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Glad to hear you like the Ninja Sox!  We're working on some more designs and improvements to the socks so please stay tuned...
Depending on different parts of Europe, the shipping costs can vary greatly.  Send me an email with your address and I'll provide a real-time quote for you.  Thanks!
....BUT, as I always state as my disclaimer:  everyone's foot is a different shape, even though it might be the same size.  For some the Large might fit perfectly, where others it might not.  
  We found that for larger feet, the socks tends to stay on better (mostly because it's stretched to a snug fit) so the inclusion of the silicone wasn't necessary.  We're working on testing out a newer thinner silicone strip for our Large size only so that we can have the best of both worlds.
@methodmaniac - I've extended the discount code for the SF members for a little while longer.  It's the same code, but just in case, here it is again:  SFPROMO30   If you haven't had a chance to buy some, please do so now.  The discount is for a limited time only.  Also, we're VERY limited on our dark grays and Large sizes.  They should be sold out within a week and we won't get our next shipment until May.  Spring has arrived!!
@aussiejake   Sorry to hear that the socks didn't fit you well.  Like I said  earlier in this thread, everyone's foot is a different width, so even though the shoe size is the same the socks might fit differently.  I included a decent amount of spandex in the socks so that they'll have some stretchability, but maybe it's just not enough.  I'm also a 9.5-10 and they fit perfectly for me.  Not sure about other users on this forum.   Either way, please send me a PM and...
        Thanks guys!  I know it's not the Ninja Sox wearing season right now for a lot of you so I was going to hold off on sending out the discount code.  But then I saw the other thread and thought, why not?  I guess for those of you who are stuck in the cold, you can always buy Ninja Sox to wear when you work out.  If not, we'll see you all in the Spring.
    Still working on finalizing some of our designs, but once it's ready, I'll definitely keep you in the loop.  Should be a month or so before I find out.
I saw that there were some new posts about Ninja Sox on another thread and wanted to extend a New SF discount code to everyone:  SFPROMO30   New designs for Spring/Summer will be coming in May.
@Pig Farmer:  I just saw this post and wanted to give back to you (and the rest of the SF community).  Here's a limited time coupon for 30% off for SF members: SFPROMO30   I've been getting a lot of love on SF and I appreciate this community and want to show my appreciation.  If you like the brand and the product, please feel free to share with family and friends.   Thanks!    
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