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 Thank you!
Pulling up this thread to ask for NYC recommendations for 3-roll-2 dry cleaning. Specifically, has anyone used Meurice for this purpose? I've used them for years, but oddly never for a 3-roll-2.   Thanks.
Has anyone on SF ever attended a traditional Sudanese wedding ceremony (a jirtig)? I'm attending a wedding this weekend with two ceremonies: the first, the Sudanese ceremony on Friday night; the second, a western ceremony (billed as the main ceremony) on Saturday night. Both are in the evening, and no dress code specified for either. I'm wearing a navy suit for the latter, but for the Sudanese ceremony, does anyone have experience in this area? Traditional dress for...
That indigo salmon brought me out of retirement.
Thought I'd tap the brain trust here by asking what the best course of action was on this pair Alden 403s purchased from Epaulet five and a half years ago. The sole seems to be coming apart from the upper. The integrity of the sole, though, is very sturdy -- seems like it has plenty of life left in it. But perhaps the stitching has gone?   Wondering if others have had this issue, or how anyone would recommend dealing with it. Mike, do you think Michael's shoe repair on...
X-post   Memories of warmer weather.       Light Blue Melange Grenadine tie Cobalt Blue Paisley Silk PS   Non-Vanda are Southwick/Gitman/Epaulet
(hello again!) Memories of warmer times.   Southwick navy hopsack NapoliGitman MTO shirtPale gray hopsack WaltsPolka dot scarf [[SPOILER]]
End of the day exhaustion xpost.       YHNT Loro Piana wool-linen-silk blend tie   (Mediocre knot comes from loosening my collar.)   Non-YHNT are Gitman, Carmina, and Southwick for Epaulet.
Still in denial about the end of warm weather. End of the day, end of the season: blends and exhaustion.  Southwick FF wool-linen SCGitman Ashland lavender chambray shirtCotton-linen FF bone rivet chinosCarmina caramel calf double monks  [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
 Well worn. Great collar. ID on the shirt maker? Mercer?  Eager to hear how they are, especially the sage grenadine. I have the grey melange version of that bicolor grenadine and I'm debating on another...
New Posts  All Forums: