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23. The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene. The protagonist is an outlawed priest in Mexico running from the law. Torn between his desire to live and his desire to fulfill his calling as a priest he ends up doing neither very well. This book is typical Graham Greene with heavy emphasis on dialogue - a great read. 24. Book of Longing by Leonard Cohen. I love Leonard Cohen. Nothing else needs to be said.
At some point recently Glaser started carrying pads too. Have you seen them?
I heard that chicks dig it.
Only if you have a leadership or active position in the campus group and can describe it without referencing the political affiliation. For example, "Leadership position in a major campus political club." Otherwise you risk alienating yourself. Make the focus what you accomplished and not your political affiliation.
21. Shop Girl by Steve Martin. I feel a bit guilty including this as it is really a novella - just 120 pages. I will edit this later to add another novella by Martin that is on my list and count them together. This story (a re-read for me) is surprisingly well written. Martin's style is slightly reminiscent of Milan Kundera in that he explains why the characters act and feel as they do. This device, which I cannot adequately describe (I have the writing talent of...
19. Iran Awakening: A Memoir of Revolution and Hope by Shirin Ebadi. I almost passed this book up because I have read several other books about Iran the past few years. What convinced me to read this book is that it was written by a Nobel prize winner, fierce advocate for the rights of women and children, and someone who has lived in Iran her entire life rather than an expat Iranian who occasionally returns to visit (although I am not sure if she is currently in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara My girlfriend is in the Muslim League. All evidence points to you playing in the league of extraordinary gentlemen.
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoRon I know Humans once used wet nurses... I believe this practice is now fairly archaic. I could really use a wet nurse right now.
The last breast milk I had was burped up by a baby while I was holding him above my head. It went right into my mouth - not good. I might have puked on the spot if I weren't laughing so hard. Still, I would try breast milk cheese.
I admit it. I find her funny and hot. I can't explain it other than I have questionable taste in women and comedians.
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