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He used dogs, but the dogs were just there to track and corner the boar.Once they had the boar located, the dogs were called off, and he went at it with the boar one on one.(He was a really big guy, about 6 foot 5 inches and really strong, so that probably helped.)
A good friend of mine hunted pigs with a knife.Seemed like a very "sporting" way to hunt, as the animal actually had a chance. (and pigs are mean.)
There's not much left on my want list at this point.Pretty much have all my bases covered.If I could find a high quality semi-auto shotgun with a large capacity magazine, I'd be tempted, but there isn't much else that I want to buy.
All my guns: Top to bottom: Left: Desert Tech SRS-A1 Covert. .308 (also have a conversion for .300 Win Mag and waiting on paperwork for Desert Tech can) S&W .223 CZ .22 Mossberg 12 gauge Remington 20 Gauge Ruger 9mm Pistols on Right: HK USP .45 with AAC Ti-Rant can Ruger .22 with Silencerco Can Kahr .40 S&W Keltec .32 Browning .22
Seagull Tourbillon with aftermarket alligator strap.
I would bet money that this is what happens. It would also release him from his Night's Watch vows, so he would be free to do something else.This is really good: you're a serious nerd.)
Primer. Great movie, made on a budget of $7,000
After his last book, I found myself not really caring if he ever finishes the series. Total waste of paper and ink. I will happily just watch the HBO series now, and if GRRM never finishes his books, that's fine with me.
Turn, Washington's Spies. Cool historical fiction set in the Revolutionary War. Very well done.
Best episode so far in any season. I am just unhappy that there are only 2 episodes left in this season. It's going to be a really really long wait until next year.
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