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The air conditioning thing is really funny:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27N3TBjBfAE
Private gun ownership per capita: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Number_of_guns_per_capita_by_country Here's the top 25 countries in per capita gun ownership: United States Serbia Yemen Switzerland Cyprus Saudi Arabia Iraq Uruguay Sweden Norway France Canada Austria Iceland Germany Finland Oman Bahrain Kuwait Republic of Macedonia Montenegro New Zealand Greece United Arab Emirates Croatia Per capita homicide...
Ruger appears to have really nailed it with their new Ruger Precision Rifle. Street price of $1000, and folks shooting 1/2 MOA groups.
RF Clark Saddlery Briefcase. Used, with some scuffs and scratches, but overall good condition. (see photos) Beautiful bridle leather briefcase, made by RF Clark Saddlery. Dimensions: 18"x12" Price includes free shipping to the continental U.S.
Thanks for the kind words.Watch is a Jaeger Reverso, Art Deco model in white gold.
My photos weren't taken this week. I will need to post another photo if I'm going to be an official entrant.
Can the white jacket be part of a white suit?
The crazy NAACP woman in Washington State isn't alone. Looks like white people pretending to be black people is a new thing. Also looks like fake black people pretending to be victims of hate crimes is a thing: Black Lives Matter vocal activist Shaun King has been “accused of being white.” King garnered national attention after claiming he had been the victim of a shocking hate crime as a teen. An investigative blogger, who happens to be white, levied the race...
Lots of cavity searching going on in Texas: A Texas women says police held her down in a gas station parking lot, pulled off her pants and subjected her to an illegal and humiliating body cavity search in plain view of passing pedestrians and motorists. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/texas-strip-search-public_55c8f940e4b0923c12bdb903?kvcommref=mostpopular Texas state troopers caught on camera probing women's privates aren't isolated incidents: lawyers Multiple...
This is unintentionally very funny: Why Move to Ferguson? Newcomers Share Their Stories "There is a Ferguson, Missouri, that most Americans know: The town where a police shooting triggered violent protests, a federal civil rights investigation and a national debate on law enforcement's treatment of minorities. But then there is the Ferguson that new arrivals see: cheap housing, a diverse population and vibrant community...
New Posts  All Forums: