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Hey guys!  New designs and styles are coming soon.  Until then, we're doing a 40% off discount for a limited time.  'MERRY40'  Thanks and Happy Holidays!!
  Thanks for the awesome review Daniel!   Yes, we're working on some new samples and based upon everyone's feedback, we're trying to make the perfect pair.  Yes, we're also working on some thinner versions for you to wear with your dress shoes or loafers...just trying to get the thickness/thinness just right.  We're also working on the 'cut' of the socks so that every pair can be COMPLETELY ninja, regardless of what shoes you're wearing.   Please let me know if you guys...
For those of you who've asked...yes, we are doing a Cyber Monday sale.  50% off of everything.  Here's the code:  CYBER50   Thanks!
Just a reminder that you have 2 more days to take advantage of the Halloween sale.   Also, @astris or any one else:  how do Ninja Sox stand up against other no show socks?  Would love to get your feedback.   Thanks!
Hey guys, we're having a Halloween sale on Ninja Sox from now until Oct. 31st.  Buy a 6 pack in any color, get a 6 pack in orange for free.  Use coupon code:  BOO2012 to redeem.   Thanks!
I've been following this thread and wanted to see if you would be interested in trying out Ninja Sox.  Other SF members have been trying them out and they've all seemed to like them.  Here's a 30% coupon code: SF30NINJASLTDNEW   Let me know what you think.
Yeah, I just checked it again so it should work.  Thanks!
  Hi Samir!  You can use the new code:  SF30NINJASLTDNEW   Let me know if you have any issues with it.  Thanks!
  Thanks for the order!  We've been back in stock for over a month now.  Sorry for the long wait.     Thanks astris!  Please let us know what you think.
  Glad to hear that you like them.  Socks that fall down or slip off the heel are the worst.  We tried our hardest to get that part right.  As far as fit goes, I've had people with a size 8 shoe, exchange their Smalls for Mediums and they thought it fit better...however, I've had other people size down.  It might really just come down to preference.  If you'd like to order a Medium and exchange your new/unworn Smalls, you can do that as well.  Let me know.     LOL!!...
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