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We used to have a great guy but he has gone out of business. They have a key cutting guy at the mall who will re-glue the cheap shoes they sell at the mall. Everyone buys plastic shoes these days here.   I might have to go out to the burbs to find a place.   EDIT: found an SF thread about cobblers in my town. Might go see if it still exists :)
Does anyone know where i can fined Fiebings in Australia (Brisbane)? Or a similar set of materials? Seems to be some customs issues importing the Fiebings stuff.  
Cigar (Brown)
i used to wear a very similar pair and it looked good. in my opinion.
Hey, did you pick one of these up in the end? I love the look of them. Think i'm gonna hit the order button tomorrow.
Heyall. I came across these - "Our Legacy Brogue". Looks really weathered. Is there anywhere i can buy some of these in Australia or online. Can't seem to find them. Or can someone reccomend something that looks similar?  
Sweet thanks. In other forums i use it is bad etiquette to mess with exisitng threads for my own questions. But looking at it now i see what you mean. Many Thanks :)
New member from Brisbane here, hello all! So here is the question:   Where is a good place for socks in Brisbane? I checked the usual DJ's, Myers. Nothing there, few upmarket shops had some for over $65 a pair. I wanted something slightly cheaper that $65 as i am going to be buying these often, but in decent colour other than black. So single colour dark red, navy etc.   Seen some online, but i wanna pick em up this weekend. Impatient i guess...  
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