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The knitted ties on the e-shop website say that they are 5cm in width which seems pretty narrow. Has anyone ordered them and can comment on the width? It seems as though the one's that Mariano and Luca wear are thicker than that, most likely about 2.5 inches.
This is someone I go to school with and I took these pics from his FB. He is 23 dresses really well, mostly mtm Samuelsohn or mtm Tombolini, also wears a vintage Patek watch. Really nice guy too.
Longtime lurker first time poster. I actually think Foo's suit looks great. Its a different look but it looks cool. He wanted to try something different and he did it. I'm a bit biased because I'm a huge Rubinacci and Neapolitan tailoring fan (as my father was born in the Naples area) but I think all of Foo's Rubinacci's have turned out great (the one's posted in this thread).  
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