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Quote: Originally Posted by ama Those are good, but get the HP, its a better stepping stone to the Islays. I just tried HP 16 for the first time and agree. Great balance of sweetness and smoke. Very different than the Lagavulin 16 I am following it up with (which is also good in its own way).
Quote: Originally Posted by Richard Pryor To the guy offering me sky lessons: doubt they are free, so I'll pass. Thanks anyway. I haven't really read this thread but have you considered paying up front and then getting a refund later?
I don't know why this practice would be more affected than anything else we do. But ask yourself, how did you feel when your friends embossed their envelopes to you? Personally, I would appreciate it if my friends did this and have considered embossing/sealing my own correspondence. There are many inexpensive wax stamps for holidays and/or simple designs (in addition to initials or crests) that give you some ability to personalize the stamp for your receiver. For...
I don't usually comment on movies but I hope by commenting here I can save someone else from wasting a few hours of time. This movie just sucked. One of the worst movies I have ever seen. If I ever run into Clooney on the street I will get my ten bucks back.
Can anyone comment on Brora 30 year old? My shop has one bottle which is probably causing me to experience a false feeling of scarcity. If bought, it would likely not be opened for several years. The cost is just shy of $400. EDIT: Forgot to add that I just opened my first Lagavulin (16 year) - very smokey to my palate but nice.
One thing not yet mentioned is that either camel or charcoal, but likely not both, will look good depending on your complexion and hair color. I don't wholly subscribe to the idea of "seasons" for what colors look good (this seems more prevalent in women's fashion but I wonder if we shouldn't also pay more attention to it) but I can tell you that I look best and am most comfortable in navy or charcoal while the camel color seems to age me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Percy Trimmer I think those Nazi pictures were a bit unnecessary (as indeed the Nazis themselves were). Germany has moved on. Anyway my impression is that German students dress slightly better than US (or UK) ones and, perhaps more significantly, the differences between how they dress and how non-students of the same age dress is more noticeable. I think your proposed wardrobe is fine, but you might want to go for real...
Eat more desserts Buy bigger pants
Quote: Originally Posted by HarleyBob I have tried all kinds of small card/wallets/money clips. None of them seem to work for me. I have found that using the purple elastic band off of the asparagus stalks works great. It is also a great conversation piece. I keep a drivers license, and two credit cards with some bills (I try to mostly only carry $100's.) It stays in my front left pocket. What I like the most about it, is I never have to worry about it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Szeph el ratón If I'd hold my pet rabbit on the arm during the pic, would that give me plus point on tPF? And if the rabbit fits the color of my belt and shoes, is that plus points on SF? Extra points if your shoes and belt are made from the rabbit.
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