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 I bought a batch of 6 thin cashmere sweaters, Bruno C, RLPL and Loro P to wear over my formal work shirts. I can't really tell the difference between them in terms of quality. Wherever they are making the RLPL items, its got to be in one of the top Italian factories.
Picked up a couple of Moncler jackets and an Alexander McQueen evening suit. The suit is silk and has very nice detailing.              
        My humble contribution to this thread. I purchased these matt black Dior sneakers from Selfridges London.   Very comfortable to wear and I am usually a UK size 12.
  Ok, Thankyou.
any news on this seasons sale start date ? will it be before or after new years ?  
I have been reading the forum for a few years now. I know moncler get a lot of bad rep on here. I took a risk and bought the jacket on impulse as they had only one left in my size. They stock them at barney's I bought direct from moncler as was wary of fakes.
Style rookie, returned from winter coat shopping trip yesterday with a Moncler Gamme Bleu Jacket   90% down, 10% feather. Hood lining is lamb. Jacket is laminated wool and made in Italy, I believe it is designed by Thom Browne.   Don't know how the jacket stacks up technically against the other brands but was as good as anything else i tried on and found the design spot on for city wear. Had a much longer look at the detailing today and I am beginning to think...
  Hi,   First post but, I have been a lurker here for quite a while now.   I thought I would drop a note to say that this seasons hugo boss black range appears to have taken a notch down in terms of general quality, buyer beware.   After being a fan for over 15 years it is sad to see the general low quality presented today, I took a trip to 3 different Hugo Boss stores in London and was pretty shocked at the low quality level of materials.   The items...
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