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I recommend The proprietor is a longtime member here and very customer focused.
If this is for work I might tone down the look with either brown shoes (suede would look good)/green socks or burgundy shoes/blue socks. If this is a social event then go for it minus the tie which should be cut up and buried, then forgotten. I am curious about two things. First, why no pocket square? It seems a gentleman comfortable with burgundy shoes would not feel strange wearing a pocket square too. Second, (and feel free to ignore this but it is a sincere...
Great advice here so I will only add that I previously lived in ATL for several years and still consider it a second home (and travel there often). It has its pros and cons like any other place but overall I recommend it and imagine I will at some point settle down there again.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS My preference is to go undetected. Even were I to have the code and be approached ... I'd pretend not to know what it was all about. That is probably the best policy.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff Have a happy holiday weekend. Who has this monday off? I do. Im going to see my mom. Wow, me too. See you there.
Quote: Originally Posted by Metlin Word. Word up. It's a code word.
When in doubt, whip it out. Note: So far I am 0 for 1 using this method to identify SF members.
Your best help is as her friend. Be generous with support, hugs, a glass of wine etc. But leave the custody issue to her and her lawyer. EDIT: I have been told I have a gift for stating the obvious and fear it may be true here. If so, disregard and just accept my wish of good luck. I am sure your friendship means a lot to this woman right now.
Will you be earning points only on your spend or will you also be traveling for work and earning points for hotel stays? If the latter, find the chain with the most locations where your business will take you. For instance, Marriott has a huge mid-market presence with chains like Townplace Suites and Residence Inn (among others) all over the US as well as their up-market brands like JW and their boutique Autograph collection. This means you can earn points on business...
Quote: Originally Posted by TintoTerra Leg quivering as he tries to step into a yellowed pair of briefs. Balls hanging like chewing gum in a heatwave. You are a poet. Why don't more people wrap their towel around their waist while walking to the shower? It seems so obvious but it seems I am the only one that does this at my gym.
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