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Quote: Originally Posted by mm84321 20 days was the original goal, however I feel I could have gone longer without a problem. Is there anyone left who reads Kafka? This reminds me of The Hunger Artist. OP - this sounds like the next bad idea I am going to try. EDIT: Well I guess there are at least two people in this thread who read Kafka.
I don't know about pipe smoking but pole smoking definitely makes a guy more masculine. Well, you already know this... Edit: I really wish I hadn't made that joke right after JLib's post. Sorry about that. Of course I was referring to the OP and not JLib, who, as far as we know, is well armed and not prone to that kind of humor.
I once took a downgrade to get the experience I thought I needed. That experience has paid off several fold since then. I am now at a senior echelon in my career field and I try to push my subordinates into these situations to develop them. But most folks are happy to stay where they are doing the same job year after year. If your current boss can't immediately see the value in what you are trying to do then he isn't really vested in your development and you owe...
As a relative newcomer to SMS I am starting to get confused by all of the limited editions. Recent purchases include HP and Lagavulin 16s which are easy enough. OTH, the MacAllan 12 has the term "Elegancia" on it, the MacAllan 18 is "Fine Oak - triple cask matured," and the Bowmore 15 is "Mariner." Are these three all limited editions? I haven't opened the MacAllan 18 or Bowmore yet but it seems that the MacAllan 12 is different than what I tasted at a bar...
Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh Don't you have twins? Is the party for them or another of your children? The party is for one of the twins. The other is the troublemaker. It is a rough family.
It is a day to celebrate your child's arrival, not a day to teach life lessons or worry about some random troublemaker. On the other hand, insisting on inviting him will teach your child that rules are inflexible - which they rarely are in life. But really, in these situations it is usually best to just make your wife happy and not over think things.
Well, I am actually desperate so I just follow them home and yell through their window.
I trust a small PSA will not be held against me in this great thread. The Glencairn glasses are again on sale at Macy's but this time with code macysfriend they come out to approximately $35 before shipping for six glasses. I believe they also have the Nambe line of glassware which many seem to enjoy.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson I own several. Kyle - I am sure it is only a matter of time. OP: We have at least one...SF member cuffthis AKA (taken from his sig): Tom Hudson Owner Domaine Hudson wine bar & eatery 1314 Washington St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 655-WINE I seem to remember another member who has written of his extensive experience in restaurants owned by his family. Are you...
Thanks. So I get a quad band BB from a provider in Europe (where I actually live) and then get a SIM card from a US provider too. Do I just go to a local provider's store next time I am in the US and ask for a SIM card? Does that mean I also need two calling plans and will have two phone numbers? Did I mention I am technologically challenged?
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