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Fall weather here:Harris Tweed 3 piece suit: Beckett & RobbTie: HoberPocket Square: Generic silkShoes: TrickersShirt: WW ChanCufflinks: Vintage gold, jade, and scarab beetle carapaceWatch: Revue Thommen [[SPOILER]]
Bought a new painting for my office. Just looking at it makes me happy,
They are fine shoes. Maybe not top quality, but they appear to have been made with traditional welted construction. Shine them up, wear them.
Anyone with a commission with Simon Baker, Casemaker? If so, send me a P.M. I'd like to compare notes with you on the process.
WTF? http://wingtip.com/product/laguiole/champagne-saber/20233
It's just my normal expression. My wife calls it my "happy face." My mouth just naturally frowns. People often think I'm sad or angry when I'm not.Here's a picture of me fishing several years ago. I remember it fondly as one of the best times of my life. My expression doesn't reflect that.
Jeans: Pure Blue JapanLinen Shirt: LuxireFair Isle Sweater: William Fox & SonsJacket: BarbourBoots: Shell Cordovan Wolverine 1000 MileFair Isle Socks: ChupWatch: Seiko SARNSunglasses: Hackett [[SPOILER]]
Cashmere lined peccary. For hats, it's hard to beat a cashmere cap For hats, it's hard to beat a cashmere cap My favorites come from here: http://www.golightlycashmere.com/products/the-lightweight-performance-hat
Who made it? It's very cool.
Where did you get that robe?
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