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50 years old, white, driving a Fiat Abarth.
I was going around 85 in a 70mph zone.I didn't do anything to get out of the ticket. Just pulled over, talked politely with him. He asked about where I was going.He told me to slow down, and gave me his business card.I don't ever really try to get out of a ticket. Somehow, the cops just seem to like me.
Got pulled over last week for speeding. No ticket.It's kind of strange, but I don't seem to get tickets. I've been pulled over 12 times in my life. Only received 1 ticket, and on that one, the cop wrote me up for 5 over instead of 20+ over.Once, I was pulled over for going 140+mph. No ticket.I think I just have good cop karma.
OK Time for an interim check-in. First of all, while I am posting a shirtless picture, (so I'm off the hook for the gift certificate) I'm not done. While I have made progress, I'm still not happy with where I'm at. I need to lose more belly fat. However, I figured I would post an interim report. First off, here's a "before" picture. This picture was taken last April on a week long ski-camping trip through the Sierras. Rather than bringing back wonderful memories of...
Camel Hair Jacket: Beckett & RobbCashmere tie: Yellow HookGeneric silk/wool pocket squareShirt: Lands EndWool pants: CanaliShoes: Johnston & MurphyWatch: Omega [[SPOILER]]
Yellow Hook cashmere tie:
Here's my latest B&R, a camel hair jacket:
I don't travel to New York City, Hong Kong, or London much any more. (Not often enough to do regular fittings with a tailor.)I don't even know if Raphael is still in the business. He was pretty old when I saw him last. He may be retired for all I know.B&R is convenient, and much less expensive, and I do like their work for the most part. The suits get picked apart here on SF, but in the real world, I get compliments on them constantly. The tweed suit above is a good...
My latest from Beckett & Robb:Harris Tweed 3 Piece. [[SPOILER]]
Cross post from WAYWRNFall weather here:Harris Tweed 3 piece suit: Beckett & RobbTie: HoberPocket Square: Generic silkShoes: TrickersShirt: WW ChanCufflinks: Vintage gold, jade, and scarab beetle carapaceWatch: Revue Thommen [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: