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  @randomkoreandude:  I was going to accept preorders as soon as I get the tracking info.  I wanted to make sure you guys had an accurate ship date instead of wondering exactly when it's going to ship.  The larger ones are cheaper primarily because of demand, but also because it doesn't feature the non-slip silicone gel.  I'm going to have to reconsider re-ordering the large sizes in the future.   I can sell them in packs again, however I thought it was nice to be able to...
  @lckychrmsbboy:  so far after 1 wash, I haven't noticed any excess fuzzy.  I'm going to keep washing them throughout the week to see how it wears.  I'll provide a full report once I've had a chance to fully test them.  Thanks!     @13k:  we're working hard on getting them delivered asap!  Please stay tuned for updates!
Thanks for your patience while we resupplied our Small size (Medium size is coming in a couple of weeks) and while I worked out the kinks on our website.  Hopefully it's running smooth now.   As promised, here's our 30% discount code for StyleForum members:  SF30NINJASLTD   Note:  The Discount Codes are entered on the 2nd to last page of Check Out and you update quantities in the Cart.   In addition, I've also lowered the price as well (for a limited...
  @indesertum:  Really?  I haven't heard of people complaining they slip down, especially with the new silicone patch.  If there's any type of defect or something wrong with the elastic or silicone, please let me know and I'll exchange them for you. =)     @dusty:  I can't say for sure who came out with this sock design first, but I do appreciate you letting me know about other companies out there.  I'll have to take a look at their product and see if there's anything...
  I would go with a Medium.  I found that everyone has different shapes to their feet.  Although you might have the same shoe size (measured by length), your foot might be skinnier or wider or flatter, thus affecting the fit of the socks.  If you find that you have very narrow feet, maybe the Small would work out for you, but I would go with a Medium.   Please PM me and we can discuss other options.
  Yes!!!!  I'm working on the website right now.  Trying to get all the kinks out for you guys.  You can take a look at it right now to see the new colors.  Let me know if you find any problems.     Discount code will be posted as soon as I'm done testing the website.  =)
  Yes, they are identical in shape, material, no-slip feature.  Just the size is different.       Glad to hear you found us.  Please sit tight for a couple more weeks until we get our Men's sizes.  Thanks!
          You guys are all awesome!  30% it is.  I'll post the discount code once the product is in.  Women's should be here by tomorrow.  Men's might be in a couple of weeks.
Ninja Sox update:  women's sizes are supposed to arrive on July 11th.  crossing fingers I get them on time.  I will post pics as fast as I can to show you the colors.  I'll also confirm what size shoe it'll fit best with.   How does a 30% discount work out for you guys?
  @kwaker - in order to clarify: would you buy the women's version because of the size?  Since it's a smaller sock therefore a lower cut?  I'm testing out some thinner socks (think dress sock material) specifically designed for people who prefer the ultra-thin socks.  Would that be of interest to you?     @ambivalence - at this time, we can only accommodate shipping to Canada since we're located in the US, however, let's talk offline and see what we can work out....
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