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After the last few episodes of watching the High Sparrow spout his pious b.s., I was really looking forward to seeing him and the Faith Militant get slaughtered. Bummer. Thommen is a nice person, but too much of a pussy to be King. Makes me a tiny bit nostalgic for King Joffrey. (Did I really say that?) Still hoping the High Sparrow dies horribly.
There are studies that show that blacks receive a 230 point bonus on their SAT score. Hispanics get a 185 point bonus, and Asians have a 50 point SAT penalty.http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-adv-asian-race-tutoring-20150222-story.htmlAffirmative action devalues achievements of privileged minority students. It turns an Ivy League degree into a participation trophy.
Your post reminds me of this article, written by a public defender.http://www.amren.com/features/2014/05/confessions-of-a-public-defender/
I can say from first hand experience that Clark's Grantchester is a great briefcase.
Milo is terrific.
These pics are from when the case was new. I should take some more now that it has some miles on it. It's a bespoke Simon Baker case in Light Havana Sedgwick leather.
Here's the response to Milo's presence from the DePaul Womens Studies Department:
I saw this a while back and figured it would not end well: (Surprise, once the appliance stores got taken over, their owners never restocked them.) Amid so much unease, President Nicolas Maduro has settled on radical, and some say self-defeating, solutions. In recent days he's ordered the military to take over appliance stores, which he's told to slash prices, leading bargain hunters to form block-long lines across the...
My shoes are Alden black shell cordovan buffed to as high of a shine as I can make them. Pocket square is one of my Grandmother's hand embroidered handkerchiefs. Not seen are my braces, which are cream silk and are the ones my Grandfather wore on his wedding day.
My Black Tie Rig: (I realize I am breaking "the rules" with my vest and my non-patent shoes, but this is what I like.)
New Posts  All Forums: