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Today I pulled out a rotted post, cemented in a new post. (for the mailbox.) Grilled food with fire. And over the last several days, I climbed a bunch of stuff, including this:
Ravello Shell boots.
I'm pretty paranoid, but I got over it when I concluded that nobody is really interested in my DNA other than me, other than as a single data point in a big aggregated data pool.
I've never heard of Nettleton shoes before. Just saw them in the latest Ben Silver catalog: Look like quality shoes, and they even have a Whiskey Cordovan option. Made in Belgium, which I find odd. (Haven't ever seen a Belgian shoe before.)
Most useful was probably this one: It has a pretty broad database that captures a lot of published articles regarding genes. Only $5. I got tons of matches from this report, matching my specific genes with articles referencing those genes. Still going through the data and reading the reports. This one also looks good, but I didn't try it yet. (had lots of information to sift through already, and didn't want to pay the...
Most are free.One was $5
I thought that there was no sport on television that is more boring than golf. (Well, maybe bass fishing, if that's even a sport.) However, after watching 90 minutes of the Tour de France on TV at the gym today (that's what was playing on the big screen in front of my stair stepper) I've decided that televised bicycling is by far the most boring sport I've ever encountered. 90 minutes watching guys pedaling slowly uphill, while the commentators struggle to find something...
Edge of Tomorrow was a really terrific movie. If you haven't seen it yet, you should.
I took a genetic test from 23 and Me Cost $100, and took a few weeks. The results were interesting, especially considering that I was adopted, and know very little about my biological heritage. The results consist of ancestral information regarding your ethnicity and racial background with information on where your relatives are from on the maternal and paternal lines. Biggest surprise was that my mother was an Ashkenazi Jew. My father...
Just won this pair of Aldens on an ebay auction. A guy in Australia was selling them, and they happened to be my size. This will be my first pair of Ravello shells.
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