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OK - I guess I will be first. 1. Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami. I am a fan of Murakami and have actually read this book several times. All of the typical Murakami symbols (or are they signs?) of his writing are evident. Cats, ears, the sense that there is something living just beneath our physical grasp are included. In this book, as in The Great Sheep Chase , Kafka on the Shore, and The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle (and others), the protagonist must seek...
Sounds good. Like DakotaRube, I also have no life and read voraciously. I have probably read 7 books this month already and will likely finish Aurelius' Meditations tonight with a bit of bourbon. But how will this be different than the dedicated "what are you reading" thread?
Dress to compliment your wife's outfit...but definitely choose your own clothes.
Thank you! I bought these a week ago as I didn't figure they would have additional discounts on clearance items during this sale. I have emailed BB to get the difference credited so you just saved me $400.
If any one in a 9.5B wants these for $255 they can be had at the outlet section on Ben Silver's website. I believe they also have some larger size in black for the same price.
2009: I have too much unworn stuff in my closet. 2010: Focus more on undressing than dressing.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 epic story. my friend interview first week of november for a job. doesn;t hear back for a day so calls 4x over 3 days. says he has another offer (doesn;t) but that they're his first choice. says it is common courtesy for him to give them right of first refusal, they are his first choice. also, says he needs an extra 15k over original asking price for aggravation. they finally call and tell him never again to...
Without a plan anything is Plan A.
I believe Mr. Kramer from will make you a cordovan belt. I have never used him, but Jan Libourel has recommended him in the past and that is good enough for me.
I don't have time myself, but hopefully someone will post a picture of the Polo Darlton wingtips.
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