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Really want these boots. Totally impractical, don't know where/when I would ever wear them. Still want them. Must resist.
After the last few episodes of watching the High Sparrow spout his pious b.s., I was really looking forward to seeing him and the Faith Militant get slaughtered. Bummer. Thommen is a nice person, but too much of a pussy to be King. Makes me a tiny bit nostalgic for King Joffrey. (Did I really say that?) Still hoping the High Sparrow dies horribly.
There are studies that show that blacks receive a 230 point bonus on their SAT score. Hispanics get a 185 point bonus, and Asians have a 50 point SAT penalty.http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-adv-asian-race-tutoring-20150222-story.htmlAffirmative action devalues achievements of privileged minority students. It turns an Ivy League degree into a participation trophy.
Your post reminds me of this article, written by a public defender.http://www.amren.com/features/2014/05/confessions-of-a-public-defender/
I can say from first hand experience that Clark's Grantchester is a great briefcase.
Milo is terrific.
These pics are from when the case was new. I should take some more now that it has some miles on it. It's a bespoke Simon Baker case in Light Havana Sedgwick leather.
Here's the response to Milo's presence from the DePaul Womens Studies Department:
I saw this a while back and figured it would not end well: (Surprise, once the appliance stores got taken over, their owners never restocked them.) Amid so much unease, President Nicolas Maduro has settled on radical, and some say self-defeating, solutions. In recent days he's ordered the military to take over appliance stores, which he's told to slash prices, leading bargain hunters to form block-long lines across the...
New Posts  All Forums: