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3. Afghanistan: A Short History of Its People and Politics. Written by Martin Ewans. Nice, relatively short (299 pages + notes) look at a country we are spending a lot of time and money trying to fix. Truthfully, the first half of this book was a bit boring up until the Soviet invasion, the subsequent struggle for home rule, and the emergence of the Taliban as a government. Interestingly, when the Soviets were trying to find an honorable exit out of the country they...
That's true. I rarely learn my lesson.
Cheating is a gift a man gives to himself - Montgomery Burns
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy carlos mencia, larry the cable guy, jeff foxworthy, chevy chase, jim belushi, chris kattan, martin short, dana carvey.... I will see you that group and raise you a Ray Romano.
You mean besides the polyester kid's leisure suit in the 70s? Mine was a KG (or was it KB?) men's store two piece job that I literally wore out in the early 90s on those tough first job interviews. I think I paid $200 and definitely got my money's worth. I thankfully do not remember what bad shoes I paired with it.
Do you enjoy other sexual play besides intercourse - for example giving oral? If no, then I agree with NorCal that it is either mental or you just aren't that into her anymore.
I like to keep it formal. Both professions are known to get you by the balls or stick a finger up your ass so avoiding a misunderstanding is crucial.
2. Tiger Force: A True Story of Men and War (audio book), by Michael Sallah & Mitch Weiss. I have a 6 hour commute on the weekend and tonight filled the time with this audio book. I was not expecting to be moved by this story of Vietnam. Everyone knows atrocities were committed by both sides and we have had a steady diet of recent war coverage for 8 years. War is hell. But the atrocities uncovered by the original Army investigation and reported in this book are...
Well this was a bit before my time so I am having some trouble arriving at a decision. Is there any way we can tie Connemara, Kwilk or Edinatlanta to any of this? At various times they have all seemed a bit sketchy to me.
Have we determined whether to include audio books? I have a bit of a commute most weekends and typically listen to 3-4 books a month this way.
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