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23 and Me is very cool.I was adopted and knew nothing about my ancestry or health history. For $100, I found out a bunch of really interesting stuff about my background.
My guess is that this explains the judge's lenient sentence. He likely disagreed with the jury verdict, and the light sentence was his way of expressing this.
I think of ethnic cleansing as what happened in Bosnia or Rwanda. Basically one ethnic group killing off every person of the other ethnic group in that territory.If annexing territory from another entity and settling it is "ethnic cleansing," then pretty much every change in national boundaries involves ethnic cleansing.So, if you define annexing land and settling it with Jews as ethnic cleansing, then I guess I'm in favor of ethnic cleansing. (By that definition, the...
No. Not advocating ethnic cleansing or genocide.Advocating annexing land and settling it with Jews, which, unlike ethnic cleansing or genocide, wouldn't result in massive palestinian casualties.Bottom line is that Israel is locked in a low-grade war with the palestinians, and that won't stop until Israel finds a way of fighting back that actually creates a disincentive for the Palestinians to continue the war. Taking territory is a more palatable option than...
Israel should respond to terror by annexing palestinian territory. For every Israeli attacked, the Israeli government should push the border back another 1500 meters and re-settle the new land with armed to the teeth ultra-orthodox Jews. There is currently no disincentive for terrorists. They are rewarded by Muslim governments, they are lauded by their people and encouraged by their clerics, the clueless leftists in the West, and the Jew haters in the U.N. They will...
Pretty sure that Utah wins the prize for weirdest liquor laws in the U.S.
A list of male privileges (for those of you who were wondering.) https://xyfeminist.wordpress.com/the-male-privilege-list/
I've been aware of this guy ever since he was mayor. Never guessed he'd become President.
How to... beat both Williams sisters in one afternoon http://www.theguardian.com/observer/osm/story/0,,543962,00.html In just about every sport, the differences in skill and athleticism are so pronounced that it isn't even close. Watching women's sports is boring, unless it's something like beach volleyball.
Would not want to be a drug dealer in the Phillipines right now. I wonder when Mexico will elect someone like this. Philippine President-elect Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday urged citizens to shoot and kill drug dealers who resist arrest, saying he’d reward those who take matters into their own hands. The newly-elected leader encouraged residents to help in the government’s fight against crime and the illegal drug trade during a nationally-televised speech, CBS News...
New Posts  All Forums: