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Anyone with a commission with Simon Baker, Casemaker? If so, send me a P.M. I'd like to compare notes with you on the process.
WTF? http://wingtip.com/product/laguiole/champagne-saber/20233
It's just my normal expression. My wife calls it my "happy face." My mouth just naturally frowns. People often think I'm sad or angry when I'm not.Here's a picture of me fishing several years ago. I remember it fondly as one of the best times of my life. My expression doesn't reflect that.
Jeans: Pure Blue JapanLinen Shirt: LuxireFair Isle Sweater: William Fox & SonsJacket: BarbourBoots: Shell Cordovan Wolverine 1000 MileFair Isle Socks: ChupWatch: Seiko SARNSunglasses: Hackett [[SPOILER]]
Cashmere lined peccary. For hats, it's hard to beat a cashmere cap For hats, it's hard to beat a cashmere cap My favorites come from here: http://www.golightlycashmere.com/products/the-lightweight-performance-hat
Who made it? It's very cool.
Where did you get that robe?
I ordered the size 44. I'm 200 pounds, 5 foot 9.5 inches. Fit seems about perfect. Glad I didn't go bigger. (Was torn between the 44 and 46)
This one from Ben Silver also looks very similar:http://www.bensilver.com/Cashmere-Shawl-Collar-Cardigan,24648.html#.UnFEbnDkuSo
Fixed it for you.I think on this forum, the forumites would be more impressed by the cashmere robe than the chainmail anyway.
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