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After leaving empty handed the past few weeks today I found a Navy Woolrich Pea Coat that fits me and a blue Pierre Cardin tie. The tie has a duck hunter motif with the hunter pointing his rifle towards the flying ducks. I have no idea if it was a good find but that tie made me smile and will go into the rotation immediately. The coat won't see use for a few more months. South Texas is slow to give up on summer.
In the style wasteland of San Antonio I managed to score a few items in the past month. NWT Brioni and Zegna ties for 50 cents each, a pair of black calf Alden long wings for 2 dollars (beaten but starting to recondition nicely - I will likely replace inferior resole w/ rubber and wear during rain), and a borelli white w/blue stripe (contrasting collar) shirt. Tonight I purchased 2 vintage sport jackets by Fox Knapp and Pendleton - full canvass and needing only slight...
Apologies, I intended to write that I wanted the Leyland in 10D. Dave
Diorshoe, Your offer brings me out of long-time lurker status. I am interested in the Delray in 10D. Please PM me (I can't yet PM you) to arrange payment and shipping information. Best Wishes, Dave
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