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Did you get your suit?Pictures?
Yep. More excited about this than I am about Christmas.
Springbok horn shaving set
Hanging out at home:
Unstructured, unlined dupioni silk suit: Beckett & RobbShirt: Beckett & RobbLined and raised bridle leather belt: EquusCordovan monk straps: Allen EdmondsTie: Michael KorsPocket square: generic silkCufflinks: vintage 14kWatch: Lange [[SPOILER]]
Got my suit back from the alterations tailor: Beckett & Robb suit. Completely unstructured. (no lining, no padding. Just fabric.) In brown dupioni silk. Beckett & Robb shirt too. I've never owned a completely unstructured suit jacket before. It's really light weight. Feels like I'm wearing a shirt, not a suit jacket.
Really liked Rush. Terrific movie. Captured the excitement of Formula 1, and the amazing 1976 season.
All nice, but I particularly like those shoes.
Don't know who made the "rules" but, to me, the Balmoral just looks sleeker and more formal than the Blucher format.
Sweater showed up today. Tags say it's made by William Lockie. Really like it. Fit and feel are perfect. (It does seem a bit slimmer than many I've seen, which I like.) Will post pictures soon.
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