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Quote: Originally Posted by HomerJ ..."master equation" for how bidding proceeds (it's nk(t+1) "” nk(t) = w(k-1)(t)*n(k-1)(t) "” wk(t)*nk(t) + sigma(k,1)*u(t) [/i] I thought as much but its nice to have it confirmed.
It seems my personality offsets my good taste in clothes.
Try code EET11167 for 25% off. I just got the brown wingtip Trickers for $192 and free shipping.
Money orders are best. I have even sent cash to trusted sellers. Paypal is dead to me. Also this forum really needs a trust point or rating system for buying and selling.
Quote: Originally Posted by flylot74 I also have some bad news for you, it doesn't get better with age. . Sad but true. My daughter, still in the single digits, sometimes forgets to flush. Her movements are spectacular - well formed and clean. I just want to pat her on the back and tell her to enjoy it while she can. But that would be weird. Conversely, at work the other day I shat so messy and forceful it splashed back through the...
+1 on the novelty tie. I rounded a corner last week to see a man wearing a Sponge Bob tie. I literally did a double take and just stood there motionless. It was as if I had just seen a rare bird in the wild or something shamefull.
Wet wipes in the individual foil wrapper for work. You can slip one unnoticed into your shirt pocket before leaving your desk. These can be located at many stores near the plastic forks and other picnic items. I started using wipes a few years ago and can't believe more folks don't. How clean can a person really be using only dry paper?
I think the shoes are beautiful and would really set off any button down short sleeve shirt you feel like wearing. Also, white athetic socks for added comfort.
Kent Wang Fine Clothing & Accessories.
Quote: Originally Posted by rioni are these fake? I thought allen was spelled "allan" ? I wouldn't worry. Brian isn't going to sell fakes. He is a completely honest seller and a pleasure to work with.
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