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I'm in. Sent my details to Lauren today. I wear a 9 1/2 E in the Snowdon boot. Will this one fit the same?
Parked my Fiat in my driveway last night. This morning, the window was broken. Stolen out of the car were 2 Harris Tweed jackets that I was taking in for tailoring, and two pair of rather expensive sunglasses. Bill for the broken window and window regulator will be over $500, plus the lost jackets and sunglasses, plus anger over some asshole stealing from me and breaking my stuff. Really really angry right now. Need to go hit something.
Folder/portfolio is fine. Briefcase would also be fine. I don't think it matters.
I just barely stumbled across this thread. What do I need to do to get my order in? It's basically this boot, but in Whiskey cordovan, right?
Very nice clothing. The selection in XL sizing is sadly quite sparse.
I love my Abarth. It's a lot of fun to drive. Plenty of performance for a commuter-hatch back. It was clearly engineered by enthusiasts.
This is my routine Food: Drink lots of water. Breakfast/Pre-work out: 1 energy bar During work-out: 1 energy ball Post work out: 1 piece of smoked trout, banana Late afternoon snack: handful of nuts, 1/2 cup fruit smoothie Dinner: Normal dinner, reasonable portion, fruit instead of dessert. Exercise: 5 days/week gym work out 1 day a week I do something else, mostly climbing or hiking. 1 day a week I rest. 3 days/week I also do (low effort) martial arts...
I've served on a couple of boards. In both cases, I knew other board members professionally, and was asked to join. It would help if you have accounting or other professional financial experience, as such folks are in demand for board committees (audit, compensation)
Who is this guy?
Looks good.Agree the tie seems incongruous.I'm trying to get comfortable with cuffing my jeans.After a few tries, I'm thinking I may just hem them, but these pictures make me think that maybe I can get away with the cuffed look.
New Posts  All Forums: