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Looks good.Agree the tie seems incongruous.I'm trying to get comfortable with cuffing my jeans.After a few tries, I'm thinking I may just hem them, but these pictures make me think that maybe I can get away with the cuffed look.
Regarding jacket length, based on my full bespoke suits, it appears that I could go a little shorter. Here's some bespoke jackets I have for comparison: Two WW Chan suits: These are definitely shorter. A suit by Raphael: Maybe just a little shorter, but not much. (Hard to tell because of the pose.)
Perhaps the pants look a bit off because I am rather bow-legged. So yes, I have an unusual stance. They are not tight anywhere, and are quite comfortable.Unlined flannel was my choice. Not sure why that would be a bad thing. Figured it would make the suit a bit lighter and more comfortable.The jacket may be a tad long, but I have a long torso, especially in comparison with my arms. If I use my thumb as the reference point for jacket length, the jacket ends up too...
I could probably go a little shorter. I have a big butt, and when I go too short, my butt tends to want to stick out of the vents.Maybe with my next suit, I will get the jacket a bit shorter, but I'm fine with this one they way it is.
Finally cold enough to wear this suit: It is my favorite from Beckett & Robb so far. The cloth is soft as sin. Feels incredible. It's flannel, but not too heavy. Love the color. I like how it fits. I can move easily in it, and don't feel constricted. Looking forward to more cool weather so I can wear it more.
A christening of a friend's child.Really, it was just the first day that was cold enough to wear the suit, which I've had for a couple of months and haven't been able to wear because we haven't had cold weather.You're probably right.I was kind of thinking the same thing when I was getting dressed. Again, however, it was a matter of really wanting to wear this particular tie and pocket square for the first time, so I just picked them anyway.
Suit: Beckett & Robb (First day it's been cool enough to wear this.)Shirt: LuxireCashmere tie: KitonShoes: Church'sWatch: BreguetCufflinks: Hong Kong coinsPocket Square: Wang [[SPOILER]]
That is beautiful.
I'm in. Will have to decide what to wear, but I'm definitely in.
You could try this guy:http://www.etsy.com/shop/RFClarkHe made me a briefcase that I really like.Pictures in this thread:http://www.styleforum.net/t/351957/rf-clark-saddlery-briefcase-and-belts
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