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Please!Any suggestions would be very helpful.I know nothing about diet or exercise, so I'm just sort of going by instinct on both accounts.
I ordered mine without the side decals.Loving this car more and more every day.
I am stoked for this. I have wanted a pair of Whiskey Cordovan boots for a long time. I think that this may be my only shot at getting some.
Kanz Field Kitchen with propane stove. For car camping in comfort.
A and B are my favorites.What color briefcase do you plan to buy. If you're going to get a brown briefcase, get the black portfolio, and visa versa. Then you've got a different color option if necessary.If it were me, I'd get the A portfolio in black, then get a brown briefcase down the road.
I'm in. Sent my details to Lauren today. I wear a 9 1/2 E in the Snowdon boot. Will this one fit the same?
Parked my Fiat in my driveway last night. This morning, the window was broken. Stolen out of the car were 2 Harris Tweed jackets that I was taking in for tailoring, and two pair of rather expensive sunglasses. Bill for the broken window and window regulator will be over $500, plus the lost jackets and sunglasses, plus anger over some asshole stealing from me and breaking my stuff. Really really angry right now. Need to go hit something.
Folder/portfolio is fine. Briefcase would also be fine. I don't think it matters.
I just barely stumbled across this thread. What do I need to do to get my order in? It's basically this boot, but in Whiskey cordovan, right?
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