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  I have a very good feeling that once you wash and dry them, they'll fit much better.  When brand new, there's a lot of loose lint that make the socks a bit more "slippery" especially since they're cut so low.  I don't think it's a size issue.  Either way, if they don't work for you, I'll be happy to accept a return for the full amount...but give it a couple washes first.       I have several friends who are size 12 and they tell me that it fits them perfectly.  The...
Thanks for the response!  I've contacted "styleforum.net@gmail.com" to clarify where I can post things like this as I am new to the forum. I will delete the post if it's not allowed.
I'm selling Ninja Sox at $3.50 a pair (after using the SF 30% discount code: SF30NINJASLTDNEW).  Ninja Sox are true no show socks that won't slip off or wear at an extraordinarily fast rate.  It's made of cotton and spandex so that it will always retain its shape and will stay on your feet.  They are perfect for wearing with sneakers, Converse, Vans, GATS, and more.   www.NinjaSox.com   An SF member actually posted a thread on here and I've been getting a lot of...
  Awesome to hear!  Let us know what you think after you've had a chance to wear them for a few days.  Thanks!
  Thanks for the order!  Let us know what you think.     Your next order will be shipped out today!     Stocking up is the right mentality!   If you guys are happy with your socks, I would love to get some pictures of you wearing them with your favorite shoes/sneakers so that I can post or blog about them.  If you're willing, please send the pictures to "support@ninjasox.com."  Thanks!!
UPDATE ON INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING:   I had to make some updates to our International Shipping prices.  When I initially quoted the $15 that was for Canada orders and I'm mostly receiving orders from there.  Other countries will cost me significantly more to ship out, especially when they're 12 pairs or more.   Please shoot me a PM if you're interested in International Shipping outside of Canada and I'll quote you a price through USPS.  I'll do my best to eat a...
  Thanks for your feedback Samir!  We definitely appreciate it!
  Thanks aussiejake!  We look forward to your feedback.   On a side note, we're just 5 orders away from using up the "SF30NINJASLTD" discount code for 30% off.  I've decided to continue the sale for SF members only, but it will be limited.   Here's the NEW DISCOUNT CODE:  SF30NINJASLTDNEW   Happy shopping!
  Thanks for the support!  If you're not happy with your purchase let me know...however, I have a feeling you'll like them.  *crossing fingers     Thanks limbo!  SF gave to me...it was only right for me to give back.     Yeah, sorry about the confusion.  I usually ship all orders on the same day so I think the automated email is incorrect.  Rest assured all orders will be shipped out tomorrow.  It's going to be a busy (but good) day for me.
  Thanks for your order!  I can guarantee the cut and quality of the sox are much better than the hanes that you'll find at the department stores.  I know shipping to Canada/Internationally is a bit pricey, but unfortunately that is out of my control.  After you had some time to try them out, please let us know what you think.  We would appreciate the feedback.     I have to admit that I've been wearing mine year round too...although I'm just slightly biased towards Ninja...
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