton-linen RC from another EFF and the fabric is actually quite heavy (though...
 Plug for the Walt short. I have two and they're insanely comfortable. It's a great way to wear a bold or patterned fabric (mine are white/gray seersucker and japanese camo twill).  "But you know that when the sale is sold / You can get what you want or you can just get old"
 @Gerry Nelson Agreed, and the collar is excellent. A great looking shirt all around.
 Anyone who likes the rivet should try the Driggs. It's such a great shape that works with everything -- everything a rivet chino works with as well as most situations that would call for a more formal trouser. (@turkey_sandwich try the duck Driggs) I have cotton Driggs and it's one of my favorite pants. And the slightly higher rise, much discussed a few pages ago, is so comfortable. Also, backpacks are up. I've seen them in store. They're fantastic -- beautiful, not...
After my first purchase from Gerald and Diana from their initial collection, I was instantly persuaded that these were not only the best value ties on the market, but perhaps the best ties period. I've bought my ties over the past five years nearly exclusively from G&D. The tie below is one of the ties that started it all -- a woven brown "fancy wool." It's looks nearly new all these years later (though my photo, of course, leaves something to be desired). If the forum is...
 Ah thanks for letting me know. Great that you're affiliates now!
 Thanks, yes it's from this past fall. A really fantastic piece.
 You may need to spend $50 per suit on a cleaning. Suits don't need to be cleaned very often, though. A brush and hang gets most odor and detritus out of a suit. I'm in NYC and, on the recommendation of this thread, I take my suits to Meurice on the rare occasions they do need dry cleaning. I'm glad I've started to do so, as I feel they're in expert hands, particularly those with a 3-roll-2. Am considering experimenting with Rave Fabricare to see what all that raving is...
The photo's grainy and the shirt is chambray. Does that qualify this as MC Casual?   In any case, xpost:   Grainy photo from a long, rainy day.     Luigi Bianchi Mantova for Epaulet donegal-style wool-silk SC Gitman Bros for Epaulet chambray shirt Vanda "brown fancy wool" woven necktie from debut collection in 2011 Vanda mud-dyed floral PS Unseen: gray trousers, brown CXL Alden 403s
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