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      Quote:     I would certainly recommend Samuelson willing to listen; IMO they have the best value for the money of any (semi-)domestic brand around, however, I am quite certain there prices are higher than has been stated and what the OP is looking for.   I bought a sport coat at their trunk in SF today which ran about $900. In fact the lowest-priced "A" book fabrics run $800 for just a coat. While it's true they are offering a 20% discount on MTM during the trunk...
Mytailor, AKA Hemrajani Bros. Ltd is really about the in-person consultation, not the online ordering process.  Folks on this forum seem to mistakenly group Mytailor with other "online" tailors.   Comparing them to a business like modern tailors is about as applicable as comparing Hyundai to Lexus (they both make cars and they're both Asian).
The prices Andrew quoted me on full-canvassed suits from the Holland & Sherry and Loro Piana books I was looking at were just south of 1,300, including CA sales tax.
Personally, I still prefer full-canvassed jackets of half-canvassed one. I actually stopped by the Chinatown location and placed an order.  Andrew was very helpful.   I ordered a one button, two-piece suit -- full canvass of course -- in an medium gray, 8.5oz Loro Piana semi-solid that looks almost like a sharkskin. The cut I asked for is pretty British, since I have slightly more staid tastes than many on the SF.   Perhaps I'll post pictures when its done.
  I would contend that a MTM tailor, who knows his business and has a good suiting selection, is only limited by the clients imagination not his own lack of designer street creed . . .    
I've had good luck just picking shirtings from their online selection, but then again, I like surprises! Sounds like your specifications are a bit more precise, though.   If you contact Joe Hemrajani at MyTailor with the specifics he'll steer you in the right direction.  He's always been more been really helpful to me in making fabric selections.
  Very good summarization of sartorial history. I would add that double-breasted dinner jackets are still considered less formal than their single-breasted cousins.   The only thing I would add is that three-piece DB suits were extraordinarily common in the 1930s.  Three-piece suits were very much an office wear thing.  Today, the shirt and tie sans the jacket look, once in the office, is a pretty ubiquitous look; before WWII, the same look, with the addition of a vest,...
The last statistic I heard was that 60% of testers do not pass the level 1 on the first attempt. No doubt a large portion of those who fail are busy working professionals who fail to study enough.
Is it confirmed that Spoon Tailors offers full-canvassed jackets now?  Earlier posts indicated that Spoon only offered half-canvassed jackets.
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