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You could try this guy:http://www.etsy.com/shop/RFClarkHe made me a briefcase that I really like.Pictures in this thread:http://www.styleforum.net/t/351957/rf-clark-saddlery-briefcase-and-belts
I carry a Ghurka garment bag: Carries pretty much all I need for a week if I pack carefully. Folds in thirds, so it is relatively small. Have never had issues with carrying it on, even in Europe. Had it for about 15 years. Looks as good or better now than it did new.
I've lost 24 pounds, but am still not completely satisfied. Adjusting my goal weight down another 10 pounds.
I'm a big believer in equity. I won't work for anyone anymore unless I've got an equity play. Start ups are one of the few ways a relatively junior person can get a significant equity stake. I've had good and bad experiences with start ups, but I'd do it again if the right opportunity came along. If my kid asked me for advice on whether or not to work for a start up, I'd be inclined to tell him to go for it, assuming the business model looks promising, and there's a...
Any decent tailor can do it. Finding a decent tailor may be problematic, as most "tailors" spend their time hemming pants and don't know much about altering suits.
I think both those guys look good wearing those shoes.
Are those boots calfskin or shell?
My briefcase is now in-process. Very excited to finally be rolling on this.
How "casual" is this thread? This casual? [[SPOILER]] Shirt: Territory AheadBelt: EquusJeans: Pure Blue JapanBoots: Alden Kudu IndiesWatch: Omega
X009 Pretty much brand new.
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