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Count me in. I have some small repairs like swapping buttons that I can do myself and nothing I HAVE to buy right now.
This thread highlights where BB is right now in my opinion. If one is willing to develop a relationship with a CSA and if one is also willing to to learn the BB product line (perhaps even better than the CSA) then the business can still be a good place to frequent. Infrequent shoppers, or those who can't tell CSAs exactly what they want are often disappointed (or ignored). In house tailoring is a joke unless their tailor is one of the few semi-retired old schoolers...
Quote: Originally Posted by Roger Everett Caveat : One must be careful when just growing a beard or have this new look of needing a shave, as I have had ladies tell me it is chafing to the inner thigh when down there in persuit of kissing the oyster, esp. if they are a shaver. Odd, I have always thought of it more as a clam than an oyster. I grow a beard every winter and shave it off every spring. I love my beard but as far as I can...
I agree with Metlin. I will appreciate and acknowledge another well dressed person (man or woman) but don't notice if others are not well dressed. It is only clothes after all. Except recently a co-worker wore his one rumpled suit with hiking boots and I almost suggested he buy dress shoes...does that make me a snob?
Can't you just ask her to wear a wig once in awhile? Isn't that in the monogamy handbook?
I laughed at the OP as I go through a similar thought process every few months. I enjoy cooking, but just haven't devoted the time to really understand what I am doing. I actually skipped dinner twice last week and ate subway takeout three other nights. I can't recall what I did the other nights.
[quote=jrd617;4093199]Just in time for the Super Bowl. Discuss. Questionable: I agree, Danny White was always questionable but his backups were also not the answer.
I enjoyed Bill's presence. Now, I enjoy his absence.
It such situations my policy is to distract them with my colorful socks and/or pocket square.
Any opinions on Scapa 16 year? I had not heard of this distiller until this week.
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