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  Thanks for the feedback!  I'll look into getting that to work.     It will honestly depend on your foot size.  Reason being, the larger the foot size, the more the sox will stretch, essentially covering less of the foot.  When you wear them with Tom's, there is potential that a very small corner might show, however for the most part it will be remain ninja!     I wear a size 10 in Tom's and my Ninja Sox don't show at all.  But again, that's my foot.  
  International Shipping is set at a flat rate of $15.  Please let me know if it doesn't reflect that upon check out.
  My best guess would be a Medium, however, sometime people have mentioned that a Small fit as well, but was a bit tight.  (see responses below)     Done.  I updated the website, but unfortunately $15 was the lowest I can go using USPS Priority Mail (6-10 day delivery time).     Thanks for the feedback.     Thanks for ordering again!  I appreciate you posting a thread about my company.  Time to create an official affiliate thread!     Thanks for your patience while we...
NINJA SOX UPDATE:   The sox have ARRIVED...however, I didn't anticipate 2 things: 1.) the time it takes for the product to be unloaded off of those huge cargo ships AND for it to clear customs and 2.) the Labor Day holiday.     With that being said, I still appreciate your enthusiasm for the socks.  I anticipate shipping out the first orders on Wednesday or Thursday of next week.  Keeping my fingers crossed for now.     I've updated the inventory on the...
  Yes, the discount code will still work, but only for a limited time.  As soon as I get my next update on the shipment, I will begin taking pre-orders.
Great news guys!!  The sox will be arriving on August 30th so please expect shipment of your orders on September 1st at the latest.  I'll update the website with any new info as I get it.  I'll also set it so that I can accept pre-orders so that you can ensure you get them as fast as possible.   Let me know if you have any questions.
  @aussiejake:  Sorry for the delays.  We happened to sell out almost all of our Medium's at last week's event.  What I had left over I offered it to the SF members first before posting it on my website.  The SF members alone wiped out every last pair.  Good news is that I'll be receive several thousand pairs more in each color within a couple of weeks.  The SF exclusive discount code will still be honored once the shipment comes in.  I hope that helps even a little bit....
UPDATE:  Unfortunately we're all sold out on the Mediums.  However, I'm expecting more to come within a couple of weeks.  The SF coupon code will still be available for you to take advantage of.  Let me know if you guys have any questions/concerns and it would be great to get your feedback.
  @tropics:  Thanks for the suggestion!  I'm a noob to this site.
  @k4lnamja:  Thanks for starting this thread and showing so much love!  I'm trying to get my next order (several thousand in each color, so no more disappointment in running out of inventory) within the next couple of weeks.  Honestly, the biggest drawback is that I will literally be paying thousands of $ in expedited shipping.  As soon as I get an ETA on the next shipment, I'll definitely post it up here.   On a side note, I'm relatively new to this thread and I wanted...
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